Weekend Ideas for Bloggers


If you are a problogger, you might have had a busy week full blogging. Students and office-goers are so possessive about their bed; Celebrities spend time with friends; Home-makers are reluctant to cook food and the list extends to another mile. Being Bloggers, how shall we spend our weekends?

Organize a competition

Giveaway something to your readers and organize a guest blogging contest once in a week. Work only 5 Days just like an officer does. This gives you relaxation and you can blog in an effective manner in the next week.

Have an Editor

Yes, the duty’s on his shoulders now! You can now be a free bird. 🙂

Get social

Oh no! Not Facebook or twitter, let’s forget it at least now. Go to a movie with your family or watch a Cricket match with your friends. [And yeah, Nevermind if it were soccer]

Become a guest blogger

How can you expect people to guest-blog in your blog if you don’t. It’s a simple give and take policy – Ain’t it?

Try some other means to connect with your readers and mates

Write an e-book, or try to make your entry to Journalism. No, I am really not kidding.

So what are you going to do today?

Here’s the weekend. What are you upto?
Share with us now. Do let us know how you spend your weekends?