When a Blog becomes a Newspaper!

Surprised? Shocked? Even We are!
Yes, We are on Newspaper, We are on Front Page, And we are on Headlines!! What??

(someone screams) Nope! How come Chaaps.com is on News? And which Publisher/Reporter has written this Crap?

If You have similar doubts we have an Answer for you! The News is Original and Truth but not the newspaper which it is printed on!! This NewsPaper is absolutely Fake and we wanted to Share This Fun. Here is how you can Make your Own Newspaper for Free! Newspaper Snippet Generator by fodey.com. Of Course, Blogs and Newspapers can be compared on the same scale.

Let’s make Some Points comparing both! (Read it easy)

  • Both Newspapers and Blogs have a Common Tag “Publisher”.
  • Newspapers say it “Articles” and we say it as “Posts”.
  • Newspapers say it “Reporters” and we say it as “Bloggers”.
  • Newspapers spend on “Printing charges” and we spend on “Web Hosting charges” (:P who is eco-friendly)?
  • Newspapers are Physical “You can touch and Feel(and even make paper balls)” .. Blogs You can See, Scroll, Comment on, Report & whatever, everything Real-time!
  • Newspaper are “more Formal” and we are less formal (At least Chaaps is).
  • Newspapers make “money” through Advertisements (Also, Remember you pay for every copy of Newspaper you buy!). Blogs too Make Money but Blogs are Free – All Copies are Free, Except you see those disturbing ads at times.

I’ll Leave this Space for You! Let’s have a Discussion on Newspapers vs Blogs! Let the Comments pour in, on Real-Time!

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