Twitter Official Button and URL Shortener


Twitter a micro-blogging social network giant has released new features of its own. Today the social network has released a Tweet button for webmasters. The tweet button allows users to click a button on a web page and tweet the pages url and a little bit of text, but twitters 140 character limit does apply still!

To use the button you simply click on the tweetbutton (there is 3 buttons for webmasters to choose from) a pop up will appear you will be prompted to login, and/or than preview what you are about to tweet. Than click tweet to make the tweet live on your tweetline. Twitter have also made a feature where users will also be asked if they would like to follow other people or company’s relevant  to the tweet .

Twitter also added a little something. You may know of url shortener services such as, Tinyurl, Well twitter has made there own url shortener and has removed the old fashion service which was being used as a default option.

This service is new and is being made active on hundreds even thousands of blogs around the internet. The preview of the button has actually been tested by over 2500 twitter accounts so far (as of 1:04pm aest 13/08/2010).

But one of the major questions about the release of this new feature is what about the company who created a TweetMeMe the first creator of a tweet button plugin for websites, before twitters release. And how will suffer with the change of twitters default twitter shortener url?


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  • Interesting question you propose, at the same time though Twitter was the one that allowed TweetMeMe to continue, so I feel like Twitter is right to do it themselves now, and TweetMeMe will have to simply adapt. I am sure the people over at TweetMeMe knew that at anytime Twitter could change the landscape for them, I mean really if you think think about it, TweetMeMe and other similar websites out there are at the mercy of Twitter.

    Till then,

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  • It looks too good..though Tweetmeme was equally good. But took a tough decision & replaced it with the TweetButton on my blog 🙂
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  • I have been waiting for this one after numerous buttons of tweetmem goin down 😛
    Twitter have launched similar strategy as , only tweets can mention url shorters 🙂
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