Why should “Chaaps” move to HTML5?

HTML5 is the language of web in 2011. With the advent of latest browsers like IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome 10; the developers have got a boost to create multimedia enabled web pages with ease.

The website designers have slowly realized the importance and efficiency of HTML5 based web pages. If one just performs a Google search on “Top HTML5 websites”, s/he will come across a variety of sites which have had a complete makeover. One among them is Agent8Ball

This interactive website allows you to play a free game of pool without registration. All this without flash! This magic is created by HTML5. Though still under the evolution and development process, HTML5 is a rich and colourful language.
“Chaaps” has been presenting technology blogs from quite a long time. Moving to HTMLL5 would not only increase the readability of the site, but would also increase the viewership of the site. Some of the advantages of moving to HTML5 are as follows:
1. Rich graphics,
2. Easy Multimedia support,
3. Faster page loading,
4. Easy to embed panes, divs and pictures.

Someone said correctly “A picture speaks more than a thousand words”. A website without photos is as dumb as a toilet without a commode (pun intended). HTML5 would not only allow easy picture embedding, but also encourage flexibility in terms of movement of pictures across frames.
Keeping all this in mind, it is highly recommended that “Chaaps” be made a rich, interactive and multimedia enabled website.

Way to go “Chaaps”!

  • I agree with you that HTML5 is better, but its easier to say it theoretically than to practically implement it… Chaaps is hardly using any flash, its all mostly javascript… So its really not a big problem..

    But thanks for the tip.. I’m sure most websites will move over to HTML5 very soon…

  • Navneet K Saraf

    nice post… I guess its ur first 1 on a tech blog… Way to go! 🙂

    • Shivang Acharya

      Thanks Navneet. Am not a full time blogger, but i love to write for tech blogs. Will try my best to write better posts!

  • So, when are you guys moving? 😛

    • Soon 🙂

      • Great. I’m waiting..If, would need any help, just ping me 😛

      • koooooooooooooooooool!!! 🙂

  • hey how i can start using HTML5 on my blog?

    • Simple. Learn it 😉

      • waiting for some online tutorials and resources where i can find and learn it ?


  • I like the features that HTML5 bring. I guess it is up to you if you want to take the leap so to speak.

    – Robert