Why Football 2010 Sucks?


It has always been a pleasure to write on controversial topics. After having a say on why IPL-3 sucks, now it’s time to say why FOOTBALL-2010 sucks? I just want to say it aloud to football fans, I don’t understand this game. (This statement is surely going to piss off so many football lovers and this is clearly to slash and avenge my personal anger on football taking over Wimbledon)

I am going to take this as a 10marks question in VTU and show all my skill set to tackle this question by listing out all valid reasons on why Football really does suck.

No advertisements in between? Even formula 1, such a fast paced sport can sneak in for a quick break but this does not allow?
90 minutes of play with no result? Do we have to watch?

The greatest of all, I don’t get to watch Wimbledon. They telecast it in star cricket. If I would have been the CEO of star network, I would have not made this blunder. This was such a huge opportunity to promote star cricket. They should have telecasted football on star cricket and let tennis be telecasted on star sports. Assuming (still), there are many viewers compared to tennis I would have not wanted to de fame star cricket.

How many Indians actually care for football? This is something similar to smokers, jazz lovers and rock lovers who actually want to show off. Do they have to actually watch it just for the sake of it? I remember once my friend saying “we can actually classify games into two types, the game you like to play and the game you love to watch and went on to add, he likes to play cricket(superb batsman and fielder he was) and loves to watch football”. I am still wondering what that actually means.
Do we have to compare the TRP with IPL and FOOTBALL-2010?
Should we ask star network and set max to release the balance sheet?
There are so many unanswered questions in my mind.


  • Krishna

    Hun ?
    should I write why your post sucks to the core ?

  • Bobert

    You’re just way to stupid to enjoy football. Stick to chutes and ladders…