Tynt: Plagiarism [Content theft] yields you backlinks

Three-fourth of the Amateur bloggers all over the internet just steal content from a well-known and popular blog and push it in their blog/website. Well it is pretty sure that if your blog has an Alexa rank of less than 100,000 your content is more prone to Plagiarism. You can use websites like http://www.copyscape.com to check which of your articles have been stolen.

Setting up a domain in Tynt
Tynt: Plagiarism is a blessing

Why Tynt?

Tynt is a service which places a backlink of the original post, in the copied post. Enroll yourself to Tynt and once you login to your Tynt account, Set up your preferences and then grab the code. You can put the code either between <body> and </body> tag or between <head> and </head> tags. But I suggest you to place it in the header of your blog because the closer to the top, the quicker it will start working during  the page load.

It is a well known fact that recently indexed pages hit the search engine’s top results (Provided that it has a good sum of Pageviews and has a PageRank).

Does that mean my Blog sails underwater in the big sea of Search Engines?

No, Never. Here is a clear explanation:

Whenever somebody copies and pastes some content from your blog, The Tynt script in your blog places a backlink in the blog where the copied content is pasted. With your blog Powered by Tynt, you can get more backlinks. More the backlinks, more is the pagerank of your blog. And google puts blogs/websites with higher pagerank in the higher position. So, now you’ll not lose your blog’s popularity even when Somebody steals your Content. You’ll rather gain your PR and hence even more popularity and organic traffic.

I’m sure that you might have got tempted after reading this review. Then why wait? Bow in straight @ www.tynt.com. Let us know how you avoid plagiarism in your Blog.

p.s: Feel free to copy-paste this article in your blog! 😛

  • Yup I have tried tynt earlier. Probably it slows the loadtime of every page, thats the reason I removed it. But it’s idea is quite impressive.
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..DailyBlogging – Wrap-up of posts for August 2010 =-.

  • @mani – The Tynt script is only 5.7k in size (much smaller than any analytic tool scripts you probably run) and is served globally by Akamai and Edgecast resulting in extremely fast serving. You shouldn’t notice any increase in page load times from Tynt. Most of the major media companies use Tynt and have tested the load speed extensively.

  • Maybe now the load time is not affected by Tynt. Perhaps, an yr ago, it was affecting it. Thanks for the clarification & positive review abt Tynt, will think on adding it.
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Now take advantage of the 10 way group video calling feature with Skype 50 =-.

  • This sounds really good actually, all the time I see blog content being stolen but yet it’s either hit or miss with the URL credit, if this can do that then its gold for sure!

    Till then,

    .-= used tires´s last blog ..Is it good to buy used tires =-.

  • i tried tynt with whosamungus code , but im not sure how much it works , using the copyright plugin now … still getting copied 🙁

  • Thanks for your article friend. I was using Tynt for my previous blogs and it was really helpful. Now, gonna install this script in my new blog too. But, I found some of the bloggers removing the link put by tynt.com while publishing the copied articles. So, its always better to put a note on Copyrights to prevent content theft.
    In all, tynt combined with Creative commons license note, helps in reducing content plagiarism.
    I guess this will be helpful for all.
    .-= Rajesh Chaukwale´s last blog ..Bypass Sharecash survey- Sharecash Premium Account =-.