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The New Series of Vodafone Zoozoo Advertisements are Back. ZooZoo is Iconic Figure when it comes to TV ads. Zoozoos are egg-faced Funny Characters Created by Ogilvy & Mather Ad Agency To Promote for Vodafone. Last Year, We have seen Zoozoos Creating Waves across the world, In Short , we can call that as a revolution in TV ads.. Zoozoos used to appear during IPL season(Indian Premier League) in our Television Sets. Vodafone Had Released 30 Stunning Zoozoo Videos during IPL season. People Started Wondering about This Amazing Characters and Termed it with Their Own words Men in White, White aliens, White Painted Cartoons and Many Such Names. Yes, Vodafone had already named these characters as Zoozoos. Zoozoo Gained Instant Popularity Grabbing More Than 3 Lakh Fans in Facebook!

vodafone zoozoo online payment

Here Comes The New Video of Zoozoo.

Title of The Ad:
Vodafone Zoozoos in Online Payment TV advertisement

Advertisement Duration:
30 Seconds.

[Video] Zoozoos in Queue to Make a Bill Payment.

This New Vodafone Commercial featuring Zoozoos Makes you to laugh and laugh and laugh. This 30 Second Zoozoo Video is about Bill Payment. People Stand in Long Queues to Pay The bill, and people who are in The Queue Knows The Frustration of Waiting for their Turn. This Time, People are Replaced by our Egg-headed Zoozoos. Zoozoos are in The Queue waiting for Making a Bill Payment.. It will be Funny To watch This Big Queue of Zoozoos which so cute, involving an innocent look. The Queue Consists of all age groups of Zoozoos, Small and Big. The child Zoozoos are The Cute One to Watch πŸ™‚

Well, This Video doesn’t end here Just Showing The Big Queue. The Hero Zoozoo makes an Entry to this Place. Now begins the definition of Laugh. Do You Know what is Laugh?? The Laugh by this Hero Zoozoo is the Ultimate One! Huhhhhahhaha Huhhhahahah Huuuhhahahah Huhahhaha………….

After all Why do You Think Hero Zoozoo is Laughing So Much and So Much?? Nopes, It is Not a Mad Zoozoo. It’s Just Laughing looking at the plight of The Other Zoozoos which are in Queue! Hero Zoozoo is Very Sarcastic and Funny… It Doesn’t stop Its Laugh what so Ever… It Never Tells The Reason Why it’s Laughing… The Laugh goes on and on till it gets tired itself! Huh! It never Bothers of Others, it falls to The Ground, Na, It Never Gives Up Laughing. Laughing and Laughing, as if it is The Only Language which it Knows. Oh My God… Make Sure You Lower your Speaker Volume while Watching This TV ad… Huh…

Okay, Its The Time to Leave thinks Hero Zoozoo(still laughing).. Seems Like The Hero Zoozoo is the only One Which Knows about Online Payment and it observes The Stupidity of Other Fellow zoozoos who are waiting there in Queue looking for their Turn to Pay Bills.

The Best Part of This Funny Advertisement is The Zoozoos which are in Queue Continues to Stay in the queue even after Listening to Hero Zoozoos Laugh! Dumb Zoozoos! Dumb Zoozoos! Dumb Zoozoos! Get Away from The Queue, Start Making Payments Online! My Vodafone Online Payment is There For You!!!

I guess You People are Still Laughing Watching this amazing Ad! Count The Number of Times you have Replayed the Video and Let Us Know about your Experience watching this Laughing Video by Zoozoos!

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