Why having a personal blog is Highly recommended?

Are you one of the bloggers who think that:

Having a niche blog is good, getting decent traffic is even better, and earning some revenue is the best part of blogging?

Then make up your mind and create one personal blog and start updating it in a daily basis. Here’s why I highly recommend you to have a Personal blog.

Personal blogs - Best way to Express yourself
Personal blogs - Best way to Express yourself

Why a personal blogs is recommended …HIGHLY

  • Ability of being yourself: You read it right. You neither have any expectations or limitations in a Personal blog
  • You don’t have a specific niche: You can write both about movies and iPod both in the same blog in case it is a personal one.
  • It’s just a formal dinner, not a marriage Ceremony: Connect and showcase your personal Blog only to a small circle of your Friends, Family and acquaintances.
  • No, No duties: I personally think that SEO is not that necessary to a personal Blog – Who wants to get organic traffic for failing in the terminal exam?
  • A playground for experiments: You can experiment plugins, widgets and likes and if you like the performance and the response you get from your limited audience, you can insert the same in your niche blog.

What’s more? Lots more.
I hope niche bloggers who doesn’t have a personal blog will change their mind after reading this post.Β I feel Tumblr is the best platform for Personal blogs. I have just enrolled a new Personal blog out there in tumblr – murugappan.tumblr.com.

Share with us, how you feel about having a personal blog. Do let me know which platform you use for your personal blog?