Catchy Twitter Name is Now Following you on Twitter


I get Notified whenever A New User Follows me on Twitter. Twitter Sends me a Notification saying This Particular User is Following me Now along with the Details like No of Tweets, Following and Followers.

So what is the Big Deal Here?
The Kind of Mail which we receive matters… Whenever a New Twitter User Follows you, his Twitter Name will be displayed in your Inboxes saying something like this

TheGreat Warrior is now Following you on Twitter”

Quick News is now Following you on Twitter”

TheMost Beautiful is now Following you on Twitter”

Albert Einstein is now Following you on Twitter”

“Bangalore Traffic is now following you on Twitter”

All These Notifications are so brilliant with their innovative Catchy Names used as Twitter Names…

Are all these Twitter Profiles Genuine?
No Way! All these Profiles are Built for Business Intentions… People Use Catchy Twitter Names to Promote their Products in Better way , many of the times this could be an automated bot.. People (Spammers) build twitter Profiles based on the relevant keyword which you have used in your latest Tweet…. Suppose you Tweet something like “This Photo looks Beautiful” your tweet will be scanned by bots and in a Few Seconds the Person “TheMost Beautiful” will be following you on Twitter!

Tweeted something about ‘Food’? ‘Hotel’ Gonna Follow You!!

All these Twitter Names will be so Catchy that you cant stop clicking it. Of Course, You will end up with a Commercially motivated Twitter profiles promoting some brand or something…

How do Spammer Select Twitter Names?
Generally They Use Names which are Popular like ‘Michael Jackson’ ‘Barack Obama’ ‘Issac Newton’ who are famous Personalities or shall use some Popular Brands/companies/services like ‘Microsoft’ ‘Google’ ‘Reebok’ ‘Nike’ ‘Free services’…. They would even use Adjectives like “Incredible” “Awesome” “Beautiful” “Fastest” and Many More.. which quickly grabs user attention….

Twitter Provides HiTech Spamming Service for Spammers!
Yes. Twitter being the Popular Microblogging service provides this Unique Spamming service for Spammers (Not intended though)… How Much time would it take to search on and find people/tweets based on your interest and follow a person!! Twitter is Fun and Great for Twitter Users but Twitter is THE GOD for Spammers!

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