Vodafone 1P per Second TV Advertisement [CAR] -Power to You


Since Diwali, Vodafone had not released any TV Commercial to promote their Product. It was Astonishing when Other Mobile Operators Like Tata Docomo, Airtel, Aircel , Reliance etc were busy with some stunning Advertisements, Vodafone had Kept Quiet for a long long time…

With the Introduction of Per Paise Billing, Vodafone might have thought it is The Right time to Reach their Customers with new ads. Vodafone has delivered Excellent ads till date. Vodafone has been awarded as Most Creative Ad Makers for the year. One More in the crown, Here is the New Advertisement which is being Aired very recently…

Watch The Video Vodafone Per Paise Billing car TV Advertisement..

Title: Vodafone 1 Paise per Second billing [CAR]
To Promote: The Tariff 1 Paise / Second Call Charges for Local and STD calls
Caption at End: Power to You.
vodafone  girl and old man car accident

Advertisement Description:
Short Conversations– being the primitive motto of This New Tariff 1p/second, The Advertisement has delivered its best. The Advertisement Starts with a Scenario where a Dad and Daughter will be standing Next to a Car. The Girl looks as if she has Committed some Mistake. (You can make out from her Facial Expression). Probably The Girl has met with an accident damaging her Dad’s Car. Girl Makes Dad to see The Car’s Back…Dad Sees His Red Car Very Surprisingly, wearing his Spectacles slowly and silently…. [in the Background, Crow says Kaa Kaa [:)]] and Now, Dad Observes the Broken and damaged part of the Car at Back… The Girl with her Silent Sweet Smile Says the word SORRY (Amazing Tune- Sorryyyyyy) expecting a not-so-wild reply from her dad…

power to you vodafone

That’s all The 25 Second Advertisement Ends.. What’s The Big deal here? The word SORRY makes the difference.It is important to observe here How Short-Conversations can be made Beautiful. How to Tackle things with Short but sweet way [when your in trouble :)] The Caption of This New Vodafone Ad Says it all POWER TO YOU

Not to forget, the background music is a great treat. Excellent Music I must Say. You Can download the Music of Vodafone Car Advertisement 1 paisa per second by clicking Here..

Did you enjoy this new advertisement by Vodafone? Share your Views by leaving a comment.. How did the word SORRY sound to you?


  • Ayush

    Who is the girl in the ad? What’s her name?

  • Vivek

    hey there i am looking for the ringtone of this ad,….. music is ultimate

    Can you give me the link for ringtone download

  • puneet

    what is the name of the girl… she is damn cute!!

  • John

    Hi frnds, quite sensible ad. Girl’s facial expression is superb and the music is perfectly made .good work. cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  • prithvi

    Like they said , her expressions are sweet .. man killing and the background music coming handy. the power of a word *(at least from her….great)

    Awesome work again guys.

  • chetan sharma

    hey i am also looking for ring tone of this tv add plz tell how can i download this ring tone the is amazing yaaar

  • Jagan

    “Sorry”….It was cchhhhoooooo chwweeeetttt. Wow the girl really did made it happen with her sweet little voice & her pretty face. Hats off!! Nicely done! Wow!!

  • kasturi

    my classmates say that my face is very much similar to this girl so i was bound to search this ad on net.

  • chandresh

    ya pls send me tht link 4 dnld that back ground music of 1 paisa per sec ad by vodafone nice work man

  • chandresh

    pls send me tha link for this backgrond music

  • DevD

    I wanna the background music of this add plz give me the link for this

  • yes a word sorry means a lot to ur close and loved one’s.