News as a niche

Why starting a News website is the most difficult niche?

Even if you’ve been to Blogging for less than a month, You’ll surely know about Huge Blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and more.. However, if you are yet to start a blog and have planned to convey news in your Blog, I humbly request you to drop your Idea.

News as a niche
Choosing News as a Niche

Why not a News site?

Time Allotment

Well, If you start updating news in your Blog, your readers start expecting news in real-time. If at all you have to convey news to your readers, you must switch to Full-time Blogging which is not easy to adopt by most of us.

Impact on SEO

Suppose you write some news about Google. That topic trends for only a few time and thus Organic/Search engine traffic will be minimized to a great extent. This time your only go is to drive people by referral traffic from twitter or facebook just like Mashable or TechCrunch does.

High Quality of Content

If you are abuzz to start a news website, people start expecting Quality updates from your right from the scratch. So some experience in other niche would be desired.

Too much of competition

If I were the only student in my grade, I’d secure the first rank for sure. But I know it’s sort of impossible! Similarly, Most of the Blogs are up with conveying news to their readers using a collection of business templates. So first blogs first and it would mean to be a slow process for fresh News websites to attract much loyal traffic.

One-man Army isn’t the right thing here

While every single News blog has got at least tens of people working full time. One single person can’t handle all the pressure and pass on the information by himself.

It’s Boring

Would you like to read the Comparison between a Blog and Newspaper or would you keep your eye wide open to take sight of the New-New news about Docomo’s holiday offer? Preferrably the former one, right?

Will I Fail for Sure if I start a News blog?

No, I did not mean that. Impossible is nothing – But if you opt news as your niche, Well go ahead – Hurdles make journey sweet! 🙂

What next?

You know me well, but I don’t know you as much. So do drop your views about how good an idea starting a news website must be considered. Also, to keep up with the pace we are on – Subscribe to Chaaps.

  • Valid points indeed. One needs at least 3 people to run a News Blog. But reward is higher. You tend to get people on a daily/hourly basis.

  • Well if you are successful in getting in authors and trying to fill up content then nothing can be as profitable as a news blog. It is difficult no doubt on that, but the rewards are similar.

  • please make my father understand this post because he always tells me to to start a news website. And thanks for this post.
    .-= Karan Agarwal´s last blog ..Opera 101 For Androids Now Available =-.

  • The first point itself is the most vital among the list. For a news blog/site you need quick updates which can only be sought if you’ve have research team behind you. My Suggestion is Leave it to the News channels / Other popular blog.
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..T-Drive will help you reach faster when you are travelling by road =-.

  • Hello Murugappan – You make valid points and I like your article. And really, you have helped me to not feel guilty about admitting how difficult it is to have a news niche blog. I was talking my wife last night and pretty much conceded that I cannot post everyday to my blog. I’m planning on switching to like a weekly round-up of news in the industry. Thanks
    .-= Dwayne Dixon´s last blog ..Microsoft- Office 11 Security Update for Mac- Adobe- Security Update for Flash Media Server =-.

  • Very important points you have shared. All are really Legal points and it will help me to create more confidence in my work.

  • Well, I have a blog talking about local news in my region, and it isn’t much hard work, as I mainly depend on some RSS feeds
    Of course the content quality isn’t the best, but I log on about 5 or 6 times everyday, and remove any piece of useless news there
    .-= Amr Boghdady´s last blog ..German Vocabulary =-.

  • Great points…

    but the most difficult is choosing the niche to write…….
    .-= Bligbook´s last blog ..Internet COOKIES serving great purpose but with conflict =-.

  • Everyone is just gonna go on sites like Google News or New Yorks Time to get their news, not on some new startup site 😀
    .-= Icechen1´s last blog ..Hurry and get your Humble Indie Bundle 2 now! =-.

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  • There’s tons of news sites for various niches. Mashable and Techcrunch may be big, but they cover technology and social network. If you’re interested by local music bands you won’t go there, you probably won’t even go to CNN. So there’s plenty of space for news. I cover security news myself and don’t feel like it’s that much of a pressure.