What to do when nobody comments on your post whatsoever you do?

“Awesome” is the only word that can describe your post, you’ve gone wrong nowhere, but still you have nothing in the comments. Is it that none has a word to say? Maybe. You get comments only when your readers feel like commenting. What do you do when none even seem to spare a couple of their minutes to comment on your post? Well, all I can say is mend your ways.

Firstly, tempt your readers to comment:

  • Make wise use of Disqus, IntenseDebate and the likes to enable social log-in. It would be amazing if I could log in to my twitter account to drop a comment, rather than hog with the age old way of entering my name, e-mail and website and of course, my comment — wouldn’t it?
  • Speak controversial – Who here doesn’t like to dominate? Everyone does. Let your reader speak, speak something controversial so that they can raise their voice.
  • Give a link to the comment section – This sounds crazy, but it works crazy too. The posts in which I’ve linked to the comment section get far more comments than the posts in which I haven’t linked it.
  • Keep you comments moderated; but not ‘much’ moderated. If most comments are sent to spam or trash, what is the reason for them to comment? Or I’d be wondering what even makes them to read your post when you trash all their comments.

I tried everything, but they just aren’t turning up…

If that be the case, why long for comments? Employ better methods for reactions. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Conduct polls: When my question is to check whether Chrome suits you better or Firefox does I can’t expect you to write a comment. At these times, polls can come handy. Also, using Polldaddy, you can embed your poll wherever you’d like to.
  • Surveys: Embed or redirect to a survey form if you want to extract a lot from your Reader. Make sure you don’t go for this option often because this needs a lot of time from the part of your reader and chances are many that he/she may avoid responding.
  • E-mails: This is something least used by most bloggers around the world. I have seen in lifehacker.com, under an article, the author’s e-mail ID is provided so that the reader can contact him. I’m not sure if this works well because I’m not quite used to this practice either. But after all, Something is better than nothing, right? 😉

Feel free to express your views in your comments.


  • I know the answer ….. u write a post like this … so everyone comments 🙂

    • Haha 😉
      And yeah, Kiran I’ve noticed it – when I write a post about comments, I get a lot of comments and when I write a post about twitter I get relatively more number of RT’s. Quite obvious, you see…

    • well there is nothing to be disappointed when u dont get comments . not all posts received comments from visitors . that doesnt mean these posts are bad or readers dont like it .

  • Become a COMMENTOGANIST!!! hahaha..lol! 🙂

    • At the first sight, I thought that were a swear word, LOL 😀
      Thanks for the comment, Gautam! 🙂

  • Speak controversial is what most bloggers adopt!

    • Exactly Chethan. Thanks for the .. oops! Thanks for your comment, dear admin! 😉

  • You can also ask a question to readers at the end of the article. Some readers will actually respond to it.

    • True that Efren. If you’ve been keeping track of Chaaps for quite a long time, you might be knowing that I always ask a question to my readers at the end of the article. I didn’t mention this point in my article only to get this answer from some of my readers and succeeded exactly doing that! Thanks for the comment, Efren! 🙂

  • It definitely can be quite frustrating if no one comments. I agree that controversy is definitely a fast ticket to increasing comments but might require higher amount of moderation to keep the content in the comments in check so it doesn’t make the site appear bad at the same time. One thing that is very important is that we talk about what really interests us the most. I have noticed that unless a person is genuinely interested in what he’s talking about, it’s easy to tell. And people gravitate towards the site of people who’re the same wavelength of knowledge about the subject that they are on.

    • Totally agree, Komodo!
      Thanks for your awesome comment! 🙂

  • Reallly interesting way of getting comments I must say… Wow muru 🙂

  • Well, topic matters a lot when it comes to number of comments. Also, the author should be skillful to add flavor to his writing, just like you’ve done here.