Hrithik Roshan with Flute in Simply Reliance TV Advertisement

October 24, 2009

Finally The Change which I was Expecting in The Television Advertisements has Just Arrived. The New Reliance ad with The Caption Simply Reliance is Featured by Hrithik Roshan, The Most Popular Bollywood Actor in India is one of The Best Advertisements in Recent Times. Not only The Fact That Popular Celebrity Like Hrithik Roshan has Featured in This Ad, But Also the wonderful Theme which they have chosen for This Advertisement has made this Ad to be totally unique from The Other Hundred TV ads across the TV world.

hrithik roshan with flute pied paper

You Can Watch The Hrithik’s New Flute Ad for Reliance Mobile Here.
The Video Features Hrithik Roshan with his Flute and a wonderful Dance. I have embedded the Youtube Video Here.

Make Sure You Have The Adobe Flash Player to View This Video Here.
Else watch This Simply Reliance advertisement directly on youtube

The Advertisement Description:

Advertisement Title: Simply Reliance
Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan
Theme: Hrithik Roshan as a Pied Piper who attracts the costliest tariffs and charges(wrt Mobile Call Charges) with his Mind Blowing Music Playing Flute and with a Mind blowing Dance. The advertisement Ends with All The Costliest Entities Getting Converted into Rats(Mouse) finally Hrithik succeeds in Sending out all the Rats into a Big Ocean!
Advertisement Length: 60 Seconds.
Tariff Details for Simply Reliance:
Call any Mobile across India at 50 paise, STD at 50 paise, National SMS at 50 paise for LifeTime.

Detailed Description of The Advertisement Simply Reliance Featured by Hrithik Roshan Playing Flute as Pied Piper.

The Ad Starts with 3 Frustrating Looking People who are worried on Extra Charges and Limitations which are on Hoardings like Members Only In The Restaurant with The Board Extras Charged and in The Shopping Mall Conditions Apply

Hrithik Roshan Now Makes an Entry, The Camera Zooms out from his Face. Hrithik with his Calm Composed Smart Look Starts Whistling with his own Tune, The Whishtling will be Very Pleasing to Listen and Melodious in its way.. (In The Background, He observes the Restriction boards like No Smoking, No Roaming, and with Plenty of Traffic Sign Boards No way, No Right Turn etc) With his Magical Power, He Postions his hands to grab a Very Big Silver Flute. Holding The Flute in a Very Stylish Way, Starts Playing the Flute, This Just Remembers me the Lord Krishna(Hindu Myth) Hrithik Very Much Suits to this Character as a whole. Not Only Playing The Music, Hrithik Steps His Legs in such a wonderful way its just a Festival to Eyes the random Movements which he does Makes him Look like a Divine and Peak Thing!!

bowing to The Hrithik’s Flute Music, The board on STD cabin STD turns into a Rat… Just Deforms its shape so beautifully, looks as if the ice is getting dissolved to water… Even The Members Only Plate Turns into a Rat(my god, the mouse’s tail is pretty awesome) full marks to the animator who did this!

rat and hrithik

The Rats Now Starts Walking Everywhere in The Street, on the window panes, roofs, walls and all through the street stepping to OUR Pied Piper’s Awesome Flute Music.. The Tempo Change in Flute, The High Pitch when it sounds from the Flute would make this so called converted-rats to Jump accordingly, Truly The Rat Enjoys this for sure!
on the other Hand, Hrithik’s dance with the Music steals the People’s Heart there! Everyone look astonished seeing this magical man! A Small Girl Gonna Join Her Hands, Saying Hats off to the Pied Piper and everyone there starts running towards him!

People Gonna be Very Happy, They Dance and Dance and Dance with all the Joy… Hrithik, The Pied Piper made it Possible to Grab all The evil rats..Hritik now moves away till the end of The Mountain, And Every Rats will be following Him without any knowledge what they are doing, all rats gonna follow him, saying lalalala to the Awesome Flute Music…
And In no time, All Rats gonna Jump into a Big Ocean Just Below The Mountain There! Finally Hritik, The Pied Piper Suceeds in Vanishing all The evil “Hiked Charges” “Limitations” by converting it into Rats and Then finding them a way with the beautiful Flute’s Tone…..

Finally The Advertisement Ends, Narrator Saying Now Call, Local, STD, SMS, Roaming at 50 paise for LifeTime with a Big Reliance Mobile Logo!!

Hrithik Making Way for the final Rat, Says Simple, Isn’t it? with his highered eyebrows!

The Advertisement Description Now Ends! Come Back to The Real Rat World Now!

You Might be having Several Questions like

Who is the composer of Hrithik’s Flute Simply Reliance ad?
I’ll be updating it here shortly..

Download The Hrithik Roshan’s Flute Music in Simply Reliance as an Mp3
You Can Download Hrithik’s Flute TV ad Music Mp3 here…

Download the Video TV commercial for Reliance Mobile featuring Hrithik Roshan and His Flute | Simply Reliance

Download The Video Here.

Who is The coreographer of Simply Reliance Advertisement?
Dance Steps by Hrithik in Simply Reliance Advertisement…

Who is The Ad Agency for Simply Reliance New Ad?

