Why Yahoo sucks?


I was totally fed up of the Yahoo! Services which are helpful of course but totally annoying too. I’ll present 3  topics you might want to know “Why Yahoo! Sucks?”

Yahoo Sucks!

Yahoo Answers:

This service which is available at www.answers.yahoo.com is useful and informative too. People enjoy this service. Here is how it works, first you ask a question and publish it. People give the answers, looks pretty simple huh.

I used this service many times, but I had to make 5 accounts just to get 6 answers… LOL.

Reason: I was continuously getting banned. I made another, it got banned too.  So what was the problem….

  1. Users can report any answer they want. The answerer gets banned straight forward. I encountered this problem too. A guy named Vampire(His username on it) reported every answer I gave.  What happened? I got a suspension email. WTF
  2. No reply from costumer support. Let’s think you are suffering the pain which I had recently. You desperately email yahoo customer support. After one week you get an automated reply that your account has been suspended and cannot be recovered. WTF again
  3. Yahoo sucks at spam detection. Try adding words like torrent, anti-virus, Google, hack, warez and there are hundreds of word which yahoo uses in their spam dictionary. You place any of the word and once again. YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED BULLSHIT. On googling out I found that I was not alone in this Emotional Atyachaar.

Suggestion to yahoo : Guys burn your server with your stupid spam detection bots. That’s the reason people prefer googling over yahooing!

Yahoo! Mail:

Yeah the one and only yahoo mail. I recently set up a new account on MSN to which all my email accounts would forward incoming mails too(I have 15 email accounts L). It gets annoying to open all the emails. So the thing was I wanted all my mails at one account. All the email accounts set up correctly using POP3 but yahoo refused as it showed me the only way to do that was Yahoo! Premium Services.

Does this premium service bother less to the consumer?

Yahoo! Search:

Try searching yahoo for anything. I guess the noobish results will let you to open just the only site called Google.com. Despite of Google providing many services it never let them distract from their original motive which is providing a better search engine.

That’s why Google has a whopping share of 85.34% while Yahoo! just has 6.29%. I agree that Yahoo image search looks nicer than Google but it always finds the opposite of what you are looking.

These were three and the only services which more than 90% Yahoo users use….  The annoyance of these services made me to make a website: www.yahoosucks.tk ( Don’t waste your time clicking it, I got a notice from yahoo! And I had to close it) Now the site redirects you to my current blog. And you will be astonished to know that in the week of completing the site I got about 300 hits.

Have a Look at What Google wants to say about Yahoo!

Let’s give yahoo a chance to improve these points in this New Year.

Have a Look at Yahoo’s New Advertisement Campaign which pop now and then on your TV sets!! Yahoo! It’s You!


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  • You are Right! yahoo is losing its glamor… [already lost]!
    The Recent Yahoo! Homepage is a treat to watch.. but still … yahoo is yahoo!

  • Dwayne

    Wasn’t a big fan of yahoo…for webmail, I use Hotmail and Gmail. For answers (school work), I use Wikipedia, Answers.com and Dogpile.com.

    Nice article by the way 🙂

    • Thanks Dwayne! Noone here is a fan of yahoo! That’s why the title is “Yahoo Sucks” !!! 😀
      .-= Sukhjit Singh´s last blog ..Why Yahoo Sucks? =-.

  • Yahoo is always like this. They really depend a lot on advertisements.. Their team is not as awesome as Google. However its really easy to make fake ids in yahoo…. Easy spam 😛
    .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Google New Year Page Rank Update PR 1 for Fun PC Life =-.

  • im like alls yahoo nice but gtalk very very nice 🙂

  • Wow.. this is an excellent research while i agree yahoo is losing it’s charm but it has money, so does Microsoft and they will come up together with better products to bring then right back on track for sure 😉
    .-= Bangaloreloka´s last blog ..Best Lacuna Coil Songs Videos – From Youtube Heavens A Lie. Closer. Our Truth Music Videos =-.

  • One of my friend was working in Yahoo India. Now he hates yahoo.
    I never used yahoo because of all this.

    Yahoo search is bundled with some softs and if you don’t pay attention it installs, get corrupts and destroys the address bar 🙁
    .-= Shekhar Sahu´s last blog ..Tweet Your Feeds Automatically | Socialize Feedburner In Twitter =-.

  • Krish

    Yahoo! search may not be as good as google. But, definitely Yahoo messenger, Yahoo mail is any day better than gmail. I used to have a gmail account, which I am not using now. Gmail has more spams than Yahoo.

    I don’t know the look of gmail isn’t good either. The new look of Yahoo mail is good. Yahoo homepage and Yahoo news is very eye catching. Coming to gtalk, I don’t know I can never imagine another messenger other than Yahoo, maybe skype, but never gtalk.

    Google search has better results compared to Yahoo, hence “googling” is so popular! This is something yahoo has to improve on.

    • I appreciate your defence 😛

      • hpfan

        Really??!! I mean REALLY!!!!????????
        I have both and on any given day I get on yahoo to 90 messages and over 60 to 70 of them are spam and Google I get on with maybe 20 messages and MAYBE 5 to 6 are spam. So you tell me that yahoo spams less! Ive been using Yahoo for years and had to add a spam blocker to stop that shit. Gmail I havnt needed a blocker YET! Go elsewhere fanboy, Yahoo sucks donkey nutts with shrecks lips.

  • I have another reason yahoo sucks !!

    Posting opinions are subjected to censorship.
    They allow hate, racial and pure garbage posts.
    However, when you try to say something that can be checked easily online, they refuse to post it.
    They are modern day NAZI’S….

  • well . when we have google , who looks at yahoo 😛
    .-= Sourish´s last blog ..The Art of Public Speaking =-.

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  • Death to Yahoo


  • Felicia

    I do have yahoo email and I don’t hate it but I DO absolutely HATE yahoo’s home page. I know I should just ignore it if I don’t like it, but it seriously infuriates me like few other things do. It is so stupid, all the front page articles are marketed to senior citizens and lonely cat ladies. I wish they would get their shit together but I feel like they have totally given up. I don’t think they much care about making their site any better. They know Google has won and seem to have bent over and taken hard. sad, sad, sad.

  • you ever go to there chats and notice they have no n house virus and hacker protection?? go in there, any hacker can destroy your computer.i found a site that gives viruses away just for hackers to use so microsoft can sell there trashy firewalls to protect agains on there own shit. look aqt microsoft firewalls in the score charts, the bottom line and you have to pay for them. there only good to protect against viruses that pay yahoo to make so microsoft can sell there cheap weak ass condoms. YAHOO SUCKS, i know i have there e-mail here but iv used it for years. But i still dont like them.

  • Why I Hate Yahoo

    Yahoo is terrible. The main problem I have had with them is their site updates.

