Vodafone Unlimited GPRS @ 95 Rs Pack/Month.(Upto 2GB/Month)


Vodafone is Back with a Breaking GPRS Pack.
Vodafone Kick Starts its New GPRS Pack of 95 Rs/Month where you could enjoy unlimited GPRS Access through out the month.

Here is the Message which I received from Vodafone Today.

Hello!Enjoy UNLIMITED GPRS browsing for 30 days with recharge of Rs95. Fair usage policy of 2GB/month will apply. Recharge now & discover a new world of entertainment.

Vodafone Unlimited GPRS Plan Details
Pack: 95 Rs
Validity: 30 Days
Maximum Usage: 2GB/Month (Fair usage Policy) =Unlimited
Offered Valid at Karnataka

This Feature was requested by vodafone Customers from long time. It is said That People were Migrating to Other Operators just because Vodafone doesn’t have a good GPRS Plan . More Reasons to Smile! Earlier Vodafone was Charging 10paise for every 10kb of Data downloaded (also had a plan of 299, allowed just 100mb of data usage). Now Upon Recharging for Rs 95, you would enjoy Everything for free.


  • Are you sure ?

  • ok man …gonna recharge asap…..
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  • I feel like getting but vodafone aint active in my country lol it suckz!!!

  • Well looks like a great deal but I doubt if its going to be offered by Vodafone. If its true then nothing like it.

  • this is a great deal!
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  • Airtel is also offering the same at same rate.
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  • I know its GPRS and not 3G. Still how is the speed?
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  • Nitin

    Vodafone Sucks…. This plan is only for handset surfing.

  • bilal

    i recharged but no internet got activated on my set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sajad

    Here in Kerala, it is incredibly faster than Airtel and it works perfectly with PC(always full signal)

    • pradip

      how u have done this , i am having nokia 5310 and trying to connect with PC for internet but it is not working, vodafone customer care person was saying that it is only for handset, Please tell me how i can connect my nokia 5310 to Laptop for vodafone 95 Rs for GB plan.

      • hardik

        nokia pcsuit
        connect to internet option
        apn name-www
        name-Vodafone connect
        and on your mobile, setting name ‘Vodafone connect’ which will get by messaging WWW to 52586
        Reply please!

  • akhil

    hey can anyone tell how to check the remaining internet balance

    • hardik

      meg GPRS to 144

  • hardik

    which chat application is working on this 95 2gb plane
    detail about setting too!! thank you

  • This is a fake service i recharged with Rs. 95/- But still vodafone is deducting amount from my account, and when i called at 111 CCE was not able to satisfy me. So guys please don’t go for this service, this is wastage of money.

    • manish

      whatever sachin is saying is true

      • Anagha

        no its not. it takes some time to get activated when u recharge. Once its activated.. u can use it 1 month.. 🙂 🙂

  • hardikkondar

    any new plan for net!!!

  • @hardikkondar Yes a 3G Plan by Vodafone and others also but i don’t know the details

  • Aditya Chanana

    Don’t take this plan if owning a smartphone … It costs you a large sum of money if you download or upload anything !! BEWARE !!

  • Dont spread the wrong message here! unlike every operator even vodafone has 4 gb data usage for 95 pack now… go learn how to use smartphone correctly!

    • chetan

      i agree with u. PPL with NO brain in head simply shout because they have tongue.
      non sense ppl, they do not understand anything correctly and spread roomers.

      • Dipanjan

        Absolutely correct…whatever is your problem may be, if you call them and finish explaining your problem, out of surprise, they will start explaining the plans and offers !!! What a jerk !!! Here is one of many instances:
        Every month I recharge with Bonus pack 98 for net, end of month i get a SMS about the bonus pack expiration, but last month i didn’t get the sms. So I forgot to recharge. Without my knowledge, the balance was getting deducted from main balance. When I called Cust. Care and finished explaining the whole prob very calmly; they replied ‘…To get net service you can recharge with Rs98 … bla bla bla’ … !!!

  • Don’t you try to teach me bachhe

  • The plan of Rs. 95/- internet is correct. It’s not fake

    but it was not my mistake It was Vodafone’s fault they activated my service after 24 Hrs. Even when i called at vodafone, CCE told me that amount will be deducted even after take this plan.

    So guys go for this plan the plan is working fine but don’t use the service until you get an SMS from Vodafone regarding activation of service.

    • Yeah Sachin they have some serious issue with 95.. It happened to me also… Inspite of giving so many complaints they didn’t resolve it..

      so i solved the problem my self..

