Dell Latitude 10: What is it?

Dell latitude 10 is a recently released multi-touch 25.4 cm tablet which runs on Windows 8.  Dell claims this tablet as a “Business” device as it has Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and support for computrace.



The long lasting battery (9:03 / 16:01) puts it apart from its competitor tablets. The Bright IPS Display is one of its key features.
Productivity dock and the optional keyboard support could serve you as a good add-on.

Screen size of 10.1 inch, screen resolution of 1366 x 768, weighs just 1.57 lb with Corning® Gorilla® Glass display and stylus support.

You can have a look at the official page for complete tech specs


  • A very good battery life.
  • 3G Connectivity.
  • IPS Display with Gorilla Glass.
  • Pen input.
  • TPM and computrace security.


  • No USB 3.0  support.
  • Non upgradeable 2 GB RAM

If you are looking for a windows 8 experience on tablet consider going for this. Have your say in comments section.

Lumia for Asha: A Lumia style S40 app to hit Nokia Store?

We are hearing lot of buzz about Nokia’s asha full touch phone’s success. There was a leak by evleaks where it has posted a Sneak preview of upcoming Nokia Asha design language.

Well, that’s an old news! Here is an app for nokia asha full touch phones which is expected to launch by next week.

So what is special about this app?

Lumia for asha: a nokia app for asha 311,305,308

We have managed to get the snapshot of an unreleased nokia application called “Lumia for Asha”. The application itself includes a nokia lumia phone in it. Maybe, essentially it is trying to bring the lumia like features on smart feature

phones like Asha 311, 305 and 308? I wonder if it is really possible to run lumia kind of functionality on nokia asha like OS?

Let’s see..

What’s your take on it? Do comment if you own a phone!

Google's zerg rush easter trick

Google’s "Zerg Rush" is here to save your day, or is it? Time to battle with the mighty O’s

Google amazed us yet again with their latest Easter egg. This time it is called Zerg Rush. Its time for you to try it out. Search for the term “Zerg Rush” in Google and find yourself in the midst of a lot of O’s whose sole mission is to destroy all your search results by eating them up.

What is your objective? All you have to prove to the G+ team, or so the Googlers call their social network as, is to shoot as many O’s as you can before they make your screen blank. At the end of it is a prize i.e. you get to share your final score onto Google+.

Google's Zerg Rush at a glance

Zerg rush is a term taken from a video game called “Starcraft”. The “Zergs” are one of the alien races in the game Starcraft which have to be eliminated by rushing them with your militia and taking them down immediately.

Inspired by this, Google brought us a nice easter egg to play with yesterday. You can also try out this trick today too, as you know Google easter eggs never get expired. If you are looking for more of Google’s easter eggs then please refer to our other Easter Egg articles and start having fun.

Time to conclude but do tell us what your final score was, if lucky you might have already beat our Chaaps team. ;-)

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Agent Dash – How different from Temple Run? [Review]

Run Forrest, Run.

Well, that’s exactly what this game is all about. You keep running and running and running.

The game, heavily inspired by Temple Run, yet addictive, just like the original. Apart from the fact that it lacks originality in t

he theme, Agent Dash has everything unique. The graphics are really amazing, the objectives are interesting, the gameplay isn’t easy, which is exactly why it keeps you hooked to the game.

In my opinion Agent Dash has caught from where Temple run left behind. It has six unique agents(and my personal favorite agent is BOBAJOB), each of them having their own unique style of running, jumping and dodging obstacles, which makes it even more fun to play. You can unlock these agents, as well as upgrade them with a jet pack and an extra

life, with the diamonds that you collect as you run in the game.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the idea is pretty much the same, run as far as you can and collect as many diamonds as you can, although there are a lot of distractions, where you could either turn to ashes by the laser beams or get hit by a truck, or crushed to death by falling trees. What makes it really addictive is the fact that it looks pretty much simple and easy to play and each time you fail you tell yourself that you can make a better score the next time, so why not give it a try ONE MORE TIME, and this happens each time you fail, although you end up making a better score, but by that time you would have been really hooked to the game wanting for more.


Although the game lacks originality, it makes it up with a solid design, amazing gameplay and the best graphics you could imagine for a runner game.

Upside :
1. Best UI design.
2. Good control .
3. Gameplay.

Downside :
1. Lacks Originality
2. Version 2, slows down the running speed, giving you a feel that the processor is slow.

Rating :
Gameplay 8/10.
Design 10/10.
Theme 7/10.

Overall 8.5/10.

You can download Agent Dash
iOS Download link
Android Download link


Do leave your responses below..


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Infographics has created a lot of buzz in recent

times. It is the generation where people are just happy sharing the content on web. With the tagline “seeing is believing” , has done a commendable job in infographics sector. is a good place to explore variety of infographics. Just not the collection of infographics, it even allows you to create elegant infographics suiting your data needs. You can join visually as an user,designer or as a publisher. Infographics can be auto-generated using templates, I created a infographic named “Life of A Hashtag” linking my twitter account using’s cialis online tool.

Visit to explore and create infographics.


