Why having a personal blog is Highly recommended?

September 22, 2010

Are you one of the bloggers who think that:

Having a niche blog is good, getting decent traffic is even better, and earning some revenue is the best part of blogging?

Then make up your mind and create one personal blog and start updating it in a daily basis. Here’s why I highly recommend you to have a Personal blog.

Personal blogs - Best way to Express yourself

Personal blogs - Best way to Express yourself

Why a personal blogs is recommended …HIGHLY

  • Ability of being yourself: You read it right. You neither have any expectations or limitations in a Personal blog
  • You don’t have a specific niche: You can write both about movies and iPod both in the same blog in case it is a personal one.
  • It’s just a formal dinner, not a marriage Ceremony: Connect and showcase your personal Blog only to a small circle of your Friends, Family and acquaintances.
  • No, No duties: I personally think that SEO is not that necessary to a personal Blog – Who wants to get organic traffic for failing in the terminal exam?
  • A playground for experiments: You can experiment plugins, widgets and likes and if you like the performance and the response you get from your limited audience, you can insert the same in your niche blog.

What’s more? Lots more.
I hope niche bloggers who doesn’t have a personal blog will change their mind after reading this post. I feel Tumblr is the best platform for Personal blogs. I have just enrolled a new Personal blog out there in tumblr – murugappan.tumblr.com.

Share with us, how you feel about having a personal blog. Do let me know which platform you use for your personal blog?

  • http://labnium.org/ Digital Imagination

    i totally agree with your points….
    .-= Digital Imagination´s last blog ..Get the New Windows Live Essential 2011 Beta with Facebook update =-.

  • http://www.dailyblogging.org Mani Viswanathan

    The best part of a personal blog is you can write whatever you feel without giving it a second thought 😛
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Create a custom Splash Page easily with Aboutme =-.

  • http://www.usedtiresdealers.com used tires

    Having a personal blog is good, but depending on what topics you are blogging about remember that it is the internet, and if you are using your name, anyone can read it. So, you might want to think about it carefully before you start.

    Till then,


  • http://crunchynow.com/ Crunchynow

    Its highly recommended to have a personal blog to share your views with people and interact with them…..
    .-= Crunchynow´s last blog ..How to add Meta Tags To blogger Blog for getting better Search results =-.

  • http://harshtechtalk.com/ Harsh

    Personal blog gives more satisfaction, I believe. You can also make it private or visible to only near ones if you want to.

  • http://mindandbodyscript.com Luis

    I used to have a personal blog long time ago I think is fun if you used just to express your self without the pressure of try to have traffic on your blog
    .-= Luis´s last blog ..1200 Calorie Diet and Meal Plan for Weight Loss =-.

  • http://pbjbreaktime.com/ Icechen1

    Yep, A blog is a way to express your thought, much like a dairy/journal/twitter page :)
    .-= Icechen1´s last blog ..Filezilla is a great FTP client =-.

  • http://www.palabuzz.com Paul/ Entertainment tonight

    A niche blog is better since you could create a lot money money since you can easily get into top rankings of your keyword.

    You can also have a personal touch even if your blog is a niche one. Jsut talk natural.
    .-= Paul/ Entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Katy Perry got banned from Sesame Street =-.

  • http://www.UmairP.com UmairP

    You are tight about it. I just started my own personal Blog. The reason was simple: I want to share what ever I want. Be it technical, humor or what ever and Personal Blog really made it easy for me.

    • http://www.chaaps.com Murugappan

      Glad that My article has created an impact like this. :-)

  • http://thedolt.wordpress.com Pulkit Kaushik

    By having a personal blog one will never run short of topics to write unlike SEO, WordPress tips et all kind of Blogs. I have a personall blog where I write about from SEO to my school life, from iPods to Ubuntu.

  • http://thedolt.wordpress.com Pulkit Kaushik

    .-= Pulkit Kaushik´s last blog ..Lateral Thinking Post 3 =-.

  • http://www.seopostman.com Shaquille Ray

    i would like to add-on it also gives you practice and you can experiment different types of style writing
    .-= Shaquille Ray´s last blog ..How To Decide Good Keywords =-.

  • http://www.ipodtouch4.org Sourish

    having web presense is always good ,,


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