Why People Watch Charlie bit my finger again and again! One of The Most Viewed Youtube Videos

[ad#ad-2-1]How Can a 56 second Video be the one of the most Viewed videos in youtube of all time?

The Most Viewed Video on Youtube
The Most Viewed Video on Youtube

Why do People love the video Charlie bit my finger- again ?

What Special features does this 56 second Video has?

There are So Many and Many More Questions!!

Now let us watch this Youtube Video Carefully and Explore This Video!

Here is The Video


The Boy Harry Teases his Brother Charlie Keeping his small finger in Charlie’s mouth.. Charlie Tries to bite his finger without hurting Harry Much. Now, Harry Sweetly Says Charlie, Charlie bit me!

Finally Charlie bites the harry ‘s finger hardly! Harry starts crying and shouting.. its damn nice to hear! ahhha ooouch oucch! lols!

later on, looking at harry’s plight, Charlie laughs at him! So adorable to watch!! Harry never gives up ..He says Charlie bit me again- but it didn’t really hurt!

I couldn’t write whatever i saw in video … just watch the video.. you surely gonna love it!

Let’s Start Answering Previously Made Questions…

Why did This Video Become Popular?

Because of small cute children!!?? Why do you think This 56 second video is in the list of Most Viewed Video???

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