TwitWipe - delete tweets systematically

TwitWipe: Delete all your tweets but still keep your valuable followers!

TwitWipe is a new service developed by Aalaap Ghag which allows you to delete all your tweets from the beginning of time. It basically cleans your tweets so that you can start anew. Instead of permanently getting rid of your account by deleting it, you can think practically and save your hard-earned followers.

TwitWipe - now delete all your tweets but still keep your followers

The working of TwitWipe is simple. Just log-in to Twitter using OAuth and then start the wipe procedure. The speed of the deletion process depends on how many tweets you have made, sometimes it can take hours or even a whole day!

TwitWipe will only carry out tasks on tweets made by you. It will not affect your followers or following data or any other Twitter module. So what are you waiting for? Use TwitWipe and discover a systematic way to delete all your tweets in one go.

Source: Mashable

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    Quick discovery, i tell you

  • Now, I can spend my valuable time to somewhere else by deleting tweets from twitter with the use of this fantastic twitwipe service.

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    Wow!! thanks for the information I’ll try to check it later…great post.

  • Awesome I love it. Finaly they came up with this.