Your Tweets Not Appearing in Twitter Search? How to Lift Twitter Ban?


Twitter is a Micro Blogging Service and I need Not Explain “What is Twitter” to you .. Rather I will Tell How you would Feel when Twitter Suddenly Stops Your Tweets from Indexing in Twitter Search.

3 Things Which You Lose when Your Tweets Suddenly Stops Appearing in Twitter Search

You Lose New Followers
Obviously, There are Thousands and Thousands of People who Search for some Topics Through Twitter. If Everything was Okay, Your Tweet would have helped them and You would Have Got a Good Fan Follower.
And as Things are Not Okay, Tweets your tweets doesn’t appear in Search Results there By You Lose almost everyone! Bad Luck!

There is No Value for Your Hash Tags
Hash Tags are Great! You used to Tag Your Tweets with some Popular HashTags like #followfriday #nowplaying and Many More……I normally append #bangalore while talking about Bangalore and People will discover My Tweets on Bangalore by Clicking on #bangalore.

And Now, As My Tweets are banned from Twitter Search There is No question of People Discovering my Tweets on #bangalore ! and My HashTag #bangalore is literally Dead!

Your Contents are Stolen!
This is the Biggest Problem which Hurts! You have Tweeted some Popular Quote( which You Created) and You have Tweeted it.. Huh! and People start Retweeting Your Quote… Since all their Tweets are indexed properly by Twitter, They Gonna get All Credits rather Than You, The Creator !

So, What is Solution for This?

The Best Soultion is Not to Get Banned by Twitter! “Banned” when I say, It means Your Tweets are Banned from Appearing in Twitter Search. That is your Name is “Filtered Out” from Public Timeline.

What if You are Already Banned?

How do I recover from Twitter Ban? How Do I make My Tweets Reappear on Twitter Search?

After a Good Research I have Found a Way for This…

Many Twitter users get “filtered out” ( they prefer that term, to “banned” ) from Twitter’s search index as they unknowingly might have violated one ore more of Twitter’s odd Rules that discourage spamming.

Twitter does a less than stellar job of making users aware of these Rules, and an even worse job of clarifying exactly what the rules really mean. It’s all very vague. What being “filtered out” means is that your updates will not show up in any searches, hash tag streams, etc. Tweets that mention your name will show up in a search, but not those actually posted from you.

To test whether Your Tweets are banned or not , do a “FROM:your_twittername” search, like this. Click this llink, and in the twitter search input box, replace the name “che2on” with your Twitter name (no spaces).

If you see “No results found,” then congratulations, you too have been banned by Twitter!


Twitter has made no easy remedy. You have to first know you have a problem, and then find your way through a dense thicket of mostly unrelated help pages. Fortunately you are here!

  • Get a Twitter trouble ticket number by “Submitting a Help Request here.” Say that your reason is: “Can’t find myself in search.”
  • Send a polite tweet to @twitter by tweeting this text (with YOUR ticket number where indicated): @twitter I’m being filtered out of search. @che2on says you can help? My ticket number is #____. Thanks! Info @

To Avoid The Problem in Future Check out These Rules by Twitter

Have You Ever Faced Twitter Search Ban? Share with Us!


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  • Nice article for people who are banned on Twitter because spamming is a general practice these days.
    .-= Suhasini´s last blog ..Problems in Surfing Facebook =-.

  • Kewl article dude!! But Some times our tweets may not appear if we appear offline in twitter.

  • Never give a thought on it, I will search mine now 😛
    .-= Mad Geek @beingPC´s last blog ..What does a Beep says? =-.

  • I’m yet to face this problem in Twitter. But will need this tips if it happens one day.
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..8 Videos You Must Watch If You Are a Google Buzz Fan =-.

  • I followed too many people on twitter. Now I am banned from search results. How long does the ban last?

  • Great… yet i haven’t faced any problems with twitter! so i’ll keep this bookmarked for future use 😀
    .-= Pubudu Kodikara´s last blog ..Facebook : How To Make a Custom HTML Page in Your Facebook Fan Page =-.

  • hi man! thanks so much for the info. thats exactly my case and i dont have a clue why did this happen, cause im a complete normal user (following less than 200, no spam…) and since months i dont appear in the public search. I will try to solve the problem following ur guidelines, thanks!

    • dont worry.. jus follow the procedure given.. it gonna be restored in a day or two

  • thanks for the help! Really appreciate. cheers from Spain :)!
    .-= Asier´s last blog ..asierrios: @delbius thank you for ur answer 🙂 =-.

  • Sana Amin

    Thanks for your help. That’s really helpful.

  • Ryno

    Happened to me. Twitter support has been unresponsive since last week. I’m about to just open a new twitter account or give up on twitter all together. It’s rich that they don’t even tell you what happened or why. If I broke any of their rules I am unaware of it. I’m just a well-intentioned, new twitter user with only 8 followers.

    Thanks for the guide, even though it hasn’t been helpful in my case.


