What determines the value of a blog?


We are in the decade which is undergoing the advent of blogging and social networking. At today’s situation we determine the quality of a blog post just by seeing the number of f-shares and RTs irrespective of other aspects. Now, let us see what are the aspects which decides the quality of a blog post or a blog:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Content is king; SEO is queen. As simple as that.

2. Comments, Responses and Opinions

This was the aspect which decided popularity and reach of blogs right from the beginning and we have nearly forgot taking comments into consideration since the introduction of Facebook share and RTs.

3. Reach in social networks

More the number of retweets  and f-share, naturally more is the popularity and reach of a blog/blog post.

Chaaps post:- 20 Facebook shares and 22 Retweets
Mashable post: 480 Facebook shares and 2213 Retweets

Therefore, Mashable’s alexa rank is 64 and Chaaps’ Alexa rank is around 79K; As simple as that!

4. Alexa Rank

Alexa rank does matter a lot. But still it calculate a  website’s traffic on a three month basis, so you should not believe Alexa completely. Do checkout Chaaps’ improvement in Alexa rank in the recent past.

5. Google pagerank

Google’s pagerank depends on how many backlinks your website get and what is the PR of the website you are getting the backlinks from. It is generally said:

It is better to get 10 backlinks from a PR7 blog rather than get 100 backlinks from a PR1 blog.

You can read how to get quality backlinks in our friend blog, ShoutMeloud: 7 ways to get quality backlinks
Are you aware of the recent pagerank update of Chaaps? If not, get aware now.


SEO for traffic, Comments for interaction, Social networks for more interest, Alexa for pride, Google PR for Google alone. 😛
And above all, Readers are the most important to any blog. You can guess the reader-base of a blog, just by seeing the blog’s number of feed subscribers or twitter followers.

Have we missed anything out or did something unjust? You can feel free to express yourself via comments, after all Chaaps is a Critic blog. 🙂