Yahoo! It’s You! Television Advertisement – New Yahoo Anthem


After Seeing The Full Length Yahoo ad in the front page of Times of India, I was just Stunned with Yahoo’s Move. I found Everything Fresh in Yahoo!

Now, The Time has come to View yahoo advertisement The New Yahoo Anthem on your Television screens. And You Know What?, This Yahoo TV ad is exceptional!

Here is The Yahoo New Anthem Video – It’s You! Yahoo’s New Caption! The Video is followed by A full Length Ad Description with download links for this Yahoo Video.

[I have embedded Yahoo Ad Video here, if you are unable to see, watch directly on youtube ]

The Advertisement Description:

The Advertisement Starts with a Pretty woman Dancing with Many others, She Invites us all to watch this video, she greets you saying, Today You are about to Enter a Place…

Yahoo You are Entering a Place!

[Yes, Sure! She Really Mean That.. She Takes you to the New world]

Now, a Lady with a Gun in Her hand inaugurates, She Shoots towards the Sky in a Great Manner.. The Flowers Gonna Fall all around her.. It just Looks like a flower rain! The Red Rose Rain! Colorful!

Where Space and Time collide - Yahoo New Anthem

The Narrator Says, You have Entered a Place Where Space and Time Collide..

Space and Time Collides to Breed Wonder! Yeah, The New Breed of Dog , The White dog with black patches around, looks as cute as the boy in front of it, who is wearing a white Tshirt with Color Patches! Both, The boy and sweet doggy stares each other with lots of love 🙂 Breeding Wonders!

Space and Time  breed Wonder - Yahoo New Anthem

Narrator Says: And Joy!! Wow!
and in Video, lots of fun happens! dance and dance and dance! People dancing with fully filled heart, Enjoying the steps which they never wanted to step! That’s Joy [:)]

And joy, Wow!


Narrator Says: Wow! Where News Travel Faster…

A Hi tech City with Lights reflecting on The towers, and very high speed traffic flooded all around the city [of course, they have fast forwarded the video].. Yes, Yahoo! is very confident that it is as bright as city with news running as fast as city traffic.. [Lets See :)]

Where news travel faster- Yahoo New Anthem

Narrator Says: Friends Come Closer..
Friends Come Closer, I mean Too Closer, You could hear a Sweet Kiss Sound, and in The Video, two lips are kissing eachother.. ooooo… very nice to watch.. but it disappears in seconds.. And a Flying Kiss Too 🙂

friends come closer Yahoo New Anthem

Narrator Says: And You Go Farther!

The Boy Jumps Very High, and he jumps so farther and very farther, looks as if he wants to spend all his time in air. He is as free as air, the boy flies across the flower frame! This Shot is stunning.. the Camera goes in Ultra Motion…

and you can run farther

Narrator: And Consume!

Consume? Consume What? A little Boy with a Very Big Cone Ice Cream, Licking it in his own passion… and the red cherry on IceCream matches the Background wall.. It is Super Cool Red! The Boy is Sweet Too!

and consume

Narrator Says: Share!
Share! Our Young Boys Playing Football, Some Use their leg to Kick the Ball, and some use their Head, Whatever, They all Share The Ball…
Yeah I know, Yahoo Just Wanted to Tell us All, Yahoo is the best service to share across the world, Isn’t it? [That’s why the ad meant for lol :)]


Narrator : Buzz!
Buzz! The Celebrity Couples, Just Buzzing a News and lots of media people around who clicks their cam to capture the Buzz created by them! Crazy.. That’s it..


Narrator: Destroy!

Destroy! Destroy What? Now it’s the Game Time, and a video game clip which swallows all objects around it opening its mouth just like in the game PACMAN…

Yes, This Game Video Clip was Put in the video , Just to say as all, They have Yahoo Games!


Narrator: Earn!
Earning Through Yahoo?, I dont know How! but this guy in video clip will be carrying a bag full of dollars $$$ and running and running and running! Why Run? Cos The Police is behind Him!

hey Yahoo, isn’t that a Legal Money??


Narrator Says: Flirt!
Flirting in Yahoo! But How? I know, And You Know as well, Flirting in Yahoo.. Use Yahoo Messenger’s Chat 🙂 ASL PLS 🙂
Well These 2 Kids are so Pretty.. I just Like the way they stand and how stealthily they see each other… The Narrators Voice Sounds Great, which still beautifies the Term Flirting 🙂


Narrator: Watch and Wonder!

Watch This, How beautifully and gently the girl blows the air, just to generate those air bubbles… air bubble has VOID in it, and She Wonders How beautifully the Bubble is Floating all through the wind…

Watch and Wonder… Good!

watch and wonder

Narrator: Watch and Wonder in New ways! You Makes a place That will launch you billion more words….

The Power of YOU! this Formation by the crowd is Good!

you makes a place to launch a billion more words

Narrator: A place Shaped Like You!

A Young woman fitting inside the advertisement hording! She Takes The Place which is shaped like her!

shaped like you

Narrator: Brought to you and Made by you

brought to you made by you

Narrator: It Starts with You!

A sweet Smile on His Face…


Narrator: Starting Today!

The Lady who Promised you to take to a new place earlier is back again Thanking You..

Starting Today

Narrator: Yahoo!

The Animated Running Yahoo! logo Runs on your Screen indicating The End of The Advertisement…


Wait Here, It’s Not Over Yet!
Two More Words to Say…

It’s You
its you!

and Now The Ad Ends…

Just Comeback to Real World! And I finished my Job describing This Beautiful yahoo tv ad.. How was it people?

Do You want To Watch The Video again? Here it is..

Do You want to Download This Yahoo New Anthem Video?
Download Yahoo New TV ad which is in MP4 format here..

Here is the Lyrics of Yahoo New Anthem Video:

You are about to enter a place!
A place where time and space collide and breed wonder!
and Joy wow!
where news travel faster!
Friends come closer!
and you go farther!
Where you can
Watch and Wonder in new ways!
YOU Makes a place That will launch you billion more words
A place Shaped Like You!
Brought to you!
Made By You!
It Starts with You!
Starting Today!
It’s YOU!

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