Youtube’s New Beta Channels are Simple with Added Features

What are Youtube Channels?
Youtube Channels are the best way to get ourself updated with new videos. Youtube Channels can be Created by any Youtube User and it is important for the Channel Owner to collect videos according to a particular Niche. Popularity of Good Youtube Channel is decided depending on the number of subscribers who have subscribed to the Channel, number of times the Channel and Channel videos are Viewed, and other factors.
Youtube Tempts The Channel Owners by grading each Channel Rankwise Under Different Categories like Most Viewed Video All time, Most Viewed Video This Week, Most Subscribed Channel and various other categories.

Traditional Youtube Channels and New Beta Channels:
Change is Good, Change is Refreshing, Change is Inevitable all these statements holds good in any circumstances.. Youtube Channels are Migrating from Traditional Channels to New Channels which are still in Beta! After all, There is No Much Change in behaviour, But New Beta Channels greatly differ in its arrangement of modules and other appearance Scheme… Lets Have a Look at Old type of Channels..

Screenshot of Old Youtube Channel
Screenshot of Old Youtube Channel

Old Youtube Channel:
In The Old Youtube Channel More Flexibility was provided for the arrangement of Modules, in later days These Channels Started appearing like a Absolute Mess With the Videos and modules Scrambling Here and There.

The Old Youtube Channel never gave a good Interface for the users, since a youtube channel of one user varied entirely with that of the Other (Appearance Wise). The Old Youtube Channel showed Major portion of background image uploaded by user, so it started appearing like a website rather than a youtube channel! Failed in Creating Uniformity!

In the old youtube Channels, it offered a slot for video at the homepage which is customizable most Recent, Most Popular or Desired Video of yours. There were also some modules which listed all other Videos in the channel related to categories Recently Uploaded, Playlists etc.

The Problem in Old Youtube Channel was when a user selects a video from the list of channel videos, it was automatically getting redirected to some url, there by resulted in leaving the homepage of Channel. Thus Created a lesser Visibility to your Channel.

Also in Old Youtube Channels there was a traditional way of Buffering which is overcomed in New Beta Version.

Let us Have a look at New Beta Youtube Beta Channel

Screenshot of New Beta Youtube ChannelScreenshot of New Beta Youtube Channel

What’s New in Beta Version of New Youtube Channels?

The New Youtube Channel provides Uniformity in The Channel Appearence, doesn’t give more room for user uploaded Background Image, there by clumsy look of Channel Appearance is Reduced.

Modules are Fixed, Modules are Fixed at definite locations. The position of basic modules cannot be changed at any cost. Also More User Friendly and easy access buttons for theme Change and Modules
Easy Access

The Most Important Feature added in this new beta youtube channel is
it offers better buffering of videos. If You Watch a Video ‘A’ and then watch a Video ‘B’, If you like to see the video ‘A’ again now there is no need to wait for buffering of that video once again! you can view the ‘Once Buffered’ Video as many times as you want also playing the other videos parallelly.

Unlike Old Version of Youtube Channel You are not brought out of the homepage of Channel when you wish to watch the channel videos. Instead of Redirecting Those Videos to the url of that video it directly plays the Video Inside The Homepage! So a Dedicated Video Screen is present at the centre of the screen where whatever Video you select it can be watched directly in it rather than viewing it separately in redirected url!

Easy Buffering or No Buffering of Previously Played Videos Suits Exactly Fit for this kind of advanced or Hybrid Viewing! Thus New Youtube Channels are More User Friendly than the old one!

How Do I upgrade to New Beta Youtube Channel?

Youtube offers you to upgrade from Current Channel to Newer Beta Version, Just Click on The Link “Edit Channel” and you will be able to see

Screenshot showing how to upgrade to new beta channel under edit channel link
Screenshot showing how to upgrade to new beta channel under edit channel link

Click on The Upgrade Button which leads you to newer Version of Youtube Channel! You Can Also Revert back to Old Youtube Channel if You wish to!

There are So Many Features in This New Beta Version of Youtube Channel, i have here covered only few features which was in my knowledge, do comment here and ask me to update if there are other features which you Know!

  • The new beta version of the You Tube channel has very nice features as well as its button looks very catchy in appearance which creates professional impression of any video.