What a tagline means to a Blog?


Your First name might sound so funky and cool, but it ain’t completed without your Last name. Similarly, however good a domain and/or Blog name you might have, you must have an appealing tagline too.

Why should I have a tagline?

1. To grab eyeballs: In order to get well optimized to search engines, you must generally choose a short and keyword-based domain and for better visibility you need a short, colorful logo. Now the tagline is the only way around to show off your creativity. Hence, it can be concluded that Taglines are much needed to expose your creativity.

2. A brief introduction: When someone asks me ” Who are you? ” I’d say:

I’m Murugappan, A tenth-grader from the garden city of Bangalore.

Just like that, your tagline is something meant to make a catch out of your blog.

3. First impression is the best Impression: Your blog title reads awesome. But you need a tagline, at least something like “Just another sidebar”. A tagline is as much important to your logo as is the case with a sidebar in your theme.

Okay, I’ll have a tagline? But what shall it be?

  1. A three to four word description about your blog.
    For example, Devils’ workshop‘s tagline reads: “The tech community blog”
  2. Speak the language that most of your readers don’t understand. This may sound wierd but works well, pretty well.
    For Example, Digital Inspiration‘s tagline reads: “tech á la carte”
  3. Say what you do to your readers: Are you a offering a guide, e-book or WordPress Services/Themes.
  4. For example, Famous Bloggers’ tagline reads: How to Blog and Start a Buisiness

Having Said All These, We are in the Hunt of a Refreshing Tagline for Chaaps! Your Suggestions would be Great!