Advanced System Care: The tool that every Windows user MUST have

Today I left my computer along to come back to see half my quota was used. After doing some diagnoses to find out why an unknown binary file was running. After overcoming this I thought it was time to install some type of software that can help me avoid this from happening again.

After asking people on various forums what tool is the best to remove even the littlest to biggest security threats the most reccomended tool was Advanced System Care.

Advanced system care has 3 useful options for you to run on your computer. The three options of the course are to:

Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare

1. Maintain Windows

This runs (if all options selected) a spyware Removal Tool, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep and Junk Files Clean. These tools help maintain windows to the best ability possible. It helps remove files that aren’t needed and remove files that are a risk to your system.

2. Diagnose System

This runs (if all options selected) System Optimization, Security Defense, Disk Fragment, and Security Analyzer. This is the best tool out of the three. It help me find over ten thousands virus’s and threats that my normal internet security agent hasn’t.

3. Manage Utilities

This contains various tools to help optimize and find viruses, malwares and Trojan horses on your computer.

This tool is light-weighted and now my computer is running faster than ever. This wonderful tool has been downloaded over 45 million times by different people over the world [via CNET].

Link: Download Advanced System Care

What’s your take on Advanced System care? Do let me know what’s the tool that you use to take care of your PC.

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