Unlock and Download Private Albums on Photobucket

Photobucket is a photo sharing website. You can create albums, personal and public ones, and share them with your friends. You can even Upload videos , Search through other albums, Paste pictures on Myspace, Edit your pictures and provides Statistics like number visits, total bandwidth used about your album and photos.. So, today we have a small tool which not only Unlocks your Private albums on Photobucket but also downloads pictures from public albums too.. lets see in detail ..


PhotoFucket is a easy-to-use application for downloading Photobucket content. You can download Private Albums, Public albums of any Photobucket album instantly. PhotoFucket is simple enough for the casual user but also offers lots of tweaks and customizations for the β€œpower user.” It performs a brute-force “fusk” to download the contents of a private album and You have several useful tools related to fusking Photobucket albums


Some Features of PhotoFucket

1. Rip Public Albums – PhotoFucket can download all the content from a public album quickly and easily.


2. Rip Private Albums (with password) – If you have the password to a private account, PhotoFucket can download all the content from the album just as quickly and easily as if it were a public album.

3. Fusk Private Albums (without password) – PhotoFucket can attempt to download the content of a private album using a brute-force method called “fusking,” where the software tries to download content by guessing the names of files that might be in the private album.


PhotoFucket includes other useful tools related to fusking PhotoBucket accounts.

Currently, PhotoFucket is available for Windows NT 5.0 or higher (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7). A Linux version is currently being considered for future release. PhotoFucket will never, ever be available for Macintosh.

Note : Free Version has some limitation – so purchase the registration key at just $5 USD through Paypal.


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