    Firstly, I started using the web with my.yahoo.com as my home page and had a nice set up with personalized stock quotes and news and a few other things. Then, the yahoos updated their page to prominently feature a flash ad and something else that made the page take a couple seconds to load. It caused me lots of stress and a few hours before I was able to find the link to keep using the old version. Then a couple months later they took away this option. I don’t use my.yahoo.com anymore (maybe 2 or 3 times a month as opposed to 15-20 times a day).

    So basically, to try to get an extra fraction of a cent from me every time I used the page they ended up taking away a lucrative web stream. I wonder how many other users were forced to leave by this change? The sad thing for Yahoo! is that they had only begun their pursuit of alienating, annoying, and chasing away their best customers.

    I still use them for their top news stories, as a way to get the most popular news stories for the day. But they have even made this an un-enjoyable experience by highlighting words that have nothing to do with the context of the story, but if you happen to drag the cursor over one of these words a box will pop-up if somebody decided that they wanted to pay Yahoo! to do this to us.

    Yahoo probably gets 1 cent for every time 1000 people accidentally roll over these, because that doesn’t result in any action for the advertiser. Yahoo probably got a penny or two out of me by now since there is no easy way to just avoid their linked stories. So for 2 cents they not only have alienated a customer, but they have made me hate them.

    I abhor class action law suits since it usually just makes lawyers rich and companies poor, but in this case I would be all for it. In my opinion these little nuisances have probably caused, and continues to cause, endless stress. Stress has been shown to cause physical illness and disease, therefore a lawyer could show that physical damages have been done, not to mention the amount of time that people lose from their lives since they have to spend the time closing the pop-up ad before they can continue the story.

    I wrote them an e-mail both times telling them why I was leaving, since I assumed they didn’t know the error of their ways.

    I value my time highly and think I am more sensitive to stress than other people. I don’t mind the few thousand dollars it has cost me to use yahoo, but I do VERY MUCH resent the stress and aggravation.

  • Harvey

    Why is it that no matter how many times I switch to Yahoo Classic it always switches me back to Yahoo Mail. My new mail is buried at the bottom of old emails when I use Yahoo Mail. They ask for your opinion when you switch to another Yahoo format, but never answer you.

  • alextubruton

    Yes! This article is spot on. I answered some questions – without flaming anyone at all – and *poof* my account is deleted, all my emails are lost. Of course Yahoo only sends their form email, which tells you nothing. Don’t trust Yahoo for anything – they will screw you. They sure screwed me.

  • marcol

    yahoo is like doggy shit noone wants it

  • MAS

    here is my chat with yahoo after all my email was deleted.

