“What are you Planning?” Asks Facebook.


We all Know that Facebook Keeps on Asking us “What’s on your Mind?” whenever you login to facebook. From Today, You are going to See One More Question by Facebook “What are you Planning?”.

Yes, Today We Noticed a Small Change in Facebook’s SideBar.. We Found The Question “What are you planning“? as a first item in Facebook’s Sidebar (where they display ads n suggestions). Have a look at the Screenshot

When You Click on See All, It Expands to

It is Nothing but your Facebook Events. You Can Plan your Events right from there. “What are you Planning?” display on Facebook sidebar could attract more of its user to Plan Events!

Did you Notice a Change in sidebar of your facebook account? Let Us Know!


  • yup.. they adding up more stuffs to keep us more stick to facebook..

  • Yeah.. actually this was surprise! when i saw facebook asking me one more question “what are you planning” lol!! all these days i am tired answering for “what’s on your Mind?”

  • In facebook mobile application they have put the survey check it bro. Facebook want to more flexible…….