What does Twitter Annotation mean ?


Last week Twitter announced a forthcoming feature called Twitter Annotations. Well what does that mean ?. A tweet with this feature allows user to add meta data to b e associated with that tweet . So 140 character plus meta data. Any data with reasonable restrictions.Mostly this metadata is intended for machines, to augment the content.

This might be a huge security problem and very wannabe hacker would try to use this to prove his might!!.Apparently twitter was waiting to introduce this two year before. That gives me an hint that that twitter has been working hard to fix every loop hole.As of now every tweet contains geolocation of the tweet and at times the ip address and gateways address. So twitter decided to launch this metadata space as platform for developers to create new apps.

So what annotation fields may appear

  • Link to a media file
  • The number of retweets, faves, could be metadata
  • Apps could let you specify your Google Profile URL
  • Apps may move all links from your tweets to the metadata section, leaving you the full 140 characters for plain text
  • the metadata can be used to query .

Annotations will be application specific. Annotations devised by Gravity will be incomprehensible to Tweetie . Data portablility seems to be the main problems as of now.

Soon will post how to make use of this metadata feature .Until then Feel free to express your opinion