Understanding Different Categories of Motorcycles


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A motorcycle is often called a bike or motorbike. Bike riding is always fun, but at the same time we need to be cautious and careful throughout the ride. Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport including racing, and off-road riding. Different people prefer different motorcycle depending on the factors like: Engine capacity, mileage, cylinder capacity, fuel efficiency, fuel tank capacity, performance, outlook, color, price and so on..  

Here are different motorcycle categories mentioned with the respective accessories:

Premium Motorcycles:

Premium bikes range from 180-350cc with excellent engine capacity. This kind of bikes mostly suitable for fast and long rides for the young enthusiastic bike riders. It brings out the swag and passion out of the people. The most popular premium bikes are TVS Apache 180 cc with 177.4cc engine capacity and 45 kmpl mileage, Royal Enfield Classic 350cc with 346.0cc engine capacity and 45 kmpl mileage, Yamaha FZ25 with 249.0cc engine capacity and 43 kmpl mileage, Yamaha Fazer 25 with 249.0cc engine capacity and 43 kmpl mileage, Hero xtreme 200R with 200cc engine capacity and 33 kmpl mileage, Suzuki Intruder  with 154cc engine capacity and 54 kmpl mileage. To Buy accessories: TVS Apache: TVS Apache Accessories, Royal Enfield Classic 350: Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories, Yamaha FZ25: Yamaha FZ25 Accessories, Yamaha Fazer 25: Yamaha  Fazer 25 Accessories, Hero Xtreme 200R: Hero Xtreme 200R Accessories, Suzuki Intruder: Suzuki Intruder Accessories.


Executive Motorcycles:

Executive bikes range from 120-160cc with moderate engine and mileage capacity. This kind of bikes most suitable for moderate level riders which can also be utilized for long rides. Holds good for daily usage purpose with excellent mileage. The most popular executive bikes are: Honda Shine with 124.7cc engine capacity and 65.00 kmpl mileage, Hero glamour with 124.7cc engine capacity and 60.00 kmpl  mileage. To Buy accessories: Honda Shine: Honda Shine Accessories, Hero glamour: Hero glamour accessories .


Commuter Motorcycles:

Commuter bikes range from 90-120cc with less powered engine capacity but, gives the highest mileage which is mostly suitable for people who are looking out for bikes in tight budget and value for money. Saves money with excellent speed capacity of up to 84 kmph. Best suitable for daily usage. Most frequently used commuter bikes are Hero Splendor with 97cc engine capacity and 81 kmpl mileage, Honda Dream with 109cc engine capacity and 84 kmpl mileage. To Buy accessories: Hero Splendor: Hero Splendor Accessories, Honda Dream: Honda Dream Accessories