    info: Please wait for a Yahoo! agent to respond. You are currently number 1 in the queue.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 4 minutes.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 4 minutes.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 4 minutes.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 4 minutes.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 1 minutes.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 1 minutes.
    info: All Yahoo! agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. A Yahoo! agent will be with you shortly. Your expected wait time is approximately 1 minutes.
    info: You are now chatting with Nikki
    info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK42601926119X
    mary : i need emails restored priro to 24 hours ago
    Nikki: Hi, Merly! Welcome to our Yahoo! Mail Live Chat service. I’m glad you’ve joined us.
    Nikki: Thank you for providing us the details of your issue.
    mary : how to keep them from disappearing agin
    mary : agaain
    Nikki: I gathered that you want to restore you emails prior to 24 hours. Is that correct?
    mary : yes
    mary : all the years back
    mary : why are they gone? how to prevent this again?
    Nikki: When did you delete it?
    Nikki: I can try to restore it but there’s no assurance after all.
    mary : I don’t understand
    Nikki: I mean, I can try to restore it but there’s no assurance if I can restore it.
    mary : try
    mary : why is it gone?
    mary : is yahoo now unreliable? i can switch all to google.
    Nikki: Have you set up your Yahoo! Mail account to email client such as Outlook?
    mary : m.yahoo on phone and sprint is not aware of any problems
    mary : evo
    mary : please restore emails
    mary : android yahoo app
    Nikki: Maybe the Yahoo! on your phone does not have the correct settings that’s why it got deleted.
    mary : how to fix?
    mary : never given an settings option
    Nikki: What is your phone is it Blackberry?
    mary : evo
    mary : htg
    mary : htc i mean
    mary : this sucks
    mary : need those emails
    mary : how do I backup my email?
    Nikki: Kindly contact the HTC support in order to help you fix this because the settings of the “Leave a copy on the server” was not properly set.
    Nikki: If I restore it without fixing the issue on your phone then it will get lost again on the Yahoo! Mail account on the Web.
    mary : they don’t know what you are talking about can you wait while I call?
    Nikki: Okay, I’ll just be here.
    mary : this is seond call
    mary : should I call htc or sprint?
    Nikki: HTC is the one you need to call because the phone is came from them.
    mary : they are goingto say it is a yahoo app and yahoo problem
    Nikki: Ask them to guide you enabling the “Leave a copy on the server…” when setting up your Yahoo! Mail account.
    mary : hold on I will ask
    mary : are my emails gone?
    Nikki: Let me know about the result. I’ll just be here.
    mary : ok calling them
    Nikki: Okay.
    mary : calling
    Nikki: I’ll wait here.
    mary : speaking now
    Nikki: Okay.
    mary : talking
    Nikki: Ask them the thing I told you a while ago.
    mary : he says that it is automatic that the setting is already that way
    Nikki: Tell them to guide you with the setting on how to configure that, just to make sure the settings is correct.
    mary : yes
    mary : doing that now
    Nikki: Okay, thanks for letting me know.
    mary : talking
    Nikki: Thanks, I’ll wait.
    mary : ok
    mary : ty
    Nikki: Done with the settings? You see the “Leave a copy on the server..” thing I’m talking about?
    mary : working on it
    Nikki: Okay.
    mary : Htc believes my inbox may have just corrupted. Can you look in to the issue further
    mary : they say it is a very rare issue.
    Nikki: Yes, I know. But have you configured the “Leave a copy on the server…” thing?
    mary : I went thour the yahoo mail app that yahoo created and there
    mary : I can use the HTC yahoo.cm
    Nikki: Have you asked them about the “Leave a copy settings….?”
    mary : I need the email restored
    mary : settings
    Nikki: Okay, I will try to restore it but as I said there’s no assurance that it will be restored.
    Nikki: Before proceeding, I’d like to verify some information so I can confirm your account ownership. I take this precaution to ensure the security of your account.
    mary : ok
    Nikki: The Yahoo! Mail account that you are having problems with is: maspat1@yahoo.com. Am I right?
    mary : yes
    Nikki: When is your date of birth? (MM/DD/YY)
    mary : 04/10/63
    Nikki: What is your zip/postal code?
    mary : 06790
    Nikki: What is your answer to the secret question: what was the name of the rabbit?
    mary : harriet
    Nikki: What is your answer to the secret question: What was the make of your first car?
    mary : ford
    Nikki: Thank you for the information. Please log out from your Yahoo! Mail account if you’re currently in.
    Nikki: Make sure not to close this chat window so we won’t be disconnected.
    Nikki: Just inform me once you’re out. I’ll be right here.
    mary : just a moment
    Nikki: Okay, let me know about it.
    mary : 1 min
    Nikki: I’ll just be here.
    mary : ok
    Nikki: Done logging out?
    mary : not yet
    Nikki: Okay.
    Nikki: Let me know once done.
    mary : ok
    mary : not yet
    Nikki: Can we talk about the mail restore while your logging out?
    mary : yes
    Nikki: The way the recovery process works is that we take a copy of what your account looked like at a certain point in time.
    Nikki: For example if we used the yesterday at 1 PM copy as a restore point, your entire mailbox, including all your folders, will look exactly like it did at 1 PM yesterday.
    mary : yesterday
    Nikki: We have approximately 24 hours from the present that we can restore back to.
    Nikki: We have a list of questions prior to attempting to mailbox restoration:
    Nikki: What is your name and the Yahoo! ID for the account you wish to restore?
    mary : mary is my name
    mary : maspat1@yahoo.com
    Nikki: We need the exact date and time to which you would like us to set your mailbox back. Remember, we can only restore your mailbox back no more than 24 hours prior to the time you submit this request. Also, please state your Time zone (i.e.: PST, CST, EST or GMT)
    mary : eastern
    mary : connecticut
    mary : 24 hours
    mary : I already forwarded all important emails
    Nikki: I need the date and time in (MM/DD/YY) format.
    mary : 11/29/10
    mary : so I will lose emails 11/29/10 to present
    mary : but that is ok because I forwarded them alread
    mary : already
    Nikki: Yes, exactly.
    Nikki: Can I have the exact time?
    mary : I changed from yahoo app to htc yahoo mail app uninstalled it on my pone
    mary : 10 pm?
    mary : is that ok? does it matter?
    mary : I am a bad typist
    Nikki: So it’s on Nov. 29, 2010 at exactly 10pm. Right?
    mary : yes that is fine
    Nikki: No worries, it’s okay.
    mary : ty
    Nikki: Please hold on for two minutes while I try to restore it.
    mary : after restoration can you tell me how to archive?
    mary : My office computer might be logged in I just remembered
    mary : I cant log out there!
    mary : I am at home
    Nikki: Please hold for now.
    mary : is this a problem?
    mary : ok
    Nikki: No, need as long as it’s not open.
    mary : that computer is sleeping but yahoo mail was open when I left work
    mary : sleep mode
    Nikki: Okay, please hold now.
    mary : ok
    Nikki: Okay.
    mary : keeping fingers crossed
    Nikki: Please bear with me if I will put you on hold for another two minutes. I’m still in the process of troubleshooting your account.
    mary : no prob
    Nikki: Thanks, please hold.
    Nikki: Thanks for waiting.
    Nikki: I’m done with the restoration.
    mary : np
    mary : do i sign on?
    Nikki: Kindly check it now, and let me know about the result.
    mary : checking
    Nikki: I’ll just be here.
    mary : no only goes back 11/22
    Nikki: Sorry but that’s the timeframe you gave on us and I just followed it. Beyond 24 hours of deleting it on the server we can no longer retrieve that.
    mary : I don’t undersand
    mary : I want all my eamil reastored I
    mary : dont understand
    mary : Old emails are needed
    mary : need old emails not new I fowarded new ones
    Nikki: But that’s the only thing we can do, and I told you a while ago that I can give it a try but there’s no assurance that it will be restored and you said that it’s okay.
    Nikki: That’s why I tried to.
    mary : Can you try to get the ones earlier this year
    mary : what happened?
    mary : Where are they?
    mary : is there another way?
    Nikki: As I said we cannot restore emails deleted beyond 24 hours. Maybe the messages you needed was deleted beyond that time.
    mary : is there someone else who can help?
    mary : What is the purpose of yahoo plus if all my email are lost?
    Nikki: No sorry, that is the last thing we can do. The problem is not on ours it’s on your POP settings in your phone that I told you a while ago by setting the “Leave a copy….” on it. But the phone manufacturer insist it and blamed that it’s on our end.
    Nikki: My apologies about this, I can give it one more try but again not sure if it works to restore your old emails.
    mary : I would like you to try and to speak to supervisor
    mary : ty
    mary : there must be a way
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to spatfax@yahoo.com at the end of your chat.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to spatfax@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
    Nikki: Sorry to say but our Supervisor is currently not available. I’m willing to help you fix this cocern.
    mary : ok
    mary : please
    mary : try
    Nikki: Thanks, I will try to restore it again, hope it works.
    mary : is it because I am signed on at the computer at work?
    Nikki: Please logout in your Yahoo! Mail account.
    mary : maybe that stopped your restoration?
    mary : should I try tomorrow?
    mary : I logged out
    Nikki: No, it will not affect as long as it’s not actively using it.
    mary : ok
    Nikki: Please hold.
    mary : ok
    Nikki: Okay.
    mary : omg I wasnt completely signed out
    mary : so sorry
    Nikki: Done signing out now?
    mary : screwed it up
    mary : yes done wno
    mary : now
    Nikki: Okay, thanks for confirming.
    mary : not a good day today
    Nikki: My apologies about the inconvenience.
    mary : thanks for working on it
    Nikki: You’re welcome. Hope it will be restored.
    mary : ok
    Nikki: Okay.
    mary : I am reading http://www.everythingicafe.com/forum/iphone/yahoo-email-lost-emails-5630.html
    mary : Lots of people are having this problem. This is terrible.
    Nikki: Done restoring it, please do check it and let me know about the result.
    mary : ok 1 min
    Nikki: That issue you read is all about their phone settings about the “Leave a copy….” I’m telling you a while ago.
    mary : except it doesn’t offer you a choice
    Nikki: We cannot provide answers for that “Leave a copy…” on your phone because it’s with the phone manufacturer settings not on ours.
    Nikki: Have you checked it?
    mary : That is wrong.
    mary : You are providing incorrect info. In any event, it is a Yahoo app. Yahoo is responsible. Is this the best you can do?
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to spatfax@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
    Nikki: Have you check it?
    mary : It did not work. I have old email in sent box not in box
