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Not long ago i posted a article about Google’s new URL shortener. Another writer of chaap’s “Srivathsan” wrote a comment and said : “Waiting for twitter to start its own service – Like tweet deck auto url shortening feature.. Twitter web also should bring its own url shortening service .. So that when people put their links, it automatically shortens :D Nice idea na ?”

Well this time the new URL shortener service doesn’t go to Twitter, but Youtube. Yes, the Google and Youtube team have developed a new URL shortener service. Name, .The new service also long youtube links such as, can be turned into something as simple as Thats a 39 letter deference.

The best thing about this is new shortner is that it only and will only work with links. So links like won’t be able to use this new service. Its only exclusive to youtube links.

Now to use this service you can select the service under the Share option under the Youtube video, but only if its enabled by the owner of the vid. But you can do it manually. Here is some instrustion for both youtube account holders, and youtube vid surf’s.

How to enable with autoshare (for account holders)
To see this feature in action, use AutoShare to link up your YouTube account to social networks like Twitter and Google Reader. Then, whenever you favorite a video on YouTube, for example, that action will get syndicated out to your network, who will see this shortened edition of the video’s URL.”

How to use the service manually (for anyone)
“To use manually, simply take a URL like and replace the”” with “” to get: Plug that shorter URL into a browser, and you’ll see it redirects to that video”.

So go now and check it out, or visit the Youtube blog for more info

Written by Shaquille Ray on the 22 of December,2009.


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