WordPress 3.1 is here.

Good news for all the bloggers…Wordpress has just released its new version 3.1 today. It’s code is named ‘Reinhardt’.

Now lets quickly give a glance about the cool new features integrated in this version.


Everybody’s talking about this new feature. lets see what it does. With this new functionality WordPress makes it easier for bloggers to link back to already published content. Now you dont have to search the whole site for the post you are looking for. In the post write panel click the link button and enter the search term you are looking for, then click ‘Add Link’ button. Thats it. Easy as it sounds.


If you are an administrator or a guest author of a blog, entering into your wordpress account gives you a bar at the top of a page. Well the same bar has now been customised to connect the back end to the front end of your blog. It has a new look. But this feature is useful for multi-site owners, as for single-site users this feature may pose as a hindrance. Well no problem you can always remove the bar if its not suiting you.


We Bloggers write a lot of posts, and some posts require a different style of formatting. Some posts have videos, pics or some other external links attached to them. WordPress now gives its authors a post format style similar to Tumblr’s. Now administrators can customise their stylesheet to modify the look of specific posts according to their preferred style.

A WordPress employee wrote a great post on Post Format Styles here at Otto on WordPress You might want to check it out.

  • It’s great to see a new wordpress version come out, this time though I am going to wait until all of my plugins that I use also come out with an update before upgrading to the latest wordpress version πŸ™‚


  • Gautam A.D.

    thanx for the comment jean. yeah i agree with you, its very essential to ensure the compatibility of the plugins with the latest wordpress. πŸ™‚ i too am gonna follow ur advise.

  • Wow.. Now it will be some more fun in blogging with this new upgraded version WordPress 3.1.

  • Gautam A.D.

    yup sure it will be Web Design LA Spinx, taking blogging to a new level!!! πŸ™‚

  • Yes, it’s a very convenient update, especially the custom posts format

  • yes Michael Jackson perfume, its a more ease of use now on wordpress coz of the 3.1! πŸ™‚

  • The new wp is good, i like the features.

  • yup anish, everybody is eager to try it out!!! πŸ™‚

  • i moved few of my blogs into 3.2/ just delete all files except .htaccess and wp-config and wp-content and overwrite other files via ftp

  • WordPress 3.1 has been great so far, and I haven’t experienced any problems with my plugins so far.

    – Robert

    • Robert, I did experience a problem with a contact form plugin, luckily I just changed plugins to fix that issue.


      • Really? I actually use the contact form plugin on some of my blogs. I will have to look into whether or not mine is working properly. I have an older version as well I believe.

        – Robert

  • Great to see an update to WordPress. So far, it’s been mostly flawless other than some small hiccups here and there that didn’t really affect anything and were more or less familiarity-related than anything else as I’ve not spent as much time with WordPress as most of the experienced users.

    • thanx for sharing your insight Komodo Dragon!! πŸ™‚