  • MattFoo

    My tweet is protected, is that why it is not showing up in the hashtag stream? if not, what would be likely problem?
    Thanks Chetan

  • jen

    yes, this happened to me. I did what you recommended and all is fine now. Only thing is I don’t know why I was banned, I think a group of people may have ganged up on me reporting me for spam for not liking an opinion of mine or something. But, I agree that if twitter is going to ban your tweets, they should at least tweet or email you and tell you that’s what they did and give a reason to their decision. Not just randomly and blindly banning you without checking out the facts. Anyone can report an account for spam but twitter should check that acct to see if there is any evidence of the accusation before just banning you because it was reported! Definitely should inform the user of the action at any rate!!

  • I submitted the ticket, where do I get the ticket number from?
    .-= That Tech Chick´s last blog ..I Am Back From Blogalicious =-.

  • It’s ridiculous. I believe all they count are bullys who gang up and report your account for “spamming” and thats all twitter sees. There is no appeal or review process, it’s draconian & negligent. And really, as if you cant just open another twitter account? Really?

    Also, I received no ticket number, either. I think twitter just wants you to go away.

  • It also looks like they’re limiting my followers, every time I get a new one, an older one disappears. Thats pretty rotten.

  • fattony

    hi. I dont think i spam. I have never exceed the tweets per hour/day limit, not even close. But most of my tweets are bad tweets against a business and i use their hash tags in those tweets. after about 5 months of doing this, i am filtered from search, i do not know if its because of this. i dont even know if this is against the rules lol.

  • I tried the from:my_twittername in twitter search and yup.
    My tweets are there…
    However, when I look at my profile, my past tweets(which appeared at twitter search) weren’t there… so WTH!
    Also, there’s that little bird saying “go to top” w/c indicates that no more tweets follow…WTH! And my twitter number is wrong >.<"
    It's so sad T.T"

    HELP ME !

  • Arent they aware that anyone can just open a new account, infinitely? This always happens with draconian losers who get a taste of power. What happens is, if you express an unpopular opinion, idiots mark you as a spammer, twitter doesnt care if you are or not, they just see you’ve been reported a number of times and they block you.

    I think I will start an account and recruit others to target, and spam report bomb users so they too will be blocked, if enough people get blocked, because of twitters moronic system, maybe then they’ll fix it.

  • Ryno

    I got frustrated back in August and dumped twitter. I don’t miss it. 😉

  • Hey help me. Last June6 my 3 twitter accounts were suspended. I’m pretty sure a group of people may have ganged up on me reporting me for spam for not liking an opinion of mine or something.

    Guess what I am a twitter famous and n my 1st account I got 14k followers, 2nd account 7k, 3rd was my personal 2k and I got twitter fans too. I always speak out my opinion and many people hate and reported me. NOW HOW CAN I GET IT BACK????? I just cant live without twitter anymore. it’s been my life since im so attached to it, to my followers, to my fans and friends. HELP ME IM SO FRUSTRATED. ;'(

    looking forward to receive an email from you. 🙂

  • Kostis A

    Indeed, my tweets not listed in hastag searches.

    For instance, the tweet:!/ankostis/status/80641970388738048

    was never listed in #25mgr or #greekrevolution.

    Feeling helpless.
    I believe we need to crowdsource a similar to twitter P2P service,
    independent from all big corporations.
    They should not be trusted anymore.

  • I have an anti Nestle Waters personality account on twitter. I expose the sins of the nestle corporation and for this I get reported by nestle stooges for spamming. I have written they hide behind the “filter” explanation but never stop the banning. They are very anti freedom of speech someone needs to start a new twitter, a freedom of speech twitter.

  • Jackie

    I have apparently been banned also! This is unfair as I haven’t violated any T&C’s and haven’t been told why.
    I have a feeling that I have been a victim of cyber bullying where because people don’t agree, they mark me as spam, and twitter just takes their side without ever asking or even having any decency to inform the “accused”. This is very unfair and actually very lazy.
    I am just a normal twitter user, who slags off big business and the government at times.
    I couldn’t find a “ticket number” but have submitted a message. I don’t not expect a reply.
    Has anyone ever actually had their account restored?
    I actually don’t think anything will happen. I don’t think they care.

    • Jo

      Join the club. Google does it too with AdSense. In fact, Google BULLIES partnering companies like GoDaddy into banning their OWN customers just because Google says to and if they dont they threaten to break their partner link with Google. So, yea, this WONDERFUL online world SUCKS! The CRAP tweets get thru though, dont they. You’re practically guaranteed to get indexed into searches if you use #nigga or #gangsta or some other absurd hash tag. Try to conduct honest to goodness business and you’re shit out of luck.

  • There are some attention-grabbing closing dates in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them middle to heart. There may be some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we wish more! Added to FeedBurner as properly

  • Thanks for the info, lucky I have not been blocked, but ya never know.

  • Darjaryzkova

    Thank you very much for this info. But where can I get the twitter trouble ticket number?

  • Lonna Mark

    hi, No tweets are displaying, when i am searching in twitter search.
    when i search with “couponscheer” in twitter then it is showing that no tweets but in the right side it is showing my twitter profile

  • Thanks for the run down. I haven’t had this problem yet but its good to know what to do in case it does!

  • my problem still persists! please help me 🙁

  • Jo

    The Internet IS controlled by a few select entities…… Its NOT owned by the people as it was intended to be. GOOGLE is a big big violator of this. Twitter and Facebook follow a close second.