    Nikki: Sorry to hear that, I already exhausted all the troubleshooting steps needed but still it can no longer restore the emails that was POPed by your phone.
    Nikki: My apologies about this.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to spatfax@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
    mary : I am going to send a copy of this chat to HTC and Yahoo. The 2 companies can point fingers at each other, but it will cost Yahoo my account. If that is all I can do, that is what I will do. I have a hard time believing that you cannot retrieve my data.
    mary : FTC and FCC and everyone I can think of needs to see this chat.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to spatfax@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
    Nikki: We’re really sorry about this, I already did all the needed troubleshooting for it work but still it can no longer retrieve. I already explained to you what is really needed. I already do a lot of effort for this.
    mary : Ineffective. Did not resolve serious issue.
    Nikki: My apologies, I really understand the frustration you have right now and I’m very sorry if you only knew I already did my part.
    mary : You can only do what you know and are trained to do by Yahoo.
    Nikki: We’re really very sorry.
    mary : Not good enough.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to spatfax@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
    Nikki: Still very sorry, Mary.
    mary : I am contacting a class action lawyer. This is not acceptable.
    Nikki: If HTC only help you with this about their settings then you will not encountered this at all.
    mary : It is a yahoo app
    mary : Yahoo is responsible
    Nikki: If that’s what you want then I respect it but I assure you this issue is not on Yahoo!’s end.
    mary : Yes it is
    mary : It is your server
    mary : You control your own server and how applications affect it.
    mary : Yahoo, that is.
    Nikki: I am sorry if you feel that way.
    mary : yes I do
    Nikki: Yahoo! Mail only provides the settings on how you can connect to the POP and SMTP server.
    Nikki: But the feature to leave a copy of downloaded mails from your Yahoo! Mail account is the mailbox behavior of your external mail client or mobile phone.
    mary : Yahoo and HTC have contracts. Who is resposible for the software? You can point fingers all you want but your customers who use your account rely on you to make sure the software you offer is reliable.
    Nikki: We don’t have the control on how your external mail client or mobile phone behave. We can only allow it to access our server and we don’t delete mails that have been downloaded.
    mary : Why are my emails gone frm your server? You allowed this.
    mary : Yahoo did.
    mary : I do not accept your answer.
    mary : Please show this issue to a supervisor. I am going to be sharing this conversation as well.
    Nikki: We allow the settings of your mobile device or other external mail client, but we don’t set it up to delete them from our server.
    mary : And your server should be set up to prevent data loss of customers.
    Nikki: If your mobile phone settings has that setting as a default, I believe that the right person to contact is your mobile phone provider.
    Nikki: This chat is being monitored and will be reviewed by our Supervisors. Once again I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    mary : It is not set up as a default, I confirmed that with HTC and saw it on my phone. Pointing fingers is not helpful
    mary : Seems to evade responsibility.
    mary : While I feel sorry for you as an employee, Yahoo remains responsible.
    Nikki: I am sorry if you feel that way. We don
    Nikki: I’m sorry about that.
    mary : I intend to report.
    Nikki: What I meant was, we don’t have control to override the external mail’s settings.
    mary : Why not?
    mary : You are responsibile to you customers for making sure Yahoo applcaitons function appropriately. Yahoo failed to do this.
    Nikki: We only allow access to send and receive mails.
    mary : The server should not allow deletion with mobile settings to occur inadvertantly. Negligent on the part of Yahoo.
    Nikki: May I know what is the application you used in your mobile phone?
    mary : yahoo mail
    mary : I strongly suggest to the monitoring supervisors that Yahoo take additional steps to restore my emails.
    Nikki: It’s a service of Yahoo! and not an application. Could you be more specific on what type of application you used.
    mary : I intend to post this conversation.
    Nikki: Let me check if our Supervisors are now available.
    mary : HTC phone. Evo. Yahoo mail is availabe on the phone. Yahoo actually claims no knowledge of availability of Yahoo mail accounts on mobile devices??
    Nikki: Thank you for waiting, our Supervisor is now available.
    Nikki: Please wait for two to three minutes while I transfer you.
    mary : ok
    mary : its not going to help unless my email is restored.
    Nikki: Thank you, Mary.
    mary : Your welcome.
    info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to Joshua.
    info: You are now chatting with Joshua
    info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK42601926119X
    mary : please have him review this chat first.. If he cannot escalate restoration efforts I will do what I have to do.
    Joshua: Hi, Mary! This is Joshua the Supervisor of Yahoo! Mail Live Chat Support.
    mary : Hello
    Joshua: Please hold for two minutes while I read your previous chat transcript.
    mary : ty
    Joshua: You’re welcome.
    Joshua: Thank you for patiently waiting.
    mary : ok
    Joshua: In my understanding, your mails have disappeared after your mobile phone downloaded from your Yahoo! Mail account. Right?
    mary : seems so
    Joshua: Thank you for confirming.
    Joshua: Also I have verified that the option to leave a copy from the server was not enabled by your mobile phone.
    Joshua: I am sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to restore mails that have been deleted by an external mail client or mobile phone.
    mary : why is there even a choice allowed by that app? Deletion should not be possible so casually.
    mary : I have been told this already.
    mary : I don’t really buy that. Doesn’t Yahoo have carbonite or something?
    Joshua: I am sorry about that, but we don’t have a control on that settings. Yahoo! Mail will only allow you to send and receive emails using the POP mail servers.
    mary : Really.
    Joshua: Yahoo! Mail doesn’t have the tools to do that.
    mary : So Josh you are simply repeating Nikki’s canned responses. That ensuring that I share this chat.
    mary : I don’t care to continue without hope of resolution. If you refuse restoration, I believe you. I will take other action
    Joshua: I am sorry for the inconvenience.
    mary : Not good enough.
    mary : Its not going to be good enough unless you take steps to restore.
    Joshua: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
    mary : sure.
    info: There may be a problem communicating with Joshua. Please wait while your chat is transferred to another Yahoo! agent.
    info: You are now chatting with Maddox
    info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK42601926119X
    mary : IS this a game?
    Maddox: Hi! Welcome to our Yahoo! Mail Live Chat service. I’m glad you’ve joined us.
    Maddox: Thank you for providing us the details of your issue.
    mary : I am going to post this chat. Nikki, Joshua, Maddox.
    mary : Tag team?
    Maddox: No.
    Maddox: I apologize for the inconvenience.
    mary : I wonder what other Yahoo mail users will think.
    Maddox: Please give me a minute or two while I look into your issue.
    mary : Sure
    Maddox: Thanks.
    mary : It will be a warning, I think, to other users.
    mary : I hope
    Maddox: I’m sorry about that.
    mary : sure
    Maddox: Hi, I’ll be right with you.
    Maddox: Please hold.
    mary : sure
    Maddox: Thank you.
    Maddox: I have read your chat transcript and found out that your lost emails are unable to be restored. Is that correct?
    mary : That is the resonse I have been given.
    Maddox: If it’s more than 24 hours it can no longer be restored.
    mary : it wasn’t when I called.
    mary : It still isn’t
    mary : just about to be.
    mary : when I signed on to chat it wasnt’ too late.
    mary : I don’t remembe what time I checked the yahoo mail on the phone.
    mary : Again this is not helping.
    Maddox: I apologize. However, if restoration does not bring back your missing emails it can no longer be restored.
    mary : Just adding insult to injury. Anyone reading this chat will see you are handing me off to different employees. I just got the phone last night. it wasn’t 24 hours when I began the chat.
    mary : So why are you wasting time if there is really nothing you can do? Just hoping you will get me to say it is ok that Yahoo behaves so badly?
    mary : Maddox, Joshua, Nikki
    mary : All the same canned responses.
    Maddox: I really apologize for the inconvenience.
    mary : If you cannot restore I beleive you. I also hold yahoo responsible.
    Maddox: Based on your previous chat, all the troubleshooting steps was done to restore those emails but it seems that it didn’t work.
    mary : and so?
    Maddox: We can no longer restore those emails back to your account since it was your mobile device that deleted your emails.
    mary : I was told this 3 times I believe you. Why are you retelling same thing?
    mary : I hold Yahoo responsible.
    mary : for the loss.
    mary : I repeat I hold Yahoo responsible.
    Maddox: I strongly suggest that you contact your mobile carrier, or Yahoo! Mobile Team to set your mobile device to leave a copy of email on mail server.
    mary : Already contacted them.
    mary : This is not the issue. Yahoo is responsible.
    Maddox: No, Mary. We can no longer restore those email if it was deleted by an email client or mobile device.
    Maddox: We already tried all the possible troubleshooting to restore those emails.
    mary : Correct the problem. Yahoo should not allow this.
    mary : You failed. I realize you are not going to help.
    mary : I hold Yahoo responsible.
    mary : I think others will as well
    mary : Other than that there is no point in discussing this.
    Maddox: I suggest you contact your mobile carrier to set your mobile device to leave a copy of your emails to your account.
    mary : It was not the mobile carrier settings. It was your Yahoo Android app that did it and there was no option. Yahoo is responsible.
    mary : No matter what you type, Yahoo is responsible for the data entrusted to its servers by customers.
    Maddox: I apologize for the inconvenience.
    mary : Have a good night. I have had enough unless you can restore my emails.
    Maddox: Thank you for your understanding.
    Maddox: Are you still there?
    mary : yep
    Maddox: Would there be anything else I can assist you with?
    mary : you haven’t assisted
    Maddox: I apologize but there’s nothing we can do to restore your missing emails.
    mary : You said that.
    Maddox: Yes.
    mary : Have a good night.
    Maddox: Please allow me to provide you a recap to cover our chat before you leave.
    mary : No thanks.
    Maddox: There’s a short survey after this chat session. If you fill it out, I would be very grateful.
    Maddox: Your comments would let my Manager know how I did today and help improve our services.
    mary : No.
    Maddox: To take the survey, please click on the “END CHAT” button (not the “X”) found at the top-right side of this chat window.
    mary : Bye
    Maddox: Thank you for using Yahoo! Mail. If you have any other questions, please feel free to come back and chat with us at any time.
    mary : bye