      1. came to know, some users 95 pack was not detectable by vodafone, so just moved out of it.. and stopped complaining to CC

      2. ACTIVATED 4Rs pack.. 40 Mb internet by dialling *444*5# (1 day)

      3. After 1 day, activated the similar plan 127.. (6 Gb)

      4. After 30 days, recharged for 95 Pack

      5. 95 Pack Bug is now resolved 😛

      It is sad that their system has some serious flaws!!! however it is better than having nothing! i liked *444*5# and *444*16# service.. it works without any plan head ache..

      • Dipanjan

        Can you plz tell me how did u do this? Means the *444*5# way!!
        3. After 1 day, activated the similar plan 127.. (6 Gb)

  • Dipanjan

    It was working fine on first day, suddenly from 2nd day, my balance is getting deducted badly. Raised a request with Vodafone, lets see.

  • kumar vijay shakti

    Will you please help :
    1. How do we know left MB’s in vodafone 95 GPRS Plan.

    • sajad

      sms GPRS to 144

  • sajad

    i got -72 balance just for using extra 7mb in vodafone. They should have set a limit on minus balance.

    Now i use DOCOMO for internet, they give more value for my money
    Rs.15 – 7 days (500MB)
    Rs.48 – 30 days (2GB). There are no other competitors offering for below 50rs for 1 month validity.
    Rs.95 – 30 days (6GB)

  • shrawan singh

    dear friends,
    vadafone service for internet is very bad service.it make customer fool. every customer goto minus balance if we try to connect via vodafone. so i request to you use any other service prowider to connect internet. we remember that ,take pla of Rs95/month and suddenlly(app35 min) our balance goto Rs-325 then how can we feel.we have prepaid account then why our account goto minus .this is wrong if our balance Rs 0.00 then disconnect the service unless recharge account or acctivate the internet plan.really this is cheeting with customer.

  • Corsair

    So anybody tell me now, is it still a good option to go for vodafone internet or some other, like docomo. When both compared, can anyone tell me which one gives more speed?.. Plz help..

    Tell me the recent plans too.. Thanks in advance..

  • Corsair

    And if that is so,that they let our balance go negative, we ALL can stand for it and flood the vodafone CC with complaints regarding this, to make it better. And if the CC guys won’t care, we can threaten them by saying that we would port to some other provider who is providing better service than vodafone. Then, eventually the vodafone guys will have to do something then to lose their customers. SO ALL VODAFONE LOVERS, time to stand together and make IT better.. Please reply..


    • Swagatam

      Corsair is absolutely right…we need to stand up together

  • sudipto

    You know what’s worse being charged for accessing the internet through my wifi network and with a deactivated vodafone live setting and still being charged for vodafone internet browsing. Considering I have this number for 6 years. I feel cheated and duped. And their customer care service is pathetic.

    • Corsair

      ^Porting sounds like a better soln for you n all of the unsatisfied users. I know they suck. Par kya karein.. 🙁

    • We are also facing same problem dear, CCE guys are so ………. what to say, they are good for nothing. I am fighting with them since last one week, they activated my chat service (without my request) and deducted Rs. 30/- from my account, now they are not refunding it. They all are ………….(Fill this blank line with a abusive word)

  • Boss i am fed up with this vodafone, I am thinking to switch to Airtel,
    I tried to activate 4Rs pack.. 40 Mb internet by dialling *444*5# (1 day)
    they deduct my money but they never activated my services.

  • shaheer

    vodafone is a really crappy service provider, i didnt even bother porting, just went straight and bought an airtel simcard, i think with porting they might even have some “technical difficulties” i used to have some 80 rupees balance and after checking facebook for some 20 minutes, that too with all the fancy effesct off using the mobile browser(not a smartphone) with pictures, sounds and animations all turned off, i ended up with negative balance? i couldnt even send any messages till i recharged, and its not just some 10 rupees negative, it goes all the way above 100 bucks. how much fun it is to recharge your fone with 100 bucks only to have 2 rupees balance? what part of the word PREPAID don’t those retarded imbeciles at vodafone understand. you cant charge us if we dont have balance in our account. period. full stop. nothing else. you cant charge us and make us go negetive balance. all unsatisfied vodafone users should immediately stop using a vodafone simcard and switch to another network, dont bother with porting, consumers have the right to choose who they want to pay for the correct services, its stupid to keep paying for useless services. i once read somewhere that vodafone owes around 12,000 crores to the indian government, there must be some fraud in between thats making them rip us off like this. they offer shit services dont give refunds and their customer care reps dont care. for the past 2 months i’ve been using airtel, after every session, they give a message like you get after making a call stating the charges for the last service, they barely charge more than 10 rupees for 15 mins with pictures and all on. vodafone is worse than most other networks. vodafone will soon become bankrupt if they dont implement some major changes in their handling of these growing cases of their great disservice to their customers. customers need to bring the change, otherwise we will all keep getting robbed by these complacent service providers, simple rule to follow, if you are unhappy with your service provider, change to another network, its much easier to just send a message to all your contacts and tell them to delete your old number and store the new one. even these small small operators seem to offer better and cheaper and more clearer services than vodafone. i think vodafone is an epic fail and should cut their losses and leave india one time

