Viliv N5 Ultra Mini Mobile PC first impression


Viliv has arrived! This time around the Korean manufacturer is going after the clamshell market with the N5. The self-described Ultra Mini Mobile PC is really just that , a truly mobile PC. This form factor isn’t exactly new as I just looked at the main competitor, the UMID mbook bz, they have some serious follow on , so can this product make there company rule the market ,let see the features:-


The WSVGA 1024 x 600 screen is good looking. It’s sharp, bright, and displays with nice contrast. It might be the most impressive feature of the N5.

Build quality
a departure from Viliv’s traditionally had a top-tier feel,that’s Not with the N5. It feels as good as anything that Sony or Apple could make. The outside is covered in a sort-of soft touch skin and there isn’t a single miss at any point. It’s really impressive.

Graphic power
The N5 can run aero Desktop! The N5 can run aero Desktop! And I mean it can run it in a way that’s enjoyable to use with very little lag and jitterness. It’s not flawless, but it’s good enough. Just think of the fun that can be had with aero Desktop and the integrated 3G HSPA modem.

The mouse
I’ve yet to use one that’s intuitive and clever. The N5’s is more of the same. The tiny optical trackpad isn’t accurate, slow, and a pain. But in Viliv’s defensive, I don’t have a better solution. These trackpads are about the smallest navigational devices available and it really wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the N5’s touchscreen was better.

inaccurate. That’s the best way to describe the touchscreen. A stylus improves the experience, but even then it’s not exactly accurate or precise. It feels like a driver issue .


It’s too small. Keys have less distance , would make typing on the N5 with your thumbs so much more effective.

Glossy screen
The screen is basically a mirror in a bright room,so u can at lest use it as mirror ,this product is definitely for girls to do make up,lol!!

and the rest is like:-

viliv N5 [viliv-N5/32ssd/3G]

* Intel® Atom™ Z520 1.3GHz
* 1GB Ram
* 32GB SSD
* Built in HSPA modem

# The go-anywhere PC
# Ultra Mobile 0.85 lbs
# 4.8″ WSVGA Touch Screen
# 3G HSPA (optional)


  • may i know what would be the price