Google Chrome beats Internet Explorer Worldwide!

The Global Stats service from Statcounter reveals an interesting data about browser usage worldwide. The Search Engine giant Google is now victorious even in the browser war.

Google chrome was released on September 2, 2008. Even before completing its 4th anniversary it has got a tremendous

growth and now in the month of May and June it has surpassed the

Internet explorer, a browser made by Microsoft which exits from 1995.

Here is the link to stats page

While there is a drop in the user base of Firefox, The other browsers like Safari and Opera follows its trajectory with a common ups and downs.


Google / Asus Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 (Tablet)

[ad#shaq-top]Google might of surprised us with the awesome Google Glasses Demo they showed off at I/O this year but the next best thing an affordable tablet that even a parent on the Family Tax Benefit* in Australia can afford. Google announce th

e Nexus 7, and of course its a tablet. The new Android slate running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with an amazing 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and of course a big 7 inch screen resolution of 1280×800.

The tablet which comes with 1GB of RAM (Random Access Memory), 1300 MHZ quad processor, and also comes with Google Chrome for android as its default browser. One of greatest features with the tablet (in my opinion) is that the screen is scratch resistance. So if your like me that throw my keys

in my bag with my electronics the chances of the screen being scratched is very slim. And this seems to be a feature lacking in many of the current Android tablets available on the retail market.

The only issue i have with the Nexus 7 is that you don’t have a SD card slot for expandable memory, basically your stuck with the basic Nexus 7 internal memory with 8000MB (about 6.6GB) of available space. However the tablet does have USB 2.0 ports and Micro USB support.

The Nexus 7 built my Asus also comes with Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Voice commands, Voice recording sensors and features. The Nexus 7 Tablet is to be released in the third quarter of 2012 in the US and its RRP (Recommended Retail Price) should be around the

$200 range according to Google.
*Payments vary per person, based on full family tax benefit scheme

google build australia

Google and Lego Team Up Downunder- Google Build

[ad#shaq-top]Lego lets face it! How hasn’t heard of it or played with it, either if you where young or in your 80′s building a Lego harry potter castle.Or just be like internet sensation iJustine building her Lego self. Well now in Australia go have

teamed together with Lego to bring Google Build a Google Chrome experiment.

The new experiment announced on the Google Australia blog on the 26Th of June about the new “Build With Chrome” experiment. This is mainly the celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lego bricks in Australia and New Zealand. Build With Chrome enables people to (sadly this is only avaliable too users in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand) build things on the Australian and New Zealand Lego map.

Google also posted that “we hope to see

you fill the Build world up with everything from medieval castles to sea snakes, giant mouse cursors to smiling monsters and even a Kiwi!”.

One of the most awesome features i like about the Build project is that you can build things from a rock to a large sky scraper. In fact i just built my house in South Western Sydney, i won’t be sharing it as

not all of us are artistic with Lego. I’d rather share screenshot of what a bird eye view of Australia looks like made out of Lego so far.

Also Google has given us a little image of what you can build with Lego with Chrome by building a man on a stage which is view-able by playing the video attached below. So will you be using Build With Chrome? Also you can use Build With Chrome by going to



Facebook’s New Hover Cards

If you logged on to Facebook today and hovered your cursor over a Facebook page or user’s name you may of seen the new Facebook hover card. A hover card is a small popup window that appears with information about a user which includes: there name (page or user), there cover photo, friends that like the page or friends in common, their occupation, and some instances an overview of the user.
Below is an image of what my hover card looks like when I view my own.

The new hover card also has two button, one to see the status of your friendship (or add as friend) as well as a button to message the

user (depending on their privacy settings).If i didn’t know better it seems that Facebook is making a business type card for users for everyone to see, as well as making it easier to socialize with people on Facebook.
Back in 2010 Facebook had a feature like this that pop ups to show information about a user’s interests and being able to delete and add as a friend making it simplified so you don’t have to make a million clicks to add a person or message them.
This feature will enable users to save a lot of time from having too have clicked all over the place. In my own opinion this article will bring great meaning to Facebook and its users, epically considering recently Facebook has been adding several new features and changes for a couple of weeks, and what more is to come? What do you think of this new feature i consider awesome?



Facebook App Subscriptions & Local Currency?

Facebook announced on Tuesday on their developer blog  that they will release a subscription service for app developers. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay to use an app on facebook however you may have to pay a subscription fee on applications if  an application maker enables it on there application you may have to pay a fee to access and use the app.

Facebook also stated that they will soon be releasing local currency changes to users. This means instead of purchasing 8 INR worth of Facebook credits for it to be changed to USD currency will not be converted and stay at INR (or whatever your local currency is).

Although these features are to be released sometime in july Facebook has already started testing these services with Zynga and Kixeye. Zynga and Kixeye are two of the most used application owners and developers.

The subscription services is another way for Facebook to earn an income other than from investors,share holders and advertisers. Last year Facebook derived about 83% of its 3.7 billion in revenue from its advertising platform and the rest primarily from Zynga purchasing goods and services from Facebook.

Let us know in the comments below if you would pay to use your favorite app on Facebook and why.