Why IPL Sucks? Does IPL 3 Deserve the Attention it is Receiving?


Lalit Modi must surely be one happy man. The 3rd installment of his brainchild has become a phenomenal success. People simply can’t seem to get enough of shortened version of the game.Marketing is on in full swing. But let’s take a closer look – behind the glittering facade. Does IPL really deserve the attention it is receiving? My answer would be a humble “No”.

Why IPL sucks?? This is why πŸ™‚

1) As any ardent cricket buff would know, IPL questions the very integrity of the original test match. The introduction of ODI’s eroded the viewership of test matches.And it looks like History would certainly repeat itself with the IPL threatening to destroy ODI’s. And whats worse is that cricket has now been reduced to a 3 hour bollywood movie! You even have cheerleaders who provide the bollywood item number effect.

2) Cricket is no longer the Gentleman’s game. In fact it has turned into a an ugly commercial venture with players being auctioned like objects.
Remember the first installment of IPL when Mr.Vijay Mallya publicly lashed out at his team for their poor performance? Pressure from all sides is bound to take a toll on the players. And with just a break of 5 days after the IPL, they are expected to gear up for the upcoming T-20 World cup! Phew!!

3) The talk of recognizing young talents in India through the IPL is just a myth. Why do we have foreign players in an “Indian” Premier League? Really Mr.Modi, why can’t the IPL have only Indian players??
Give a chance to hundreds of youngsters playing gully cricket, who struggle for fame, for recognition. Give the veterans of the Indian Cricket team a well deserved break. The gross injustice done to players of Indian origin is evident from the “price tag” that is fixed on them. An Indian player gets a meagre salary compared to his foreign counterpart, that too in a tournament hosted by India. Isn’t this unfair?

4) The money that is being generated in IPL-3 has been the highest so far! Experts estimate that the tax from this event will cross 500+ crores! When huge amounts of cash are being traded, I feel that the organizers have a social responsibility to fulfill. Why not invest a portion of the money in funding new talents in the game? Why not lend a helping hand to the forgotten sportsmen who had brought laurels to our country?

Gone are the days when cricket used to be a simple bat-n-ball game. Gone are the days when an occasional century from a stalwart was held with awe. The IPL has transformed cricket into an ugly 3 hr extravaganza! And I’m clearly not enjoying this!


  • Well I agree IPL is nothing more then a corporate money fast born to suck money out of the viewers and the audiences. I pretty much see that the Foreign players are given more preference even by the team as well as the media
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  • !! Right.. I’ve always been against cricket… Though I love to play it, watching it is just not worth it….
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  • I don’t think bowlers can play a big role in IPL. It is only for batsmen! πŸ™

    But, IPL is indeed a great entertainment! πŸ˜‰
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  • I also think IPL sucks because of its too much glitz. But i dont think the reasons you have stated are right. I doesnt suck totally.

    1. A conservative is a person who thinks anything is wrong when done the first time. ODI did not destroy tests it actually gave more results. T20 is increasing the pace and the results even more

    2. Even the guys at tea kadai guys who dont even pay money for their single tea curses Indian team if they dont do well. He has paid a fortune to buy the team to earn money not to watch them underperform. Earlier we used to get water for free now we have to pay for it. So if the game has to survive it has to be commercial.

    3. OKay tell me if it wasnt for the IPL would people know even the names of domestic player let alone their performances. IPL is IPL because player from all country are playing. IF you take that it is just like ranji. Everybody knows how many people watch those matches

    4. The money is first given to the franchise they are also spent for players. There is the NCA which hones so you cant blame them on that part.

    AS far bowlers not having a big role gimme a break thats a myth. You cant think that way. when batsmen are going after you’ve got every chance of picking up a wicket.

