Facebook: You should not tag more than 6 people at once!

I cannot ‘blockquote’ that as Facebook did not literally say that to me, but I felt the essence of the statement by my short and, mind you, not a sweet Experience! Facebook has been rolling out new features these days and I also heard they have been working on more updates for the future.

But c’mon folks, Facebook is always a fruit for a critic’s eye and so does it sound suitable to me.


I was just trying to update a status wishing all my Friends a happy holidays and see what just happened. Facebook did make me really upset!

Yeah, I wasn’t able to tag more than six people on my status. I tried this over and over, but the result was the same again and again.

Now tell me, isn’t the title apt?

Is this a bug on Facebook or intentional? Am I the only one to experience it or is everyone facing the same? Do let me know your thoughts – drop by your comments.

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P.S. We do love facebook! 😉