Vodafone Zoozoo Ads Aired during IPL Matches.Success or Fail? [REVIEW]


Come Cricket time and the advertising industry goes crazy. Every brand wants to make its presence felt. And India’s most creative minds get together to effectively market their brand in a little under 30 secs. This year’s IPL is no different. People want to make use of the hype surrounding the IPL to sell everything under the sun.

I personally feel that Vodafone is one such brand that manages to drive in the nail in no time. The cute pug following the little girl & the catchy tune was an instant hit among all TV viewers. So, were the ZooZoos when they first hit the screen last IPL. Tell me if I am wrong in expecting Vodafone to come out with a new series of ads that are high on creativity?

It looks like Vodafone decided to play it safe this IPL by making use of their hugely successful ZooZoo ads. The latest series of the ZooZoo ads neither invoke interest nor laughter from the average Indian viewer. The ads falls below the high standards set by the same series last year.

For example, take the ad with the tagline “Save Trees ” by Zoozoos. The white alien is relaxing in a hammock, sipping some drink when one of the supporting trees is felled. The ZooZoo falls down. End of Ad. So…I got the point. Opt for e-bills and save paper. But this ad lacks the innocence & the instant humor of the previous ads. The ZooZoos don’t appeal anymore. In fact I was nursing a headache after watching the ad for a couple of times.

I was hoping that the sparks that were missing in the previous ad would be back in the other ads. But no, I was wrong! Another ad showing a ZooZoo reading a newspaper and discovering that the one seated beside him is a thief is equally disappointing.

The only saving grace in the recent series is the “Learn a new English Word” ad. This features an alien ZooZoo in the company of other ZooZoos, trying to learn the ZooZoo language.

I know that these are early days to come to a conclusion with a lot more ads in the pipeline. Yet, it has been a disappointing start for Vodafone. Hope that Vodafone brings back its best creative minds to create more innovative ads.


  • I like zoozo ads, Thanks Nandini for the review.
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  • Thanks Anish… for your comments. Do visit chaaps regularly. We are planning to cover a wider ranger of topics in the coming months
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  • I guess u are right i guess the enthu has dropped down

  • This is something really different i love these zoozoo thats an innovative idea from vodafone the review about them sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚
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  • I have seen this vodafone ads recently with this zoozoo’s on…i dont get it wats soo special about them..plz help ppl….want to know.

  • NeverBurnDecompose

    Vodafone spends all their money on zoo zoos.

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    I have tried emailing them with all details. VODAFONE DOESNOT WANT TO HELP.

    Im stuck to this network coz i have a 7 year old number.

  • hi good

  • According to a recent survey Zoozoo ads have been a huge hit during the IPL matches followed by Axe (Deodrant) ad.
    Personally I like those ads very much.