    • Harishsrivastava71

      I have faced the same problem but it is due to our corrupt mentality we Indians are facing the problems.This is not only with vocative but all service providers are minting money from customers who accidentally go through their lucrative messages.Harish

  • Rakesh

    Hieee guys i am unable to activate *444*5#, 16 # after dialing it m getting message as

    short code *444# Testing

    pls help me out

    • Palakv14

      dial *444*5#

  • Subramanya

    Hi All,

    Going through the above posts, i must give my own very bad experience with Vodafone. We have 2 connections at home, Docomo which my wife uses and Vodafone which i use. In Docomo, you get the recharge done and next minute you can start using the internet on your mobile whereas that is not there in Vodafone. We need to get the recharge done and need to wait for the confirmation message that the pack is active. This may take upto 24 hours. Always my wife used to get the internet pack recharged for me and one month i went and got Rs 95 recharged. Came back home and started browsing ( I was not aware that i need to wait for the pack activation). The main account balance was above 100 rs and after some time i noticed internet is not working. I disconnected the mobile from laptop, did all types of R&D which i knew and at the end i checked the currency balance. I was shocked to see the balance was showing -50. That means i lost my original balance of 100 and negative 50 means i ended up losing 150 rs for no reason….. when i called the CC, they just said they can not do anything. I told them very clearly that account becoming ZERO is acceptable as it is my money but why the hell my balance has gone to negative. He didn’t have any answer but the CCE kept on telling that i had to wait for the pack to get active (the thing is when i got 95 recharge done, i got one SMS from Vodafone saying 95 recharge successfull. Nowhere the message says i need to wait for the service to get activated). He said money can not be reimbursed Sorry….I asked him, if by miss without waiting for the pack to get activated, if i start downloading a file of 2 GB, would my account go to negative of Rs 2000? (considering 1 re per MB). He didn’t have an answer to that also. Told the CCE that in Docomo there is no such thing called account going negative and he said he will inform that to relevant department. I was totally helpless.

    Even in bank also, there is a limit for the Overdraft. Same is followed when it comes to talk time. In Vodafone, if you are talking to someone and your account balance becomes Zero, immediately the call gets disconnected. Likewise we need to have the control on internet also. Once the balance becomes zero, internet should stop automatically which doesn’t happen in Vodafone but this facility is there in DOCOMO. In spite of knowing this issue Vodafone is not taking any step. Very clear that they are just money minded and not service oriented.

    I have given all facts here and nothing imaginary.


    • Suneer

      You are very much right… This negative balance ‘facility’ shows that they are simply money oriented. Even I had been the victim of that 2 -3 times… really sucks..Recharge of 222 + negative balance !

  • airtel

    airtel rs 98 u get 1 gb wtf?? seriously wtf?

  • Vijay

    Isse to acha uninor hai 47 me 2GB Wo bhi 30days

  • pallavi

    i use docomo 3g
    the spped is fabulous in 3g.i recommnd u all to use it.


  • jaikisha

    i have vcodafone nnumber since a month , but unable to calll to customer care to register my complaints , it too worst fro me . Even i have complaints to customer through another mobile number to solve the problems but they failed to do so . I my view the vodafone is not solving the problems of customer .

  • anjali

    hi can any1 say me wats da intrnet speed dat vodafne offrs 4 dis pack..

    Also say whtr der is any ada company vich ofrs unlimited surfng wid gud speed..

    • Blaze

      yes anjali.. Tikona in Pune and Sify in mumbai offering unlimited surfing and awesome speed… 🙂

  • Rakesh

    speed of vodafone is arround 12-15 KBps (download)…95 for 2 GB
    speed of docomo is 16 KBps (download) Rs-98 for 6 GB
    bsnl 14-16 KBps (download) Rs 98 for 3 GB Rs 54 (300 MB day nd 2 gb Night)
    airtel 13-14 (download) Rs 98 for 1 GB

    bsnl get disconnected offten due to network switching

    docomo will be best
    speed may different in your area due to network strength

    anyhow bsnl 3g is most economical (speed and price ) around 250-400 KBps (download) in Rs 850

  • Imsexygirl421

    vodafone wale Rs. 95 main 2gb batate hai aur 1 gb dete hai inki gand main danda dal ke aisa ghumaunga ki sare ke sare bhagte firenge.

  • Ashok_g15

    dial *444*95# to activate 95 rs/month 1gb plan for vodafone