Xbox 360 now absolutely free from Microsoft

Yes this is a genuine news. Its not a hoax or a rumor. Microsoft has already announced it on its official blog. Microsoft is giving college students free XBOX 360 console with no charge whatsoever.


Microsoft said that if a student buys any Windows 7 PC from well known retailers such as Dell, HP or the Microsoft Store, which is above the price tag of $699, he/she will get a free XBOX 360 4GB console, from the Microsoft Store itself. I think this is a great deal because at just 31,413 INR, Indian people can get a sweet slick-looking XBOX 360 console absolutely free. All you have to do is go to a DELL or a HP retailer, choose any PC above $699 price, and present your .edu email address, in case you dont have a .edu email id, just present them your student ID. Thats it, nice and simple!


The free XBOX 360 that you get from the MICROSOFT is a 4GB console and features a built-in WiFi and comes with a black XBOX 360 wireless controller as stated in an article at the CNET. This console is currently priced at $200.

This is a very good time to buy your kids a PC because already he/she will start going to college or school soon and has a chance to learn many things and get interactive. A PC will always help them in doing their homeworks and a XBOX will always keep them connected with their family and friends. Surfing the web, streaming videos and gaming just got a lot more easy and fun with the new XBOX.

Hurry now!!! This offer has just started today, the 22nd May. Offer valid till stocks last.

Its time now for your superb comment. Tell us, whether you like this giant frenzy offer or not? Isn’t it cool?

  • Its indeed a great news. I mean many students all over the world are in for a treat. Great news, thanks for sharing!

  • Wow that is a really thing for Microsoft to do. Way to get a jump on the playstation market by giving away free consoles. That is just nuts. It makes me want to enroll in some classes.

    • hahaha…sure, used textbooks! this is a real nice way for microsoft to get more publicity since the skype deal! way to go steve! 🙂

  • Wow. this is a great deals from Microsoft.

    I will be looking to purchase this time at least.

  • Sandeep

    Is this offer valid in India also..?

    • @Sandeep: sorry to inform you that its only valid in US. i also got to know just now! 🙁

  • That is a pretty sweet deal for sure! Like Jean said, the recent myriad of problems being faced by Sony Playstation surely helped in the formation of this deal, hehe.

  • Not a bad offer but really do student need some other way to waste their time!! Maybe Microsoft should give them some free programs or something not a game system.

  • “Xbox 360 now absolutely free from Microsoft” only valid for US.Hope it will be free for all countries soon.

  • This news boggles the mind… I agree with used textbooks kinda wish I was back in school to take advantage of that.