Vodafone TV Ads on Football World Cup 2010


Every brand tries to make use of Big Events like Football World Cup. Vodafone India is already in the Race. Vodafone knows how to Grab this opportunity! The Waka Waka Shakira Song which is Official Football World Cup anthem for the Year 2010 is now been aired as Vodafone TV ad in India!

Here is The Digital Ad

Vodafone Funny Ads-Football at Park-World Cup Football 2010

Vodafone Funny Ads-Football at Office-World Cup Football 2010


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  • nice background tune used for the ads.. is it available for mp3 downloads.. i love it 🙂 which ad agency did this one. nirvana films or ogilvy and mather…

  • Nice song

    need the soundtrack for this ad. Please reply if any one knows it

  • OST/Artist

    need OST/Artist of the song from lat ads

  • Anon

    The ad is by O&M, produced by Good morning films

  • Adil

    Dear everyone
    their is a slight diff in ring tone of both adds
    i want to have ring tone of the second add (the one showing an office worker)
    both links already provided are of same 1st add (the one having a boy n a gal under tree)

  • Sumesh


    Thank you.

    Nice job Done

  • john

    plz anyone can tell from where u can see vodaphone new ad in which boy boy shows his musclesstrength to everyone?

  • Those are great commercials. Thanks for posting