Water driven CARS funded by TATA

Frustrated with your monthly fuel bills and seeking for an alternative? Here is a solution for this problem!

Use water  instead of  fuel to drive your cars. What can be cheaper than this? We can run our cars with pure water ie. H2O and stop using fuel as the price is being hiked to the sky.

Hydrogen to run cars is produced by reacting boron with water . The gas produced from this reaction can power an internal combustion engine. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and it has the highest energy content per unit of weight of any known fuel. The good thing is that they don’t lose strength or power in this conversion so they are still able to use different kind of winches to pull different things and it can even be installed in UTVs depending on the UTV winches compared and the circumstances.

How safe is our globe by using water as fuel?  Hydrogen when burnt produces only heat, water and oxides of nitrogen, thus emissions are nearly zero when compared to fossil fuels. This will reverse the green house effect and bring an end to global warming because there is no carbondioxide produced during this combustion process.

Tata has funded Prof Daniel Nocera a researcher from MIT with $15 million to come up with water powered cars. Ratan Tata the man who brought out the Rs 1 lakh car now to think of the cheapest alternative -water as fuel. A new project he has invested in of making a car being fueled with water.

You would have heard about solar cars driven with solar energy. Storing the energy for use when the sun is not shinning and using it to drive cars as well for lighting at home.  A huge hurdle to this solar cars came when Nocera and his project partner Mathew Kanan, a post doctorial made a path breaking discovery. Inspired by the process of photosynthesis, they both developed a process that used solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gases which when recombined into a cell would create carbon free electricity which can light your house and fuel your car for the whole day.

Tata Motors joined hands with ISRO to bring out an environment friendly , hydrogen driven car in 2007. Former ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair announced that the car would be out in 2008, but it didnt happen.    Now following Nocera and Kanan’s discovery , hope that Tata’s dream would come true.

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  • Waiting for that car.Thanks to Ratan Tata for investing his money in such a great project.
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  • Wow, amazing news. Also I am very eagerly waiting for this car. Hope it will come as early as possible.

  • Its not only you who is waiting for this . The whole world is waiting for this as nothing can be cheaper than using water as fuel
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  • It is a wonderful idea, but when H2O becomes Hydrogen to be combustible, then the problem becomes it is TOO combustible. They had talked about the great use of hydrogen before, but it is dangerous.
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  • Nice concept
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  • Thank you Vishal
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  • Rajesh Kalra

    About Mr Ratan Tata investing in a research project to build a prototype of hydrogen based fueled car which will run on water.as he claimed….. will be his dream project….he is not the first to dream about a car fueled by water…

    I would like to inform you and all your valued readers..that my late father Sri Atmaram Kalra of Calcutta had allreready developed and tested the water based engine for automobile way back in 1980 s.and was succefull

    His invetion of hydrogen based motor engine powered with solar panels to heat the water to separate the hydrogen and an injection systen when most of cars were fueled by carburators system was tested and verified by several universities in India ..
    If i remember correctly patna university was keenly interested in working together with my father and report of succesfull lab trials was also reported in a major patna daily along with a detaileed sketch of the prototype….and patent application was pending….
    In those days total project cost was 40 lakhs to develop a working prototype engine…

    My father made several presentaoion to various government agencies for the project loan lot of promises but nothing moved forward …..till he depleted all our familys savings and finances….

    yours sincerely,

    greetings and best wishes for the new year

    Rajesh Kalra


  • Is it possible,if yes,dude you are gonna give rebirth to world….
    best of luck..

  • hammer

    MR.Tata you have invested for water car research. How long before the investment was done. Time limitation should be for everything. Many years should not be allowed to lapse. How many years before investment for water car research project made. Every day.every week,every month,every year the same repetition of water car project is on the way,water car project is on the way. The viewers are totally upset with the long time fruitless information. What is the progress made till today,please inform to the public. Tata is meant for honesty,reliability and quality. As the matter is such, public should not be thwarted of reliable information from Tata now and then. Lack of fulfilment of public expectation may entail erosion of fame little by little.

  • Psgirish4

    wow,thats really great work your doing… best of luck

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    i like it

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  • Wow I really hope that this will be released soon, it seems like they are kinda far from their original release date.

  • Nafees Ahmad78696

    i like it