Using Google Chrome Task Manager: Shift + Esc


I am not Sure How To Begin This Article.. I just Wanted to share how You Could Discover Some Amazing Features provided by your Google Chrome Web Browser…

Accidentally I Right Clicked on Browser’s Tabs Bar to Discover a Solid Option in the Menu List.. – TASK MANAGER

Just Point Your Mouse Pointer Next to Tab and Right Click to Discover this Menu List

You Can also Press Shift + Escape to Get Task Manager Directly

Here we Go!

Why Task Manager?

Some Chrome Enthusiasts May want to Check How Much Memory does every Tab(currently opened) Consume. The Task Manager also lists the Extensions and Plugins Installed in Google Chrome Browser. The Task Manager provides with End Process option which allows you to Kill the Current Processes running on Google Chrome. Keep The Task Manager Handy when Your Chrome Browser’s Tabs becomes Numb and Unresponsive…

That is It! Also Try Click on Stats for Nerds in task manager which opens up HUGE Window with a detailed Memory Stats Report..

Enter the Command about:memory in Chrome’s Address bar and hit Enter!

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