    • qwerty

      I feel sorry for you but ROFL

    • Amol

      I know what it feels to be in your position, when you lose some key emails or document due to technological issues.

      But you really are ignorant. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail …. every POP mail client has the option to “leave a copy from the server ” or “delete from server after download”. If you (or a software that you installed) sets it incorrectly then its not Yahoo’s fault.

      Yahoo sucks by the way, but you suck even more.

    • Sukhjit

      OMFG, You may have wasted about 1 hr on that stupid tech support. BTW I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment “tag team”.
      Still feel sorry for you, try microsoft its far better than yahoo!

  • fox

    mary’s a bitch

  • Terry

    Yahoo really does suck. They do not help subscribers with problems. I asked why it was necessary to have a scrambled authentication of email and when they would not answer I gave them a bad feedback. All of a sudden, I have to authenticate pretty much every email I send. I have always said, “Just because your are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

  • onlyme

    Yahoo is designed for hackers to be able to just go right in and into any ones computer. Chats is the most dangerous chat I have ever seen. E-mail is designed to allow spam and trogenware through with out question. Reason for this is so they can work with microsoft to sell crap hole firewalls that really are no good for anything except yahoos attacks, and there not even that great against that. But if you use there walls on any other powered sites they let everything in. There tool bar is atrocious for putting in spyware and malware. If I use there tool bar my scanners pick up so many problems that its amazing they all come out at times. I only use Google tool bars now, I have had little to no problems using them. I use Comodo firewall to surf and online armor with a huge random password for chats, But I no longer use yahoo chats and only use the e-mail for warnings of my other site activities. I have had no problems sense I made my transations. Yahoo sucks. I have found now that they are talking about rewarded there chat hackers by hiring them on with a free for all instead of throwing them in jail where they belong.

    Do yourself a favor and AVOID YAHOO as much as you can.

  • zaid

    I swear yahoo are bigtime fuckholes. The dicks suspend accounts unreasonably, and that too for life. Yahoo sucks like shit. Even thier mail is fucked up..msn is much better than thier mail service. google owns the search engines.
    Yahoo = Donkeyballs

    • John E Strom Jr.

      They suspended me as well. Then, without warning that banned me from posting. They do NOT tolerate conservatives very much. Good, saves me LOTS of time each day since I tried to make (mostly) informed posts. Yahoo could care less. They’re a bunch of overpaid twerps who really think they’re brilliant. They aren’t.

      The only nuisance was that when I became persona non grata on Yahoo they also took away my e-mail address together with ALL of my e-mails for about ten years. But I’m gad to have made the switch and bum lay Marissa can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      I confess I AM mystified why she hasn’t been fired. She DOES think she’s something special. She isn’t.

      • Amber Bandicoot

        ” They’re a bunch of overpaid twerps who really think they’re brilliant. ” ]– You said a mouthful there! It’s why they hold users in such contempt.

  • onlyme

    Honestly I never been suspended from Yahoo. I don’t know why I hear so much about that. But I do know from friends that have hacked Yahoo that it is very easy to do so and for that reason they said themselves that they don’t even bother with it anymore, one found out unintentionally. Thus meaning once there passed there firewalls they can easily get to anyone else’s. No site that interacts computers for combined interaction should be so simple to get through, least of all one as widely used as yahoo. I believe they keep it that way so they can get personal info and I do think they personally steal bank accounts from there users.

    I remember them getting accused and sued for such things in the passed and paying out in settlements for such things and I do believe that’s what they do. I believe they use some hackers in chats to do it for them so they don’t get traced back and I DO believe that they send most trojans in there E-mail to retrieve info and there firewalls are more tracers then firewalls to keep tabs on there customers. I have NO faith in Yahoo.

    Iv’e heard from some sites Google stealing info but never seen any proof to state so, I think its just Yahoo fans and employees trying to downgrade Google cause its hard to hack and they actually do there JOB to keep out viruses and they don’t like it lol On that note KEEP TALKIN’!! Iv’e used yahoo and Google for years and never get viruses on Google hardly ever Yahoo fans and Yahoo everytime I used IT would lock up my phone and Id have to get viruses removed to use net again, Google NEVER ONCE did any shit like that to me and I’m a proud fan 😉 To hell with them. YAHOO belongs no where on the web. If anyone has accounts online I’d never trust them to YAHOO.

