USB 3.0 to power a new era


AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is all set to release its new USB 3.0 integrated chipsets this year. USB 3.0 is codenamed SuperSpeed USB. It was rumored that AMD will release its USB 3.0 functionality in the Hudson D1 Laptops but the latest news from CNET suggests that AMD will incorporate USB 3.0 in its A75 and A70M Fusion chipsets.

USB 3.0 Enabled

The computers you are using today, be it a desktop, laptop or a notebook, all are powered with USB 2.0 ports! USB 2.0 has been with us from over a decade now. It has already become outdated in the industry, and with the new generation’s increasing demands USB 3.0 has come to rescue us. With improved speed and quality, here is a short featurelist what USB 3.0 has got new for us: 

USB 3.0 10 Speed

→ USB 3.0 offers a bidirectional throughput speed of upto 10 times faster compared to the USB 2.0. Now that is some significant increase.

→ USB 3.0 has a power increase too, giving out an awesome 900mA compared to 500mA in USB 2.0.

→ USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0 i.e. it can also be used with USB 2.0 devices. USB 3.0 Hi-SpeedAlthough intel is rumored to release its Thunderbolt (Interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer) integrated chipsets in the early 2012, it is not yet confirmed and maybe further delayed which would mean a lot of waiting time. As for the good news AMD is talking with Renesas Electronics to fabricate and release their USB 3.0 enabled chipset anytime in the fourth-quarter of this year. Already two major companies, Renesas and Fresco Logic are producing USB 3.0 enabled host controllers certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum). If AMD does manage to ship out the new chipsets housing USB 3.0 ports, it would be a bad news for intel as that would mean more AMD sales and less intel sales!

USB 3.0 Devices Please comment as to how you feel about the new 3.0 in the market! Do you think intel will again manage to outrun its rival AMD or this time AMD will emerge as a winner?

  • Wow thats pretty cool. While they should have come out with this tech a bit sooner. I will interested in seeing how much better it will be than its former component.

    • It will be much much better than USB 2.0 coz its already got d name SuperSpeed! lol…dats a nice way to introduce new technology…by funny names! 🙂

  • Chris

    Too bad Thunderbolt is faster, and offers multidirectional simultaneous transfers.

    USB3.0 is antiquated equipment before it’s even out.

  • i have not seen the connectors for usb 3.0 that goes on the mobo but before i buy it, i need to make sure that i can use the 3.0 ports on the front of my case.

    • yes, even i haven’t seen the usb 3.0 connectors. maybe there will be SuperSpeed 3.0 logo printed on the connectors…very excited for its release!! exactly Mr iApp, even i use ports located on the front side of the case…its becomes very arduous to go everytime to the back of the CPU, if we want to hook up something!! thanx for the comment!! 🙂

  • Wow, USB 3.0’s improvements in speed look amazing. I really wish there was more information from AMD on when the first chipsets/motherboards to support it will be coming out.

    • yes Komodo Dragon, USB 3.0 is much much faster and better now! But AMD has only so much information available for us now and we are waiting for more news from AMD 🙂

  • Those are superfast speeds and great specs! Maybe I’ll wait to upgrade when usb 3.0 is out… 🙂

    • yes @Purchaser Of Settlement, better wait for USB 3.0 enabled chipsets coz they will do you more good and is the latest in market!!! 🙂

  • Bob

    The main problem that I see on this is that if the plug give more power the the device, it should be reducing the laptop battery life. If we had 3 hours of power, maybe we’ll have only 2h30. That will be a problem.

    • @BOB: yes but thats only when a USB device is attached to the port while running on battery…best advise is unplug USB when not on AC supply! 🙂

  • The advent of USB is all set for setting up new standards in data communication but what is a doubt to me is whether the potential is going to be exploited to the full. I mean, all other components are required to work in synchronization to exploit the maximum.

    • Angela, USB 3.0 is a separate component, it doesnt require other CPU resources to run it…so even if your other components are old, USB 3.0 will run at its optimum speed defined by its factory standards!!! 🙂

  • Hi Gautam,
    Glad to know about the new usb 3.0 launched by AMD this year. We generally use usb 2.0 in our desktops and laptops but now things will really become very easy. One of the main factor which will pull up usb 3.0 is it’s bidirectional speed which is 10 times faster as compared to usb 2.0 and is backward compatible. This time intel may not manage to outrun its rival AMD.
    Anyway thanks for the article.

  • Already two major companies, Renegades and Fresco Logic are producing USB 3.0 enabled host controllers certified by USB-IF (SUB Implementers Forum). If AMD does manage to ship out the new chip sets housing USB 3.0 ports, it would be a bad news for inlet as that would mean more MAD sales and less inlet sales!

  • Hi Samantha, yes even i have usb 2.0 in my desktop and lappie, perhaps coz d technology is a decade old. companies didn’t even care about upgrading this useful device until now! usb 3.0 will surely create a lot of fuzz in the tech world…mainly coz we are addicted to usb ports…when we see a system first thing we look for is a USB port to download its contents, thanx to USB 3.0 downloads are gonna be a lot faster!

    intel will b a loser this time!
    thanx for ur opinion Samantha! 🙂

  • Gautam, Funny even though the technology is a decade old I remember a time long ago that USB ports didn’t even exist let alone speed.
    Serial ports where the thing of the day one bit at a time… Slow 😉 So glad technology changes.

    • exactly Purchaser of settlement, my old PC was running on serial ports rather than USB and was very slow in connecting to devices, thanx to dis ingenious technology swiping off data from any system has now become very fast and easy! 🙂 🙂

  • luckily i have two usb 3 supported ports on my computer , buut no devices in the market are launched yet .

    • @Gevey Sim: which chipset and mobo do you own? have u bought it recently? by the way, gr8 dat u already own the newest technology!! 🙂

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