Why an Ubuntu Tablet will sell

       Recent times have shown what a tablet pc can do. Apple revolutionized the tablet technology. No matter what the critics,you or me say, the fact and numbers show what they have achieved. 1 million I-pad and there is no stopping them.

Ubuntu For Humans

       Now that the digital industry has seen the market for tablet PC , every company wants to get a share of the market. Hp, I heard, is working on a web-OS version that uses cloud computing to deliver quality services.Nokia has announced that it too is working on a revolutionary tablet. Revolutionary or not they have announced their presence. For all these product there is few critical area that daunts its credibility.

  1. Battery life
  2. Connectivity
  3. Computing power
  4. Apps
  5. looks

Considering these 5 points which i beckon most would agree requires an excellently designed hardware and an OS that can handle the hardware profusely well and this is where an Open Source OS is needed.


There are many tablet OS ‘s like Android and Chrome Os both from Google.Ubuntu has also announced the the release of a tablet version of OS that will be launched by end of 2010.

Why i think Ubuntu might capture the era of tab’s

Open Source Community Support

    Ubuntu’s community is huge with thousands of developers ready to help you to customize Ubuntu.If you want to install Ubuntu for your phone and if Ubuntu is capable of doing so, the community will help you.There is extensive documentation for Ubuntu.

Extensive driver support

    When i installed lucid lynx Ubuntu9.10 i was amazed at the driver support thats available . If there is driver you need they’ve got it. I’m sure anyone who used Ubuntu would know that.

Visual Appeal

    The Tablet version is rumored to have multi-touch capabilities with a new dashboard design that allows you to create a widget based dashboard . Which is very interesting actually . One can put a box of his/her favorite website and get live feeds . Nice.

App Store

     An App store with unlimited free Softwares to make life simpler . No more App Store where i need to pay per click.I personally hope they get a better E-book Management Tool.Since object C code can be run on Ubuntu i presume there will be ability to port Ipad apps to Ubuntu. And since Android is also based on Linux architecture i guess one can port that too to Ubuntu .Humanity for Humans is here Guys.

Its Free

     Its free what more does one need .