    Yahoo is a bunch of crackheads lmao

  • Meg

    Yahoo Sucks Big Tiime, it’s presented me with 8 screens this morning to tell me I don’t have an account immediately followed by 8 more screens telling me a I do have an account, but it can’t find my password OR any of my alt emails. It just blows big time. I am SO DONE. Google here I come

  • Todd

    I personally hate all search engines but yahoo is #1 most hated in my book.. #2 is google but just my opinion.

  • jim

    I’m a small business owner with a small website using my real name yet can’t get listed on yahoo. (yahoo is pig stupid) . Meanwhile if I search on yahoo for my name the scum at yahoo have pages for some pornographer (unpaid non- sponsored listings) whose real name is gauthier. Seems the pornographer wants to protect his “good name” and simply chose my name out of the blue so to speak. I hate yahoo and by extension hotmail as yahoo and msn are asshole buddies since their unholy union.

    • hpfan

      actually pigs have over 110 IQ average, so that makes yahoo much much stupider then pigs 😉 lmao

  • yahoo suks

    well i finally got my account deactivated for no reason whatsoever. they told me on phone to email financial support. fucking assholes. im glad i switched to gmail a year ago. funny thing is i can create as many yahoo account as i want, my ip changes all the time and i can make it change at will. now im on a mission to give these emails out to all the spammers and pornsites

  • yahoooooooo!!!! is still for amateurs, or kids (when you like that)
    thought they will grow but …… mmmmmm ok… doei (bye)

  • Dale Walkinshaw

    making me redo this over and over is not going to stop me!!!!! I’m so sick of yahoo ! what the hell is the matter with them? are they on drugs or something? or just don’t give a damn anymore. I haven’t been able to get into my mail for over two weeks now, it keeps sending me to some damn page of garbage I don’t even give a damn about . WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY MAIL. dALE wALKINSHAW gOGogranny20@yahoo.com

  • hpfan

    http://www.freepasswordgenerator.com/ <— To anyone using yahoo still. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD using this. Its a password generator and IT IS STRONG KUNG FO. best to make it all random and to let it add symboles, casps, all it can if you can. And it will do random letters and numbers so WRITE IT DOWN unless you have a photographic memory as I do not. Best thing in the world for facebook as well as hacking is an issue in there.

    Enjoy 😉

    • hpfan

      PS, its allen from up the page by the way, And there chats still sucks. No amount of password protection will help against them so I still suggest never going there. 😉 But I hope this link helps.

  • hpfan

    Sukhjit Singh 🙂

    • hpfan

      If all ^ this message ^ said was Sukhjit Singh 😀 Dont post it mods, some reason it all didnt seem to post, But if its considerable longer post if you want. thank you

  • hpfan

    Fuck I dont think my last post all came up. I said way more then just your name. Fuck it

  • Bobo Brazil

    They only display the comments that the particular person who reads them agrees with or likes. It’s like censorship. Sometimes they’ll display real bullshit and not a comment with intelligent substance and fact. For example, there’s one about SWchwartzennegger divorce (7/2/11). The comment submitted regarding the article, which simply stated “I farted and it smells like corn” Fuck you Yahoo. Whoever allowed that should be fired. I’ve even seen them print “cunt”, but if I used the word ass or bullshit, they censor it. They’re hypocrits and dueche bags (another word they scramble).

  • Jim

    I typed in yahoo sucks in their browser bar and this charming site popped up.
    I have yet in the last year to have all of my yahoo page work for me in one session. URL errors abound and I can’t even get their own content. But in their defense it is hard to see with a butt cheek on each shoulder.

  • Rick

    Yahoo fucked up their email and it sucks ass, it locks up, it does not send mail out, it stalls, it is the most pain in the ass unreliable POS out there.


    • hpfan

      serious?? I’ve only used it once in the last … idk year lol Found the new page myself, Only problem I had it wouldnt delete my messages. But I only used it for long enough to try that. Everything just transfers to my google anyway lol. I just can’t seem to get my yahoo friends transferred directly over to google. Tried when I first switched over. It’s supposed to though. I bet yahoo sabotaged it so the transfer dosent work LMAO

      • Bas

        Oh yes. YAHOO does a lot of crap like that to stop easy data transfer over to Facebook and Google. After all how are they to stop the bleeding of users and the loss of market share. Fortunately they are just delaying the inevitable – the shuttering up of their premices both physical and online!

        Yes YAHOO SUCKS! There’s a reason why Facebook’s IPO is being touted as perhaps the biggest of all time and GOOG is at $667 while YAHOO languishes at a paltry $13.08!

    • Gail Carpenter

      > MICROshitSOFT RULES!
      > FUCK ‘NSA’!

  • David

    I don’t trust Yahoo Answers, most the time people are talking BS and when someone that works for yahoo such as “Answerer 1” gives a reply their answers are usually total BS and/or they don’t actually answer the question asked. They also come off as rude & judgmental. Furthermore they are giving dangerous advice to some serious questions concerning psychology, health, legal issues, and the like. Sure a lot of questions aren’t at all serious but many times people are giving bogus answers. I’ve got answers from people that seem to work at Yahoo themselves such as “Answerer 1” and they don’t even site their sources or give references and even if they do it’s usually irrelevant to my question. Sometimes they will proceed to put words in my mouth that I never said and then base an argument and/or answer around something that I didn’t even type. Then post links as if they are relevant to my question. Please people. Don’t trust Yahoo Answers they are just a bunch of YeHarrs. You should consult with someone you know is certified in areas of your questions such as a lawyer, doctor, accountant, psychologist, local agency, state or fed office, etc to address your questions. Don’t trust some arm chair NO Nothing with your questions. Specially if they are serious. A lot of questions people are asking aren’t all that serious but all too often people are asking serious questions and Yahoo Answers is giving some DANGEROUS advice (most of which is also judgmental and insulting). If they were so smart they would tell people with more serious issues to contact an consult an actual professional. Yahoo Answers can be dangerous to your health!

  • Wayne

    YAHOO SUCKS plain and simple, ASSHOLES that they are, they must be 12 or 13 year old total assholes running that place.. they let shit get in your email from other assholes, nude pictures, spam, and so on, you try to send it to the authorities with the full header, and WTF, you have to type in all these chicken shit codes, then another, and another, then your “suspicious activity”.. then your account is suspended….. ASSHOLE OF ALL ASSHOLES.. WHY BLOCK ME, WHY NOT DO YOUR FUCKING JOB AND BLOCK THE SPAMMERS AND PORNO BOTS? BECAUSE YOUR FUCKING 13 YEARS OLD AND THINK ITS FUNNY…… WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR ADDRESS FUCK HEAD? CHICKEN SHIT TO TELL ANYONE AREN’T YOU.. SOMEONE WOULD STOP YOUR CLOCK!!!!! YEAH, i DON’T LIKE FUCKING YAHOO..

