Will Flash Die Because of html5 ?


Flash based websites are created with lotta contemplations and planning. One simply cannot start a flash based web site without analysing the target audience. It is really surprising to know there are hundreds of users who have no idea about flash.Ask youtube bug report system . Ppl complain you tube is not working without installing flash. Though flash doesn give one complete independence . Its users responsibility or rather capability to install flash in his/her system.Hence the complete solution is missing.

One might ask why doesn’t Browsers come with inbuilt flash . Well i guess we need to wait for adobe to give the go ahead for that. Recently apple release I-Pad which doesn support flash. That raised the whole question of “Why make a Internet device without flash ? Well the answer is quite simple they need not . Why ? because flash doesn necessarily have to define the future of Internet. Face it Flash is third party application. Is apple killing flash ? Well that a whole different topic to be discussed !! Flash is powerful.No kidding. At wat cost is the debate.The ide for flash cs4 cost 700$.while that of developing html 5 app cost only brain power and a simple notepad. Html 5 is the new kid in the block.

Much about the power of html 5 is unknown to many web developer. With html 5 the most complex task can be done in minimal code. Abstractness is brought to a new level.The main drawback of html 5 is that it consumes lotta processing power. Is it just the systems i tried it on or a defect of html 5 .I’m not sure but the power of html 5 is very apparent. Web applications are dependant on technologies like .net,php,java,flex,flash .The best out there aren necessarily gonna be around in sometime. Just check out these example of html 5 presented in google summer code. I’m sure some of you will be amazed !


I just finished doing a simple app in html5 and trust me guys it is really neat.I have almost come to conclusion that html5 can give adobe run . Hold on. This doesn mean that flash is gonna disappear !! .For sometime till end of this year at least i ‘m sure flash based apps will continue to grow. But the indications are that Flash’s code-base has grown quite inflexible, if adobe doesn pick up pace and push new features the consequence may be bad for adobe.

check out this link  (Adobe working to sabotage HTML5)



  • Wow. Nice article. I guess there will be new commands for new html too. Now i have to start learning it again. 🙁

  • @Sukhhjit . trust me its really easy 🙂
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  • Shaquille Ray

    HTML 5 is so powerfull and i find it more simplier than HTML 4. I can’t wait until my Website Host comes HTML 5 compatible.

    At the moment i am working with a Basic Developer HTML 5 broswer. Is there any major web broswers out there that support HTML 5? I know Flock, and Firefox don’t “yet”. And i am unaware if Chrome does

    • @Shaquille Ray opera browsers is the best html 5 renderer as of now.. try it out 🙂

  • I think flash will remain in the market coz I don’t think so HTML 5 will create big applications as we make in Flash software. But let the time will speak itself 🙂
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  • Nice article… I checked the features of HTML 5 before, but the way you explained was awesome… Even I tried coding some web sites with HTML 5 but wasn’t very successful… This will surely be helpful for developers..
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  • John

    Flash and Adobe provide IDE for developers. HTML 5 is free for those who use notepad and there is no supporting IDE, so do not tell bullshit like that it is free. This is simply no option for developers. Flash has centralized render engine, so it renders the same way every browser. HTML is depending on browser custom rendering engine, and it will be pain in the ass for developers, due to rendering implementation differences betwen browsers ( remember crazy times when everyone supoorted css their own way ? it is gonna happen again with html 5). So those are reasons why flash wont die: it has predictable rendering engine, it has huge support for developers (IDE), it is open ( compiler is free, so fell free to use it with any IDE u want ), and finally it is very comfortable to develop with it. You man not agree if your flash experience comes from ads published on porno sites, but it is rather your problem