WordPress Tooltip – Pop a cute tip for your readers!

Bloggers are under a lot of pressure these days. There being a lot of competition around, every blogger thinks to try out something different in his blog every now and then to increase his readers and maintain his Google PR.

Some of us can’t handle pressure and just exhaust out of options and then the blog sits somewhere in the corner waiting to get noticed by a passer-by. And then there are some, who try out a lot to modify and add interactivity to their blog, and finally those “some” do get noticed. Here is another plugin *SPOILER ALERT* (not “another”) that one plugin which really makes your blog stand out of the crowd. Yes, i am talking about the WordPress Tooltip.


Developed by Muhammad Haris, this plugin gives you a cute little tooltip when you hover over text or links on your post. Tooltips are designed to give the reader a short description on the content being hovered upon. So what are you waiting for, download this plugin right now and activate it.

After activation. the next time you write a post, there will be a small tooltip icon added to your post editor kinda like a small bubble. Just click it and a pop-up box will appear giving you fields where you can enter tooltip content, text and url to be shown when a reader hovers. Finally click Add a Tooltip to save your changes. If you are a code-savvy person, you can also implement this functionality by adding a shortcode in your post instead of using the lightbox:

[tooltip content=”This will show in a tooltip” url=”This will make tooltip a link”]Hover over me for tooltip[/tooltip]

If you would like to see a working demo of this, head over to this page and see for yourself!
Time for your comment. Please do tell us if you liked this tutorial, and if it has helped you any way.


  • Useful development by Muhammad Haris for blogger

  • This is great information thanks for the Tooltips. I have used pop up text before but in a Joomla module not in a WordPress plugin.

  • That is a cool feature. I looked into this a bit back but it slowed down the load time so I stopped it.

    • thats great! thanx for giving it a try! 🙂

  • I have to agree with you when you say that there is a lot of competition around and your audience no longer has the patience to sit around n read everything on your blog when they are aware that there are other blogs around which will give them the same information. Thanks a lot for this information and tutorial, I will try it soon, I guess I’m one of those who is trying to stand out of the crowd and hold on to my audience.

  • Great feature, Hats of to Haris, Keep rocking! 😀

  • Great plugin developed by Muhammad

    This plugin looks interesting, will surely give this a try

    Thanks for the share Gautam 🙂