Twitter’s Own Photo Sharing Service to Kill twitPic,yFrog?

Looks like Twitter has got some huge funds… A lot of path breaking twitter activities have happened since this month… Firstly, twitter acquired TweetDeck , the most loved third party twitter client and now its the time for it to make another huge announcement– The Twitter Photo Service.

If You are one of those who use Twitter on handheld devices using one of the “bestest” twitter clients, you must obviously be knowing to share a picture of a doggy standing next to you or the recent restaurant which you visited. We all have heard of third party photo services like twitpic, yfrog,, mobipic, posterous, flickr. One or more third party photo services is/are seamlessly integrated to the twitter client.. Which was also the only way to share pictures via twitter. Now twitter is planning to launch its official photo sharing service, literally killing the services like twitpic which hugely relied on twitter!

There is a huge opportunity for twitter to get into the photo sharing service and make some potential money by monetizing (Twitpic, yfrog already doing this!)

All going on its way for twitter ! What say?


  • Hi Chethan,
    I think twitter is like a new world, people gather here, it is a good market for third party to make some money with it. Twitter should do this (start photo sharing service) long time ago.

  • thats a real sweet move by twitter! whats twitter’s photo sharing service called…pwitter? (pun intended). 🙂

  • I always prefer integration so this is a good move and am glad to see it. Hopefully, they support high resolution photos too, like the existing image-hosting services do.