Facebook testing real Time Comments for Status Updates

If you are a Facebook lover like me, then you might have seen some changes on the commenting system these days. Facebook is testing real time comments on the status updates of a person. I am referring this as testing because there has been no such update on the Facebook blog.

Two days before when I updated my status with a message testing. I was wondering if this is really working. Well, many of my friends commented on it within seconds and that was clearly visible. By saying real time I mean that in order to see the comments you don’t need to refresh your Facebook page, the comments appear any ways.

As you can see in the image above the comments are all under seconds difference. 🙂 This will allow more people to communicate through the status comments and well this will be fast!

What do you think about this? Did you also experience it and how was it? Do share your views with me.

Editor’s note:- This is a guest post by Himadri Dimri who covers news and updates about Facebook on fbKnol.com. If you’d like to write for us too, do read the Guest posting guidelines.