Twitter to bid Goodbye to “HTTP”?


New twitter was released nearly a month back and is been rolling out slowly but steadily to each and every account in twitter. I have read the review of New twitter in various blogs and found it pretty impressive. But when I got my new twitter a week back, I found something that wasn’t featured in popular blogs.

Goodbye http://

Yes, it’s official. New twitter doesn’t need “http://” to recognize a link. They’ve saved us from wasting 7 characters out of the 140 allowed, Ain’t that a happy news for us?

7 characters wasted
Old twitter doesn't recognize links when not accompanied with "http://"
7 characters saved!
New twitter - smart link recognition

Do read:

Though this smart link recognition was present in Gtalk and Orkut, it was much needed in Twitter where 140 characters is the deadline.

According to twitter, All of the twitter users have got New twitter from 13th, the October. Do share with us if you have found something new that you have found in #newtwitter.
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