    • 3. Cricket was a sport… now it looks like business to me…
      4. The money can use utilised for better purposes than to make two new teams…. Though it is true we can’t blame them about that…
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      • My question is simple what is wrong in it being a business. The cricketers esp the domestic players cant play for peanuts. IPL has given them viable option to earn like people earn from any other career. So what is wrong in it being a business
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        • Every sport is a business as to be a great sportsman you have to be a professional. Would someone expect the 500 doctors in the country to not make money? They why do we grudge the money to the top 500 athletes of our country.
          Personally i love test cricket more than any format of the game but still dismissing IPL as the evil just because it makes money is not fair.
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    • You, my friend, have spoken the very truth that’s missing in the post! Have to agree with each one of your point..
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  • Hi Venky! Thanks for ur comments! Let me reason out my stand.
    1) I don’t think experimenting with the format of the game is wrong. What i would like to point out is that introduction of t-20 has diluted cricket. Today we all enjoy it but a few years down the lane, T-20 may pave for T-10! All other forms of the game will be wiped out. I dont think there is any other sport in the world whose format is tampered with in this way

    2) I agree that the buyer of the team has the right to question the team for their dismal performance. Only one team out of all can lift the trophy. Cricket players are also humans!It’s atrocious to treat players like commodities. Cricket is definitely not a business venture. The sad part is that team owners have to realize this fact.
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    • I agree with your point 1 but one correction IPL is not only the tournament and you are saying T20 in general.

      It is as simple as that, lots are riding on the team every team wants to win. You EPL, NBA it happens there to and there is nothing wrong about. A person works for a particular company, worker works for wages for a factory. At the end we all are commodities.

      Cricket is a business venture or else you wont have millions of dollars on ticket sales and TV contracts. The game cant survive without money. With money comes these you have to take it.
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  • Sreenivasen

    Per Venky, now that the “SPORT” has become business and wants us to agree to that, I had a view to put, to make sure still it sucks. When they call it IPL, it should have been more of INDIAN, when i say INDIAN giving more chances to domestic players. Let us closely watch the trend of selecting 4 foreign players. The team always plays it safe when it comes to selecting 4 players. They would go for 2 batsmen and 2 bowlers. The 2 batsmen are always expected to stay there and play some bang bang shots (example Kallis, KP, Gilly, Symonds, Hayden) and the 2 bowlers will always bowl 8 overs out of 20. So the remaining 12 overs has to be distributed among indian players. There is going to be a star indian bowler in the team. So there you go remaining 8 overs for domestic players. If the bowler (domestic player) is having a bad day? The only chance that we are talking here is him to perform on the field, taking spectacular catches and pulling out a miracle run out. And, when all these happens are we still talking about the chances given to domestic players??
    Quick points for why it sucks..
    1. Bowler bowls the first ball, wicket gone (u missed it) the moment you stare at the TV Akshay will be laughing insanely.
    Don’t ask me to watch the game in stadium, am least bothered.
    2. Why do you want mic attached to players? What do they want to prove?
    3. The umpire says ‘TIYAAAAAR HO??’ Why does he has to say that and make himself look like a fool?
    i still have more points to make, i wanted to correct Venky and in the due course i just realised and i agree with him. IPL is not played in the spirit of game (they even have a measurement πŸ˜€ ). Infact it is no more a game, it has completely turned into a BUSINESS, that is why it sucks πŸ˜‰ .
    I wonder and wanted to ask Nandini are there stocks and shares involved with each franchise?

    • I also really hate the number of ads i already agreed with that.

      Why is cricket seen as philanthropic sport. Does business suck ? If it sucks then people would be in the platform sucking. Because everything is business.

      The players micing up and umpire utterring that are innovations, What harm does a hearlty laugh cause. When a player is miced up we get a perspective how he is feeling. These are good innovations.

      I agree with you with domestic players thing. But i think they still get enough opportunities. There are not 8 star bowlers in the indian team. So the eight over thing might be higher.

      I bet no one would know about domestic players existing if IPL hasn’t surfaced. Yusuf pathan, Goni, rohit sharma, Jakati, tyagi, Ladda, Umesh yadav, yo mahesh, dogra, the list is endless. Do you even know which team these guys play in ranji without googling, Have you watched them in ranji. Where the so called sanctity is maintained. For starters temme which state does umesh yadav play for?