    • Tricia Youngblood

      Amen! You are exactly right. They won’t accept any password you type in these days. Gmail is so much better.

    • xcraphoo

      ya what he said

  • Gonzo

    Yes, yahoo sucks every day a little more! specially the e-mail is worse than years ago! I used yahoo mail for like 10 years with pride. Then, perhaps after M$ bought it, it started to work all wrong in Firefox and other navigators. Then, it prevented you to send messages to your own contacts, with suspicious that you are a spammer. Now, besides being slower than a slug, it ask for a “captcha code” every other message you try to send. Come on!
    I moved to another mail service and am happier than ever.
    Good by, M$-Yahoo. I will miss you the way you were 5 years ago.

    • Amber Bandicoot

      The FPOS — if you use it to re-send messages to yourself (long draft, etc.) — becomes a gooey mess, where characters fail to appear as you key them, up until 3-5sec. or more later. Try Yandex, the Russian email. ONE annoying feature of theirs is the gmail “conversation” style of ARCHIVING emails (not when using) that constitutes re-inventing the wheel into a rectangle.

  • Orangon

    I am so angry with Yahoo right now!!! So I got a new computer, an iMac. Love it. No problems until I tried to use Yahoo Sitebuilder on it. Yahoo Sitebuilder is the software Yahoo offers you when you sign up for their webhosting. Great. So I have a website I built with Sitebuilder on my PC with about 800 pics on it and 35 pages that took me months to get it where it is now. Turns out, Sitebuilder does not work with macs. WTF? I think you have to try really hard to make something totally incompatible, with no workarounds, to a mac. I called the Yahoo customer service and the woman told me, “no sitebuilder does not work with mac, all you can do is completely rebuild your site from scratch with iweb on your mac.” No “sorry” or anything. Just a “your basically screwed.” God I hate Yahoo! Why did I ever go with them? They are so mickey mouse. Why do they still exist?!?! Does anyone have any advice? I will probably just end up having to hook up my old computer again. That’s dumb.

  • Yahoo blows, this is true. They report biased news, they sensor comments and now the commenters that hold useless Yahoo accounts can no longer track activity on their comments to track back and respond (to keep “conversations” active). Yes, Yahoo, indeed sucks. Also, Yahoo News reports biased news which is left leaning.

    • pukus

      If yahoo news is left-leaning, than you might just be a redneck

    • Rwiscless

      Reichwing Commie…..

  • Patrick

    Oh, there is even better thing then Google Messenger. Shame of you guys. But the most of all is : Yahoo suck.
    Ha, ha Chinese do better then all of you including: Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Messenger and others “brand’s”. He, he. There is something what here in U.S people has no idea. Is call :QQ. It is the best you can have it. Is not only for Chinese users. You can download, QQ International in English language, and soon you will tested the new freedom of the best system of messenger communication.
    Give it try, and you will never regrade it

  • Lkginmass

    Yahoo sucks every time I travel I get a fucking message your account has been suspended for 48 hours WTF what ass holes
    I hope they go out of business and the head ass hole goes bankrupt you fucking jackass!

  • DislikeIndex.com

    You can express your dissatisfaction of Yahoo! by disliking it on the Yahoo! page on DislikeIndex.com.

  • Kingmelody

    ….won’t let me log in.

  • Robertjjacksonjr

    yahoo bring my profile the way it was you scumbags

  • Doug

    ok i tried to terminate off yahoo cancellation page to no avail using there distorted codes and devil audio I hope they have more codes left because I used 1000 of them and half my morning! I tried tech help they asked for $58.00 up front? bull shit! pay me for my time wasted ok? now feeling like something hacked like my account info etc. ? Advice take the hard drive out of my mini mack and wash in the dishwasher or burn it or get some kind of closer? HELP

  • yahoo blows

    yahhho wont let me acces accout kesp asking me for pass

  • Moc

    man, i found this by searching “yahoo sucks” because theyre allways pissing me off. mostly with the shitty articles they usually write and the pop up ads that cover the whole screen and make you search for the “x” to close them before letting you do anything else. the only reason im still using yahoo is bc i have 3 email accounts with them (havent had any trouble with my email accounts…) but i agree “yahoo sucks”

    • Rwiscless

      Get Ad Block.. It works!!!

  • Azredwinger

    Yahoo sucks because I just created a new account and it never let me log in. I’ll go elswhere. Stuff it Yahoo!

  • Anonymous

    I had to find a place to add my complaints about Yahoo!, so guess what…

    I used to frequent the Yahoo! chat rooms years ago when they were the only game in town, but haven’t used Yahoo! since they nerfed the chat rooms. Recently, I was forced to rediscover Yahoo! messenger by a friend who apparently couldn’t get any other IM client to work on her phone.

    So…I signed up for a new Yahoo! account for the sole purpose of chatting with a single person. Within a day I was inundated with spam email and IM requests. Yahoo! apparently shares user account info publicly. There are no privacy controls or exclusive spam filters – you just have to take it.

    But if that wasn’t enough reason to hate Yahoo!, their messenger client is the ONLY one I know of that prevents you from being logged in from multiple devices. So if you walk away from your computer but you still want to get messages, you have to remember to log yourself in on your phone. Then when you get back to your computer, you have to remember to log yourself back in on your computer. Its a hassle that makes staying connected extremely difficult.

    I won’t even go into Yahoo! answers, which is mostly a joke.

    • Rwiscless


  • Rslriftmage

    The one only thing yahoo has is the news.And latly that is only a headline and some pictures.WTF who in the hell called that news.The search engine fails hard.If i want to find something i go to google.Google may be bland but it does what it says it does.Yahoo on the other hand provides half assed news and a crap search engine.

  • Anonymous

    there ok some times i’ll want

  • Your Mail

    …And read this, about Yahoo putting Chinese human rights protestors in jail!
    Above action was when Jerry Yang (a Chinese born American – SHAME) was VP of Yahoo… He took this action against HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN just so that Yahoo could suck-up to Chinese authorities (ie… so that Yahoo could keep growing its Chinese business interests)

  • Classic Yahoo mail needs to be reborn the new version sucks big time, is any one at yahoo above the age of puberty?

  • Yahoo! News is 1. NOT news but gossip and titillation that is aimed and the LOWEST common denominator and/or IQ. 2. Is very conservative.

    The “headlines” tell nothing but always show the poor, black, and disenfranchised in the WORST possible light. While the REAL news of the republicans – and the corporations who bought them – that continue to obstruct, pillage, and plunder the American poor and middle class goes untouched, unnoticed, unheard. For this reason I hate Yahoo! News for their lies and distortion.

