World’s Cheapest Hybrid CAR is here!

The world’s cheapest hybrid car will be out for us by 2012. This car can operate on a combination of electricity and petrol.

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov unveiled a new hybrid car that is expected in market in 2012.

 Mikhail Prokhorov the wealthiest person along with Yarovit Motors, a manufacturer which specializes in trucks, released together with its partner Onexim.

The car will weigh around 680kgs and will be able to reach a fuel combustion of 3.61/100 km. An internal combustion engine paired with a 20 hp electric motor  will be capable of propelling the vehicle to 60 mph in between 8 and 14 seconds and give it a  speed of  120 km/h.

The  Prokhorov’s company is on a process of manufacturing several versions of this vehicle. This vechicle is yet to be named. Yarovit, the manufacturers of this vehicle are expecting an out come of 10,000 vehicles per year.  

The E-Mobile is a joint venture between Prokhorov , Onexim and Yarovit-Motors.

Mass production is due to be launched in the second half of 2012. The maximum price of this vehicle wil be Rs 6,60,000 approximately. This car seems to be cheaper and affordable. When compared to the ex-Showroom price of the Toyota Prius Rs 27,28,782 this car seems to be very cheap.

Three prototype models were unveiled during the press conference – a two door car, a mini -van  with five seats and a small cargo van. The company’s symbol is the Russian letter YO written as letter E with two dots on top. Total investment may amount to $202 millions  for the construction of the first assembly plant.