      I agree many dont play pivotal role. But still the experience you gain practicing and playing with them is a dream for players who play with heroes

      If you mess up with current ratio then the quality of cricket will come down drastically. It will end being a stupid domestic even which doesnt have quality
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  • Sreenivasen

    For a moment lets stop talking about domestic players! We should take it to next level and talk more sensible things. The selectors clearly say IPL performance is not the only criteria. Lalit Modi, IPL commissioner is always interested in money. All he talks is the kind of talk you would usually hear in a team meeting at office on the quaterly profits. My point here is how badly IPL affects Indian Team performance. With T20 world cup going to start in few days, how many people are going to watch that? Are we still talking about the same number of people watching the matches? (Personally, will you watch the matches? West Indies, timings). The toll that IPL has taken on indian players. Do you think Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan is going come out blazing (hopefull they do)? Dhoni has to captain Chennai, and India too. You may say he is a genius and at this level you expect them to perform and remain fit. Does that make sense? We should not forget the ongoing debate on Yuvi.
    The more important point is, SAHARA buying a team and subroto makes a comment: “the contract with indian team is ending this July (hopefully i am correct) and he does not want to renew, he will re consider it”. OMG what does this mean? IPL is killing national team? Is it taking over? Is this really that important? Isn’t this overdose? Do you want me to ask more questions? The more you try to justify, the more questions i am going to put up. Just because you have taken up the other side, dont keep arguing. IPL really really really SUCKS. Do we still need this business to run?
    And which route is IPL planning to take when Shane Warne, Ganguly, Dravid, Kumble, TENDULKAR retire (don’t say me they will play till they die)

    • Look all i say is IPL sucks because of too much advertising not the whole concept of Advertising. Or the whole of IPL

      Not just one tournament be it any tournament is the sole reason for selection. It is how you play in all of them.

      Just because a contract gets it doesn’t mean a team is deserted. There will a lot of other sponsors waiting in the line. If Sahara chose to buy a team, it is their business decision. what does IPL have to do with that? Your correlation of things really baffle me πŸ™‚

      This fatigue issue has beaten to death. As professionals they need to look after their self. Blame the ICC for conducting back to back T20 WC. What can IPL do for poor scheduling of ICC

      I dont know why you bring up WI timezone problems.

      IPL is not planning any route. If they perform their team owners keep them or else they will be shown the door.

      I dont why you prefer to see IPL as vodoo magic on INdian team.

      I definitely think it is an overdose of glitz but still it is good enough. It is not as bad as you paint it to be.

      I dont have any problems answering your questions because they so easy. More you put up questions the easier it gets.

      I still dont see why are saying business is wrong. they you and me are wrong. We all are part of some business or other.

      I feel it is very narrow minded style of viewing the whole thing.

      btw you havent answered which state does Umesh Yadav play. You seem to be interested in 4 day game. πŸ˜‰ ( golden rule, dont google)

  • sujay

    I agree with Venky..
    and I want to add Idealist point here
    1. if IPL like event would have started by English people every one would easily accept it. It is a talking point because it is started by India.
    2. I like it as it is, talking about other country players well every one is very receptive to English County format and get angry when an Indian miss out.
    3. talking about player as commodities, well then all people looking for job with their resume in hand are also commodities just their value is too less.

    online thing I dont Like is the Cheerleaders how all are non Indians. I prefer Indian dancers or groups to support the teams rather bunch of hoers.

