Your Blog is Just like a Tiffin Box!

Blogging is a Beautiful World!

You Blog for Fun,
You Blog for Passion,
You Blog for Money,
You Blog just Because Someone Blogs,
Setting up a Status Message in Facebook or Twitter ? Oh Yeah! You are a Micro-Blogger!

After All, Talking so Much about “Blog, Blogging,Bloggest“.. lets have some sort of Understanding about what Really a Blog is!! Lets Compare Blog with a Tiffin Box! Sounds Funny?.. Oops then How about 5 Fingers of Your Blog Hand- Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit

Pack it in a Tiffin Box!


A Blog should Primarily Focus on CONTENT! Yes.. The Focus should be on the Content and nothing Else.. It is Just Like God Present in the Temple.. (Good GOD = More Devotees eh??) .. OfCourse, in case of Blog, You get Hell lot of Visitors/Readers if you have the Best of the Best Contents…

Fill up Your Tiffin Box with Delicious Food.

More Containers for your Tiffin Box


A Good Blog should not only provide Quality Content but also should take care of the Variety of Content which it delivers.. Why Only Facebook, Google, Twitter? Get Up Guys! There are lots of Topics waiting for you.. Just make a Good Choice and be Consistent. Increase the number of Categories!

Add Up Some more Containers within in Your Tiffin Box.. Consume Variety!

Pack the FRESH FOOD in Tiffin Box

Fresh News

Deliver the Happening News to your Loyal Readers…Deliver the News as it Happens..Add Up your own Views.. As Fresh the Content is, As Value you add to it, The More you get Out of it…

Pack Fresh, Eat Fresh, Stay Healthy!

Share your Tiffin with Friends

Sharing is Caring

Knowledge is to Share,, So is the Blog… Don’t Isolate yourself after Pushing a Beautiful Post.. Share it to everyone.. Use Powerful Social Media Centers.. Make Complete use of Tweet, Share, digg or Stumble Buttons… Create a Good Community with the Motto “Sharing is Caring”

Start Sharing Your Food!

Beautiful Box

Looks Matter!

Oh Yeah.. The Appearance matters.. Make a wise Decision in Selecting a Good Theme.. Let your Content Shine! Let Your Readers Bookmark your Blog just because he/she likes the kind of Color Schemes, logo, themes used in your Website!

Actions: Carry a Designed/Beautiful/Cool Tiffin Box! *ATTRACT*

We Know there are several Things to be added over here.. We would like To hear from you about this article.. Don’t have a Tiffin Box yet? Grab One!