Twitter Follow Button for Websites- An imitation of Facebook Like Button

Social Media is a Big Pool. Facebook and Twitter being the GODs have exchanged many features and ideas each other since its launch. Facebook copied the concept of “News Feed” from Twitter where it aggregates the recent updates/activities of “Friends”. Well, This article is not about “who copied whom”, Its all about a new Twitter Button called “Follow” Which was unveiled last night and creating a buzz (A Version of Facebook “Like” button)..

The Webmasters, Social Media experts seem to be happy with twitter follow button as it reduces the factor called “Bounce Rate” – The rate at which a new visitor exits from the current page. With this “Twitter Follow” button one could just follow a twitter profile staying in the same page, Just like Facebook’s “Like”, “Recommend” button integrated in popular sites like IMDB, CNN etc..

Earlier, Though the concept called “Follow” in Twitter is there from long time, It lagged the feature of “Following” an account within the website.

How to get a Twitter Follow Button?

Its is as Easy as that!

Step 1: Visit Twitter Resources Page, and choose the latest “Follow Button” option.

Step2: Enter your Twitter username and Customize.

Step3: Copy the generated code into your website. (May be, next to facebook like button) and you are done!

Let us know your views on Twitter follow button. “Like”d it? Don’t forget to “Follow” us on Twitter 🙂


  • Hope bounce rate will decrease by Twitter Button called “Follow”.Thanks for this informative article.

  • great. just saw this on top right corner of chaaps! twitter is evolving fast these days! 🙂

  • ORE

    twitter and facebook are indeed two of the most widely used social media of today. I have been using facebook for a couple of years and i must say that i really enjoy it. My friends have twitter and sad to say, i don’t have one yet. But because of seeing this article, i might consider making one as soon as possible so thank you for posting this one!

  • very informative post. social networks are a great way to increase ranking and traffic of website. Twitter follow button will surely work hope so