How Get The MP3 music of Hrithik TV ad Flute | Simply Reliance as a Ringtone?

How to Set The Simply Reliance Flute Song as Callertune…

These questions will be answered shortly in the comment section… Feel Free to Share Answers and your valuable feedbacks for this ad by Commenting Here..

Did You Enjoy This TV advertisement by Reliance featuring Hrithik?
Did you feel The Same what i felt? What Is The First Impression of Yours for This ad? How could You Describe This Advertisement?
And for More, Leave your Lovely Comments Here!

  • srivathsan.GK

    Aww .. I’m Loving his dance steps rather than the concept 😀 He is Best Best Best !! 

    Just check out 0.28 to 0.34 and 0.40 to 0.44 second in the video :)
    .-= srivathsan.GK´s last blog ..How to Add Facebook Share Button on Each Post ? =-.

  • Anish K.S

    yes, cool and simple ad.
    .-= Anish K.S´s last blog ..‘Slumdog Crorepati’ On Sunday 25 October 2009 At 1.00 P.M Only on MAX =-.

    • Chethan Thimmappa

      Hi Anish! I appreciate your Comment here!

  • Arafat

    The ad is good and presented intelligently but what impress me in this article is your style of review. Great job, it’s really impressive. Though I not watch the full ad but your review tell me what I left.
    .-= Arafat ´s last blog ..How to protect your blog from data lose and later restore it without core database backup? =-.

    • Chethan Thimmappa

      Thanks Arafat for your appreciation…
      Hrithik’s dance steps are festival to eyes!

  • tahir

    are u telling people that the biG adsense block right under the post title is more important than your contant u people should learn from agarwal

    • Chethan Thimmappa

      Yes, The Big Adsense Block which is Placed There is Important for me. I think expecting little cents after reviewing beautiful ad is nothing wrong…

      Yes, And You are Right,  have to learn a lot from agarwal…
      But This Comment section is meant for discussing on this Beautiful Hrithik Ad Rather Than Pointing out the Business Part!

      Hrithik Rocks! and if you have something to say on Advertisement i appreciate you!
      welcome to!

      • srivathsan

        If criticism stones are thrown at you, the best reaction is to ignore and not to ignite. Well done chethan 😀  cheers !!
        .-= srivathsan´s last blog ..Become a Music Addict with FoxyTunes (Firefox Addon) =-.

  • John Samuel

    I like the ad. It’s definitely an odd one out.
    .-= John Samuel´s last blog ..Make your searches faster with Search Cloudlet =-.

  • Dinesh

    To Download the Full AD in MP3 Format, try the link..

  • manoj

    hey that members only board is airtels logo style… they are once again trying stab airtel!!!
    .-= manoj´s last blog ..110 million people, 1 network – Shah Rukh Khan Airtel Commercial Ad =-.

  • Sandy

    Heyy thanks for the link
    Withh loveeeeee <3

  • tmanoharan

    How Get The MP3 music of Hrithik TV ad Flute | Simply Reliance as a Ringtone?

    How to Set The Simply Reliance Flute Song as Callertune

  • tmanoharan

    How Get The MP3 music of Hrithik TV ad Flute | Simply Reliance as a Ringtone?

    How to Set The Simply Reliance Flute Song as Callertune…

  • Sanjay

    Have you been paid by Reliance to write this? 😉

  • siad

    this is choreographed by Prabhu deva

  • Rahul

    Yes, this ad covered almost entire web. Reliance advertising heavily this ad.
    .-= Rahul´s last blog ..How To Buy Antivirus In India =-.

  • balu

    How to get the flute music ringtone in MP3 format. Plzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. tell meeeeeeeeeee yarrrrrrrrr………………………

  • http://reliance ROHIT

    its really nice music pepole can dance like hritik

  • peeyush Singh

    How to Set The Simply Reliance Flute Song as Callertune..????

  • Kally

    Wooooow !!! I was searching for this info in the net and stumbled upon this. Nice compilation. I need the audio as mp3..can u pls send to my mail id?? or gimme the download link??

    Yea..Hrithik is simple Awesome !! :)

    .-= Kally´s last blog ..Short Story: Weird Dreams =-.

  • saurabh

    How to Set The Simply Reliance Flute Song as Callertune…


  • alisha

    A very good ad. a very good plan too with good calling rates.

  • sabith

    it was really good concept which was put up by reliance………….

  • Vignesh

    I have some advertisement ideas contact me! realiance beat docomo!

  • krishna sharma

    hiiiiiiii hrithik i m krishna………. hw r u ?????? your fain

  • hemanth

    very very very like the flute misic

  • Godson

    //Who is the composer of Hrithik’s Flute Simply Reliance ad?
    //I’ll be updating it here shortly..

    Not been updated till.. :(

  • karan singh

    i like the hrithik most i want to meet him once

  • Duane Shinn

    Very good ad, well done. Also the flute bit was very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  • jayakrishna

    wat a nice!!

  • sumit karmakar

    hrithik roshan dance r very coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………………

  • sirji live

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