    • Michael Riggans

      and the “Yahoo news commenters” are the nastiest and most vile people.

  • mark

    yoohoo has been a royal pia. they have ignored any attempts at correspondence and their recentchange sin email just plain suck..

  • celeb world

    yahoo search is just a stupid and system. I hate it.

  • Gail Carpenter

    > ‘YAHOO’ & “ADOBE” sleep in the same bed, YUP!

  • Victor T Cypert McKenna

    The main problem with Yahoo! is that they embrace the whole hetero-centric / child-friendly approach to the Internet in about 2003. The end result was that single adults felt like Yahoo! was always scolding us and/or monitoring our every move and/or generally behaving like a schoolmarm.

    Yahoo! began to die about the same time they decided they needed to sanitize themselves. They placed crazy restrictions on groups and kept removing services. Now nobody uses Yahoo! It’s moribund. I wish it’d just go away.

  • Bill Smith

    Just look at the people going into Yahoo offices in Sunnyvale, all dotheads, thats the main problem.

  • Ron

    Yahoo is forcing everyone to switch over by Jan 31st. The new Yahoo is just as fucked up as the old. It took me a long time to organize my Home page to how I wanted it. Now, thanks to Yahoo’s improvements which I see as detriments I have to start from scratch again, I wont be doing it with Yahoo.

  • mark

    they just suck

  • Tricia Youngblood

    Lately, Yahoo is not user friendly. They want to me to change my password and then when I come up with a good one, they don’t accept any of the passwords that I type in. I finally give up. I want to cancel them. They used to be good, but now they suck. Unfortunately, I need to get into my Yahoo account because that is the only way I can access my financial aid money. Now I can’t get my money because Yahoo won’t let me change my freaking password. It’s like they are holding me hostage. Worse, there is no phone number to customer service or a help desk. Also, their news sucks. The writers are so shallow. All they care about is celebrity gossip. Oh please. I can turn on the Wendy Williams show and get my fill of celeb gossip.

  • donkey_kong

    Yahoo is the only service where hackers have broken security and spammed all my contacts. Not once but multiple times. I have like triple verification or some shit but it doesn’t matter because some kid from the Phillipines will hack some obscure yahoo service to find your password. BRAVO Yahoo you fucks – just admit defeat already. Google kicks your ass in tech and on the stock market.

  • flamestar

    Yahoo sucks. They are malware that tries to force you to use their search engine, The search engine is slow and it only comes to links that pay yahoo. They illegally hijacked my chrome browser and made their search engines my home page. I will fix it and then they will again make their crappy engine my home page. It’s times like this when I want to organize a boycott of the products they advertize.

  • Alice

    Yahoo SUCKS ASS !

  • Jon Holden

    You type like a fucking retard.
    “Costumer support?”
    Are those the people who help you pick out a Halloween costume?
    I hope this isn’t your day job…

  • HarryObrian

    Wow, this is 4 years old and yahoo sucks even more. They have so much krap running that just changing pages takes many seconds if not minutes.

  • Rocco

    Bad management. Yahoo had it’s time pre-Google.

  • Jon Shaw


  • John E Strom Jr.

    Yahoo sucks because of the idiot CEO, Marissa Mayer, who’s sole claim to fame was being a good ‘lay’ for one of the Google founders. THAT’S IT! She needs to be fired and then replace the entire leftist, politically correct bunch of talentless aholes and fire them too.

  • John E Strom Jr.

    and places ads onscreen that are annoying as Hell. They are dumber than a sack of rocks.

  • Rob Mac

    Now they have an app to comment, fuck yahoo

  • Amber Bandicoot

    Yahoo! developer teams have a running bet who can generate the most hate mail. Ever notice the contempt for users Yahoo!, Microsoft, etc. have for users? One day, you log in/on & they’ve moved the furniture on you. A bewildering new array of dysfunctional, counter-productive features you hate, with features you used/basically liked now gone, be it Yahoo!’s new “Messenger” (100% hate mail) or Microsoft’s bewildering new “Windows 10” (100% hate mail — go to “Feedback hub” & see). They’re geniuses, we’re imbeciles, o/wise, we’d prostrate ourselves before their sheer genius instead of turning into a torch-carrying rabble.

  • John E Strom Jr.

    The problem is Marissa Mayer. She’s an under-talented asshole who has surrounded herself with like minded under-talented assholes who truly think she’s intelligent. She’s an idiot.

  • J

    Not only does YaFool look outdated, but the entire setup gives off vibes like a nursing home. It’s old. It’s dying. Its advertisers are irrelevant to everyday living. It’s beyond hospice care. Give it a shovel. Help them expedite the process they’ve already begun of burying themselves.

    Now, as for their email services, why is it they’ve gone to great lengths to set up a very complicated system of retrieving one’s forgotten password or establishing a new one that is intended to include absolutely no human interaction? Yet, despite their idiotic and very unhelpful system, they have the highest number of security breaches than any website, social site, internet service, or email service in the world! Why am I wasting my time on this? YAHOO FO’ FOOLS SUCKS! It’s as simple as that. It’s hell on the Internet.

  • Da Mac

    I’m not convinced.

  • Rich Shoemaker

    Yahoo sucks for me because they have so many POP UPS and it freezes my computer from anywhere to 30 seconds to 30 minutes ! And when you respond on comments it will freeze and you spend 10 minutes correcting half of the words you typed in for a response ! The words you post are not right and you will here a ding and everything freezes up .They have tried to take on to much advertisement and everything freezes ! YAHOO figure it out . If it doesn’t work people will drop you .

  • Rich Shoemaker

    Yahoo is one of the most hacked sites on the internet ! WHY ? Because they have to much FAKE ADVERTISEMENT that they don’t check out and these sites are there to steal your private information !!!

  • Jay McMahon

    Yahoo Headlines.. the stories they publish.. Media is out of hand.. sorry Yahoo.. but in my opinion.. you spread (in a nut shell) unhappy articles.. You disrespect our President (Trump).. you and your editors may not like him.. but… he is our commander and chief.. some of the things I have seen and read.. well.. its so out of bounds. .so out of hand.. so disrespectful .. keep your opinion to yourself.. and quit posting just what you think is not right.. digging up “dirt”.. “dust”.. let it settle for a bit.. would you mind? I like your posts on nice things.. things that bring happiness.. a tear of joy.. inspiration .. brotherhood.. I would inspire to bring that about.. it is solid in nature. Bring that back and be known for it. .

  • Rwiscless

    Yahoo just plainly sucks.. The sad thing is, you can’t even tell them what is wrong.. They are today letting a lot of fake news on there.. You see a headline that is real and within a couple of hrs you see a headline that was rewritten to get a knee jerk reaction.. Yahoo has turned into a dumping ground like Facebook and Twitter..