  • I dont accept with your point just to involve only indian player. Because they have involved the Foreign players, its been to this stage. Players like Shane Warne, McGrath, Jayasuriya etc. whom the viewers were really happy to see their favorite player again in the field.
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  • Mr. Pink

    Lol. You’re are so barking up the wrong tree. While I do agree with the intent of the article, your rationale is flawed. Here’s why –
    1. Name One sport in the world right now which hasn’t been successfully commercialized. Just one would do. Look around you – NBA, EPL, F1 are examples of how people can make money by commercializing sports.
    In EPL, abrahamovic, Gillette/Hicks duo, the glazers (all businessmen) currently own some of the top clubs in what is argaubly the most popular league in the footballing world. The fact that it took so long for sporting franchises to emerge in India, the largest cricketing nation in the world, is surprising. IPL has successfully filled this void which was created by people not investing in the most popular sport in our country. I do agree that the cheerleader-bit has gone a bit overboard, but hey, people rushing to get the first row tickets must be because they are so intent on watching the game right? Right?
    2. Think of auctions as a way of people being rewarded for their performance. There performance related incentives were sorely lacking in our system, where seniority dictated how much a person is to be played. If anything, the auctions have brought a bit of transparency into the entire system. This system is not new – there are two transfer windows open in EPL every season. Liken it to attrition in a company, a player can get a transfer to another club where he might be more aptly rewarded for his services. Commercializing IPL has ensured that money is spread a bit more evenly across all the stakeholders (players, owners, support, hell even the cheerleaders). Why do you think that this business model is so bad? Nobody works for free. No one is in it for charity.
    3. Partially agree with you when you talk about recognizing talent. One thing which I don’t like about IPL is that there are too many flash-in-the-pan / one-hit-wonders coming out of the system. There are so many players coming out who are not talented in the traditional sense, but are exceptional at slogging and trashing. This would hurt the game in the long run. It’s the problem with the format as cricket is not a short game, but let’s face it – no one has the time or patience to spend an entire day watching a slow-paced game anymore. One silver lining though, It does bring more visibility from a cricketers POV.
    4. There’s lots of money being generated for sure. And like any clean “white” business, they do pay their taxes. What they do with the revenue is strictly left to the franchise. We can get to the topic of social responsibility, but it’s another topic all together. However, I feel the BCCI/government, if any of this money goes all the way back to them, should spend it on improving not only cricket but other sports too – But this is a moral obligation. And probably it would be eaten up by all the corrupt lunatics present in the organization.

    Phew. Long reply. My apologies. Should have been a post. πŸ™‚

  • Local talent coming to the fore in IPL
    1. R. Jadeja ( a regular fixture for India ODI sqaud)
    2. Yusuf Pathan (Manged to make his presence felt in ODIs and recently in loger format. Look at the West Zone vs South Zone final)
    3. Manish Pandey ( he was not noticed until 2009 IPL but after a hundred managed to be highest scorer in domestic Raji Trophy)
    4. Pragyan Ojha ( another guy who was only noticed after IPL 2008 and made it to the Indian test team)
    5. Nehra was pretty much written off before IPL 2008 but is back to being a decent bowler to be banked on if Zaheer Khan and co are injured
    6. Virat Kohli (Was picked up in IPL 1 but managed to do better in time, scored back to back fifties 4 times in a row in ODI, fornt runner for a test spot)
    7. Murali Vijay ( lot of questions on his abilities have been erased because of performances in IPL 2009)

    These are just some of the names which have got Indian players oppurtunities and made a name of themselves. If you think of foreigners who made a name I can think of any except Shane Watson and Shaun Marsh.

    Gambhir’s captaincy can also be a positive fall out.

    Sure there are many flaws in IPL but to outright reject it as something that brings no value to test cricket is not fair.
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  • Though Business entered into cricket IPL…

    There is no doubt that IPL is Boom for young cricketers…

    Many players improve their skill through IPL
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  • I can dismiss ALL the reasons that you have mentioned above and prove IPL doesn’t suck at all. But I think I will save that for later.

    As a quick counter argument, if T20 kills the Test match (or even ODI) tomorrow, who cares? All that matters to me is that I need complete entertainment in return of the money that I’m spending on my tickets. And IPL delivers it much much better than any other format of the game.
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