UNTHINK - yet another social network

Unthink: A new social network to take on the bigger chums


Unthink is the newest social network launched by the UNTHINK Corporation which is a Tech based company in US. It plans to eliminate popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, at least that’s what is depicted in the video they have launched to promote their social network.

By the time Google+ had been launched, people were already sure that many more social networks will be launched later. The fight to become the most popular social network had become the new challenge for these companies. Thus now they have the notion “keep on creating new social networks and keep on attracting new people”.

UNTHINK facebook and google+

This is what the new social network Unthink has done. They literally criticized Facebook and Google+ in their promotional video just to attract more visitors to join their social network. And the shocking fact is that it actually worked.

An Unthink employee was quoted saying,

“We received hundreds of thousands of visitors almost immediately upon launch, we are incredibly grateful to the public for its enthusiastic response.”

A teenage girl is seen in the video who goes on saying, “But i never knew that i h’d be part of a damn puppet show, that you thought you could own me” and further condemns people to stop being part of such social networks and to try on something new and free. She finally says the F word. Yes she definitely does. Here is how she says it,

“This is MY TURF, MY WORLD, MY STORY to write, MY TURN to lead, I am finally breaking free. Common world lets write our own story, Its FU time, UNTHINK”

Considering how stupid and funny this promotional video sounds i am putting it for you guys to watch it. Please make sure you comment and tell us if you will be a part of yet another social network. By the end of this sentence i actually forgot the name of the social network too (pun intended).

Source: ZDNet


  • Unthink is ver new social media network…its having god interface and easy to use..

  • Whatever the networking sites it does not matter, but users always like those networking sites which give them full accessibility and easy to use.

  • donno how is it gonna fare but all the best to it…. i dont want more social media presence…thanks to the existing one…life so hectic….