Warez-bb Blocked in India?

A bad news for pirates….

World’s biggest and most visited pirate forum Warez-bb.Org is now unreachable in India.  Looks like many ISP’s like Airtel, Tata etc have blacklisted the domain.

While the website is still reachable through the proxy but the contents are unavailable as Warez-bb team has blocked proxy connections. 🙁

During the first week people thought that it was just some maintainence routine and the forum would be back online in some time. But as soon as the time passed it started occurring to people that they may now not be able to access Warez-bb.

News of Katz.CD also being blocked was also spread but the site is still accessible.

Warez BB has a large number of Indian Users so its a deep shock to all the members!

Long Live Warez-BB

UPDATE: Looks like warez-bb is now working in India. Although some times it is unreachable. Also some browsers like Firefox have some problem opening the website.


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